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Best “Album” of the year 2016 - results and discussions

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Prime time, this is possibly the most important moment for us in 2017, we have been waiting patiently to receive your votes and then discover together the most interesting and notable albums of the year 2016.

We would like to present you top 20 albums of 2016. As you will notice in total we will present here 116 albums, as many of them have same number of votes.

As usual we are concentrated on chillout, psychill, psybient, ambient, psydub, dub, psystep music.

Enjoy and we hope with your support we can make upgrade and make new version of website.




Globular - Holobiont [Shanti Planti]

Suduaya - Venus [Altar Records]

Aes Dana & Miktek - Far & Off [Ultimae Records]

Dhamika - Endless Horizons [Altar Records]
Pangani - In The Moment [Self Released]

Scann-Tec - Unyt [Ultimae Records]

Ascendant - Meridian [Synphaera Records]
Astronaut Ape - Unknown Sector [Microcosmos Records]
Carbon Based Lifeforms - ALT:01 [Leftfield Records]
Dreaming Cooper - Mysterious Places [Altar Records]

Profondita - Ciel [Altar Records]

Alpha-Tek & Nortoel - Pieces Of Nostalgia [Blue Tunes Chillout]

Zero Cult - Closer Than Ever [Cosmicleaf Records]

Astropilot & Friends - Soul Surfers [Altar Records]
Chronos - Keep In Your Heart [Mystic Sound Records]
SiebZehN - Starship Signals [Hadra Records]
Spundose - Relatives [Street Ritual]
Zen Baboon - Beat Generation [Sofa Beats]


11. Astropilot - Solar Walk IV: Youniverse [Blue Tunes Chillout]

Quanta - Elements [Shanti Planti]
StereOMantra - Observatory [Om Mantra Records]
12. Supersillyus - Charade [Gravitas Recordings]
Germind - Antimatter Vol. 4 [Cosmicleaf Records]
13. Fourth Dimension - The Core [Synphaera Records]
Hedflux - Soul Science [Luminus Music]
Hinkstep - A Generation Lost In Space [Utopic Vision]
Martin Nonstatic - Nebulae Live At The Planetarium [Ultimae Records]
Sheewton - Distant Thoughts [Ovnimoon Records]
14. Elea - Oniros [Altar Records]
Koan - Placidity [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Noraus - Type 1 Civilization [Microcosmos Records]
One Arc Degree - The Ocean Palace [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Taotempo - Nature Never Hurries [Mindspring Music]
The Flying Mars - Vibradimensional Experience [Altar Records]
Unusual Cosmic Process - Between Continents [Astropilot Music]
Wolf Tech - Deep Space Dubz [Shanti Planti]
15. A-Kara - Back To Samsara [Microcosmos Records]
Astropilot - Unexpected Past: From The Archive (2002-2011) [Self Released]
AtYyA - Depth Perception [Self Released]
Drumspyder - The Mother Rune [Self Released]
Keemiyo - A Mystical Journey [Altar Records]
Koan - Condemned [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Mystic Crock - Addicted [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Mystic Crock - Samsara [Nomad Records]
Naturelement - Ingrained [Mystic Sound Records]
Reasonandu - Alchemy Of Love [Melusine Records]
Rukirek - Ascending To The Stars [Mystic Sound Records]
Solar Fields - Mirror's Edge Catalyst Soundtrack [EA Recordings]
The Bhaktas - Ananda Purnima [Altar Records]
Yarn - Interconnected Visions [Blue Tunes Chillout]
16. Abakus - Departure [Modus Recordings]
Dub Trees - Celtic Vedic [Liquid Sound Design]
Emog - 11:11 [Quantum Digits Recordings]
Organic Dreamers - The Timeless Machine [Self Released]
Pitch Black - Filtered Senses [Dubmission Records]
Rukirek - Enchanted Earth [Mystic Sound Records]
17. Eurythmy - Nature Of Mind [Shanti Planti]
Flooting Grooves - Monosodium Flootamate [Blue Hour Sounds]
Flucturion 2.0 - Wherever Miracles Are [Altar Records]
Kaminanda - The Infinite Breath [Merkaba Music]
Neorus - Existence [Self Released]
Salvinorin - Flow EP [Cymatic Lab Records]
Spectrum Vision - Nature's Everlasting Glory [AstroPilot Music]
18. B. Ashra - Venus Meditation [Klangwirkstoff Records]
Beatroots - Providing Pressure [Shanti Planti]
D. Batistatos - Traffic [Cosmicleaf Records]
Dense - Behind Closed Curtains [Cosmicleaf Records]
Dimmat - From The Past [Self Released]
Drrtywulvz - Ah Yes [Street Ritual]
Easily Embarrassed - EE4C [EE Music]
Eguana - The Last Dragon [Cosmicleaf Records]
Germind - Elusive Shadows [Cosmicleaf Records]
HuuHaa - Starizona [GreenTree Records]
Ishq - Evergreen Ocean [Virtual]
James Murray - Eyes To The Height [Ultimae Records]
Kick Bong - Destiny [Cosmicleaf Records]
Neorus - Remedy [Self Released]
Sinepearl - Reflections Of Indra [Self Released]
Stimulus Timbre - Harmonic Discovery [Cosmicleaf Records]
Suryademah - In Search Of Shams [Altar Records]
Tripswitch - Vagabond [Iboga Records]
Zen Racoon - Proximity [Baboon Clinic]
Zoungla - The Lines We Draw [Self Released]
19. Alkor - Where Tomorrow Ends [Microcosmos Records]
B. Ashra - Open The Door [Separated Beats]
Banco De Gaia - Live At Glastonbury 20th Anniversary Edition [Disco Gecko Recordings]
Continuum - Become Happier [Self Released]
Govinda - Decadence [Gravitas Recordings]
Harold Sleeper - Harold Sleeper [Self Released]
Harold Sleeper - Momentary Permanence [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Ishq - Nutopia [Virtual]
Koan - The Signs: Revisited Side A [Roeth & Grey Recordings]
Koan - The Signs: Revisited Side B [Roeth & Grey Recordings]
OkoloSna - Dust And Grass [Mystic Sound Records]
Organic Patterns - Biome [Self Released]
Side Liner & Aviron - Out Of Town [Cosmicleaf Records]
Somatoast - Goop [Gravitas Recordings]
State Azure - Phantoms [Self Released]
Taff - Miracles [Mystic Sound Records]
Tikki Masala - Jīvasūvarī [Masala Records]
20. Astral Travel Agency - Digital Spirits [Self Released]
Astral Travel Agency - Infinite Range Of Awarenesses [Self Released]
CatchAll - Blurred Background [Plexus Music]
Dreamstalker - Memory [Merkaba Music]
Easily Embarrassed - EE4B [EE Music]
Germind - Stargate [Plexus Music]
Ishq - Pureland [Virtual]
Ishq - Space Simulator [Virtual]
Jairamji - Time Traveller [Self Released]
Koan - Eddur: Second Scroll [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Noodreem - Freedom Dubs [Self Released]
Spectrum Vision - Flashbacks [Astropilot Music]
Step High - Celestial Colors [Altar Records]
Tycho - Epoch [Self Released]
Unusual Cosmic Process - Living Earth [Blue Tunes Chillout]


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