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Rules of life you learnt and want to share

rules of life personal development

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Hey, guys! I guess you should agree that there are certain rules of life that are common and could be summed-up: by doing this, you will definitely achieve that. Let's share our personal experience and conclusions. It can be the sphere of relations between people (friends, couples, professional...), fulfilling your goals and dreams, rules on how to be happy, successful, passionate etc.... 

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Something I've learned over the years is rules of life are followed, not for personal honor, reputation or gain; but namely for life itself. However, we all need a starting point to get us going down the path of light.


The Golden Rule is such a place to start. In my view, all things start from this point.


Treat others as you would have them treat you.


A simple starting point but the more you follow it, embrace it, understand it, the more you realize this simple concept has what is Infinite within it.




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Treat others as you would have them treat you. - this is trully a golden rule for any type of relationship!


i can't find words now, but there shall be some golden rule about "NOW and HERE". it will come back to me.

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The problem isn't that life is unfair,  it's your broken idea of fairness.


more about this: http://oliveremberto...ea-of-fairness/


for me it's a real lesson, i still can't grab it. 

saying: 'life is not fair, deal with it', is/was like a hobby of mine (for selfprotection).

I used to think like that all te time, but now... i try to see it different, it's not easy but i'm trying.

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