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Best “Compilation” of the year 2014 (results and discussion)

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We are very happy to start publishing the “best of the year” community poll results. In this ocassion, we thank to our readers, labels and artist that supported the poll and promoted it in internet. The original poll page was shared more then 3000 times on social networks and that’s allowed us to have relatively objective results. During the two month of poll we gathered 333 votes from 54 countries! It took us a month to find time and step by step make the counts, and starting today we are ready to publish results.
In order to advance faster and to give you time to digest and discuss results we decided to split the results in several posts, here below you will find a schedule of results publication. Results publication schedule => http://www.psybient....tion-year-2014/
Best “Compilation” of the year 2014:
Embedded audio players for each release are under the spoiler (under the results) - click 'show' below to display them.
1. Ethneomystica Vol. 1 [ Mystic Sound Records ]
2. Ethneomystica Vol. 3 [ Mystic Sound Records ]
3. Ethneomystica Vol. 2 [ Mystic Sound Records ]
4. Resonant Mind [ Merkaba Music ]
5. Waypoint [ Interchill Records ]
6. Rhythm Code [ Shanti Planti ]
7. Floating Spirals 2 [ Altar Records ]
8. Summer [ Altar Records ]
9. Passages [ Ultimae Records ]
10. Middle Peace [ Shanti Planti ]
11. Enfold 01 [ Ultimae Records ]
12. Smorgasbord [ Maia Brasil Records ]
13. Mycelium Music Compilation Vol. 5 [ Mycelium Music ]
14. Forest Garden [ Maia Brasil Records ]
15. Nova Natura Vol. 4 [ Cosmicleaf Records ]
16. Into This Wired Abyss Vol. 3 [ Ektoplazm ]
17. Mycelium Music Compilation Vol. 4 [ Mycelium Music ]
18. The Colours Of Ektoplazm [ Ektoplazm ] by DJ Basilisk
19. Ten Spins Around The Sun [ Suntrip Records ]
20. The Moonbeats [ Ovnimoon Records ]
21. From Dusk Till Dawn [ Organic Groove (Phantasm Records) ]
22. Hadra Trance Festival Vol. 8 [ Hadra Records ]
23. Paz 2 [ Ovnimoon Records ]
24. Blue Moon [ MikelaBella Records ]
25. Mystic Chill Chapter 1 [ Mystic Sound Records ]
26. Essentials Vol. 1 [ Nutek Chill ]
27. LumineyeZ Vol. 2 [ Luminosity Project ]
28. Dreaming Awakening Part One [ Dreaming Awakening Records ]
29. Dub Warriors Vol. 2 - Rudimentary Structure Expansion [ Triple Drop Productions ]
30. LumineyeZ Vol. 3 [ Luminosity Project ]


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Sheesh, well done team Mystic Sound!




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I like Waypoint ... Awesome! the mixture of many different music Styles :)

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I just found this out. I like to read a few posts of psybient.org while I collect the music most close to my heart. I really have a few things to speak out...  if I may say so.


Democracy is a great tool, but I am not sure it really speaks about quality, votes are more like quantity.  What is popular currently does not always last. Books are this way, music is the same...   If you check out billboard top100 from 60's, 70's, most of the top 10s nobody knows now... and of course it is impossible to say who can make the final judge, maybe only time, and sometimes even time is not enough,  you need to wait eons of time...


anyway, personally, I think the top 1 should be VA - Sacral Fractal 2014 Gliese 581C Records. it is actually a free album and the music selection is really great. I don't think a lot of VA are really compiled, they are mostly just put together. I knew a lot of soundcloud DJs are compilers. You see, you need to keep the energy flow somwhat consistent and each piece has to be good enough quality. It is a very challenging task within one music label.


The other two Va compilations I like, one is VA - Psychotria Chill Selection 2014 Psychotria Records Hungary. The music quality is a bit uneven, but the good ones are exceptionally good.


The other is VA - Paz 2 2014 Ovnimoom Records... Its music is not as fresh as psychotria, some of the music are already in Ep and other albums, but the whole album is very nicely compiled....


I heard people talk about money in the discussion of best albums and I want to say a little bit too..  People when they has certain experience, I mean become an adult, they like to choose pessimistic tone to talk about sensitive issues.. And I don't really think it is necessary..


Psychill, psybient music is so promising and has so much hope, there is nothing to worry about purchase one or two albums at all... the more you think about it, the less your future of being bought...  I would say pop music has a lot more to worry about that, and aren't they so much more sensitive of that subject than anyone else?!


Psybient is music to open your mind and your heart, and if your music has such power, how could you ever need to worry about not to support yourself?! I can not purchase any of the music on bandcamp or beatport, but I spent all my spare money to buy MicroSD cards. So I will always be able to carry my beloved psybient music collection with me...  Maybe Toshiba, Sandisk and TDK would sponsor psybient.org! And I will do my best to support the musicians I respect... Money, is a good tool, but it is not a Lord some people tend to regard...  thank you for reading!

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