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  5. October 2021 Releases
  6. Join me on a journey through space, as we travel to another planet. Psychedelic ambient and organic chillout sounds guide the way. A mix gentle and thrilling, all at once. Tracklist Alien Project - The First Revelation Part One 00:00 Spacedrifters - E-flat 08:30 Astrix - The Fourth Revelation 13:55 Phoenix - Into the Dessert 22:13 Cyberbabas & Paul - G 29:35 Logic Bomb - A 34:30 Voodoof - Thru 39:08 Bus & Siddartha - D 46:55 Hallucinogen - The Herb Garden 52:55 The Infinity Project - Another Planet 01:05:50
  7. https://www.mixcloud.com/SagittariusZen/autumn-feelings-vol3-november-sadness-psybient/ https://soundcloud.com/sagittarius-zen/autumn-feelings-vol3-november-sadness-psybient
  8. Greetings fellow lovers of psybient music, I would like to introduce you to my debut EP consisting of the following tracks: 1. Two Steps To Infinity When I composed this, I had in my minds eye the image of lying in a park, under a tree, on a summers day, and listening to a dub tune wafting over me from a distance, slowly coming closer, building to its crescendo and then gently fading away, leaving a feeling of happiness and contentment. 2. Bellissimo I finally had my dream studio setup and sat down to write a new track. It was a time when all that I had learnt about production, mixing and synthesis came together with a setup that actually worked without any technological obstacles so that I was truly able to get into my musical flow. I love The synth section in this track starting at 4.05. It’s the one section of music that I have produced which I’m truly happy with. As you’ll all know, this is a rare occurrence in music production. 3. Lunar Frequencies This track is a door way into my soul, written from the heart, inspired by living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). https://spacedchimpmusic.bandcamp.com/album/lunar-frequencies If you like what you've heard here, please also check out my track Faery Cake on the Forever Shpongled album. This is about being liberated from an oppressive mindset and finding my own flow. https://spacedchimpmusic.bandcamp.com/album/forever-shpongled-compiled-by-aura-borealis
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/187695003485555 After a very long break, we are back at Rebellion Manchester with an absolute smashing line up divided by two stages including PSY-TRANCE and TECHNO. Let's come together again and dance it away! • ρรᎩ-Շгคภςє รՇคgє • 🇬🇧 - DICKSTER [Live] (Nano Records) https://soundcloud.com/dicktrevor 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 - LOOSE CONNECTION [Live] (Bom Shanka Music) https://soundcloud.com/loose-connection 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 - SENSE DATUM [Live] (Bom Shanka Music) https://soundcloud.com/sense-datum 🇹🇷 - FREETECH (Crystal Kids) https://soundcloud.com/ozzycetin 🇬🇧 - GONE WEST (Crystal Kids) https://soundcloud.com/gone-west 🇵🇹 - VIBETECH (Faeriepirates) https://soundcloud.com/bruno-vibeteck 🇬🇧 - TEKNO HIPPIE (Sunrise) • Շєςђภ๏ г๏๏๓ • 🇬🇧 - ADAM ELEMENT (Modu Heart) https://soundcloud.com/adamelement 🇮🇹 - MICRO BITES (Crystal Kids) https://soundcloud.com/microbitesuk 🇬🇧 - PULS'EM (Crystal Kids) https://soundcloud.com/djpulsem 🇨🇭- INNER CINEMA - 🇬🇧 (The Beats Bizarre) https://www.facebook.com/InnerCinemaDJ 🇬🇧 - NANOOK (Strange Daze) https://www.mixcloud.com/chrisnanook1 • DECOR • Deliberate Space Decor • VISUALS • Magiclantern Audiovisual • TICKETS • http://skiddle.com/e/35912750 Early Birds: £8+bf (Sold Out) Phase 1 : £10+bf (Sold Out) Phase 2 : £12+bf (Limited) Phase 3 : £15+bf (Limited) OTD : £20 • MORE INFO • * Doors open: 9pm * Last entry: 2am * Free entry for B-Day Girls & Boys! (Please show your photo ID for free b-day entry) * Venue has a smoking garden * Cloakroom is operated by the venue * Lovely colourful stalls * Please bring some good vibes Organized by Crystal Kids www.crystal-kids.com https://facebook.com/crystalkidss https://instagram.com/crystalkidss https://twitter.com/CrystalKidss https://soundcloud.com/crystalkidss 💜 RESPECT, UNITY, PEACE & LOVE 💜
  10. Thank you so much for spreading the word about Nebulosa 💖 If all goes according to plan, soon more vinyl! Much Love
  11. Http://twodarkspirals.wordpress.com and http://kidronthegreat.wordoress.com is where they are now.. But moving
  12. welcome and show us top 10s '''
  13. I just wanted to thank psybient.org and all it's people. I get all the new releases to listen to for my yearly top 10 from here and looks like a lot of work goes into it. So.. Thanks psybient.org!!
  14. DJ Maggie compliation also still available on vinyl from Behind the Sky Music: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/187767-various-matters-of-the-heart Has been out for a while. There look to be quite a few Behind the Sky vinyl releases judging by their bandcamp page. Generally not quite my cup of tea to be honest, but if it is it looks like a good source of vinyl.
  15. Just saw this over the last day or so, Stefan Torto - Earth Calling on green or orange vinyl.... https://ensanchaelalma.bandcamp.com/album/stefan-torto-earth-calling?from=fanpub_fnb
  16. Hi everyone, I am thrilled to share that my 3rd album 'Hospital Planet' is now finally out! (Released as Choose-Your-Price/Donation) https://ancientastronaut.bandcamp.com/album/hospital-planet Some tracks are inspired by intergalactic travels to a special place in a new galaxy. I hope you will enjoy it as a peaceful, relaxing and uplifting journey to dream and reconnect with Love. All proceeds from this album go to a South African NGO to help destitute children. Artist: Ancient Astronaut Album: Hospital Planet Type: album Style tags: Ambient, Space Music, Electronic, Relaxation Media type: Download (Bandcamp) Year: 2021 Label: [Self Released] Released: October 23, 2021 Country: France Official url: https://ancientastronaut.bandcamp.com/ Eric Allietta Tracklist: 01 Hospital Planet 02 Dancing Spheres 03 Hawks on the High Way 04 Turtle Rocks 05 FTL 06 Blackberries and Butterflies 07 Tears of Love 08 Levitation 09 Hope 10 Flying Plants 11 Destiny 12 Gazing at the Stars 13 Hospital Planet - ambient version
  17. Great album! I like the blend of jazzy/psybient/dub, it sounds very interesting and made with Love, and generous with the income going to a charity.
  18. Not quite psybient but I am currently listening to this amazing guy doing space/ambient and berlin-school music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY1gjAR3pB0
  19. PACK preview: https://youtu.be/SefX6B_EHTo Featuring unique elements created by PsySeeD Records this unique Heavy High Tech sample pack will revolutionise your productions. The download includes a comprehensive collection of High Tech loops and samples includes kick drums, basses, atmospheres, drum loops, uplifter and miscellaneous effects, leads, synths, percussion and much more! Download this enormous Psy sample pack now and get more than 1.3 GB of samples and loops in high quality WAV format ready for instant use in your productions. Samples are BPM Labelled. download now: https://www.producerloops.com/Download-Speedsound-PsySeeD-High-Tech-Loops-And-Samples.html #hitech #darkpsy #psytrance #psychedelic #samples #trance #loops #pack #ableton #cubase #logic #reason #acid #nuendo #sonar #protools #Bitwing #studio #fullonnight
  20. subscription to label and artist news on bandcamp following tags on bandcamp stream of suggestions in SC, YT .. timeisart has more secrets )
  21. The recommended operating system version depends on your hard and software. You need to know for which macOS versions drivers for your audio- and midi interfaces are currently supplied and also if the creators of your software have confirmed that the latest updates are usable. For example, Native Instruments warns very often about updating macOS because the software requires updates which need to be created and tested. On the other side, drivers and applications require a minimum version to be usable.
  22. Odyssey LP by ATYYA https://www.facebook.com/psybient.org/posts/4556891987687039
  23. I definitely plan on continuing to be active in this community, though I could contribute more than I do at the moment. I'm kind of "old school" and I prefer this type of discussion forum over social media. One way to get more traffic here would be to divert more of the discussion back to the forum. Polls and contests could be announced on Facebook, but participants would need to navigate back to psybient.org to participate. If you're posting article or reviews, you could post a brief synopsis and include the tagline "read more..." or something which hyperlinks back to the forum. It takes some work and time, but it's a way to "normalize" using the forum again. I think it's also important to look not only at posts, but views as well. In my experience, a lot of people are "lurkers" who read but rarely, if ever post. This goes all the way back to the beginning of web forums.
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