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  2. toby marks aka banco de gaia, kaya project had some nice ambient alot of the stuff on his label, disco gecko are ambient
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  6. Gagarin


    thx for post tracklist ?
  7. Afterglow


    Afterglow - PsyDub PsyDub Collective PsyDub Vol. 3 self release https://www.mixcloud.com/LSD4U/psydub-collective-psydub-vol3/
  8. Hi all, thrilled to announce my new album 'Betwixt' released yesterday. Hit me up if you want but cant afford right now and want a dropbox link. https://iacchus.bandcamp.com/album/betwixt 1. Phillax - Hyperspace (Iacchus Remix) 2. Legion 3. Titan and his Minions 4. Spore to the More 5. Together as One VIP 6. Between Apologies for Disfunktion
  9. Hare Aum DJ set from Gratitude Dance at AUM Sound Healing Centre in Koh Phangan, Thailand recorded on Saturday 06.03.20 The idea behind the Gratitude Dance events is to see trance dance experience journey as a form of gratitude practice. Bring with you all your blessings that you would like to give thanks for and see how powerful transformation can happen when you start to practice gratitude on the regular basis. There is herbal sauna and bonfire throughout entire evening and healing live instruments and singing jam around the fire at the end for soft and safe landing. Much love and light ❤️
  10. Great music, The End Is Nigh is super deep, nostalgic, happy and sad in the same time, love it. "New Age" brings Entheogenic vibes. Interesting melodies and deepness. It's really nice that you compiled this album after 10 years There's quality in it, congratulations
  11. Most results are here @ https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/best-of/best-of-2020/
  12. timeisart, I would like to second your approval of the Yoga Mantra album. I have heard rumors of a Yoga Mantra 2 release in the pipeline, but nothing so far as of yet. Yiannis, I'm glad you also (along with me) are enjoying Lab's Cloud - The Structure Of Emotions. For you and anyone else who enjoys this kind of music, I would like to recommend a rather obscure artist named Tim Rowe. His two solo releases, Night Runner and The Elegy Suite, are IMO superlative ambient. https://triplemoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-rowe-night-runner https://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/the-elegy-suite-waag-rel062
  13. just wanted to draw extra attention to his Yoga Mantra alias, only one album as far as I know but it's fantastic loooong form ambient (~30 minute tracks): https://avatarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/yoga-mantra
  14. Had a listen to The Structure of Emotions, very well done. I'm not the biggest fan of droney ambient (though there are some times when it's just what I need) and this style of multidimensional ambient is much more to my liking.
  15. April 2021 Releases
  16. Welcome friends! After what feels like forever, I am super pleased to be back with a new edition of the Dreamtime Diaries series 🙂 Uplifting, feel good, psychedelic sounds, playfully woven together into this immersive chill journey, for all your chill time needs! For the love of it 💚 Massive thanks to the all the artists for their wonderful sounds! If you like what you hear, pease take a moment to check out their other sounds. 1. Alba - Peyote 2. Circular - 3 Moons 3. Cell - Intimate Removals (live edit) 4. Sendelica & Secret Knowledge - Windmill (The Orb Chocolate Dubbed mix) 5. Tripswitch - Souvenir 6. Noahs Boat - Beginning 7. Maywa - Blue (Mose & Steffen Ki revision) 8. Lab's Cloud (feat. Monica Jordan) - Across the Universe 9. Tripswitch - Forever 10. Argus - High Above 11. Citizen X - Orgone SVH (Flexagon Rework) 12. Erothyme - Deep Field (feat. Little Star) 13. Charlie Roscoe - Show me the Stars 14. E- Mantra - Beyond the Unknown 15. Desert Dwellers - One Giant Consciousness feat Paul Stamets (Tylepathy remix) 16. Muridae - Turning Down 17. Lauge - Verbed Shower 18. Mystic Crock & Fourth Dimension - Memories 19. Noraus - Wrong Warp 20. One Arc Degree - Longer Than Forever 21. Baptiste Sejourne & Kama Lila Sol - TIden Inne 22. Man of No Ego - Self Connection 23. Indhs - Meditative Happy Listening!
  17. AstroPilot has quite a few ambient albums. Matt Hillier goes back and forth with his multitude of aliases. Eguana releases all kinds of downtempo, psychill and ambient music. There's also Carbon Based Lifeforms' Twentythree and VLA, Bluetech's Dreaming into Being and Liquid Geometries, Germind's Ambient Waves and Bathyscaphe, I.M.D.'s Hertz 01 and 02 EPs, some Jairamji releases I haven't checked out yet, Kyoto's Scapes & Spheres and Squares & Triangles, Lauge's Latitudes, Ovnimoon's alter ego OM and some Rising Galaxy releases I've browsed but didn't grab my attention so I can't remember. I don't know if that counts, but Seb Taylor's Kaya Project have released two Ambient Mixes and KP's last album Body.Mind.Soul. includes an ambient mix, and Hibernation have released Ambient Re-Works 01. Not all of these are particularly new but there you go, that's all I'm aware of. Hope this is some of what you're looking for.
  18. I thought of a parallel case. Simon Posford is a psytrance artist who was the driving force behind the Celtic Cross - Hicksville album, and who releases as Hallucinogen, as one half of the groups Younger Brother and Shpongle. But recently he released his very first album under his own name. It's titled Flux & Contemplation: Portrait Of An Artist In Isolation. https://simonposford.bandcamp.com/ This album is a more focused and mature Posford, subtly nuanced and many-layered. It runs the gamut of ambient, psybient, IDM and psytrance in varying measures, but in the end remains its own unique and deeply expressive creature. I'm now hypothesizing that the extended introspection that has been forced upon many artists by their forced isolations during lockdowns has prompted alterations in their sonic palettes. it remains to be seen whether these changes in emphasis perdure, or whether they will fade with the eventual lessening of the severity of the pandemic.
  19. The latest album by Lab's Cloud, The Structure Of Emotions, is full-on ambient rather than psybient, and the artist himself even explicitly stated that it was a departure and new direction for him (the album is gorgeous, btw). https://labscloudmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-structure-of-emotions Can anyone here think of other psybient artists that have released full-on ambient albums lately? I suspect that their psybient histories would tend to enrich their subsequent ambient offerings, as IMO it did in this case, and would appreciate other examples that might help me to verify or falsify this notion. I'd also simply like to listen to them...;~)
  20. Yeah DP's Blue is great! I wasn't the biggest fan of MS's drone stuff, but I do enjoy his more uptempo albums.
  21. I heartily recommend checking the Bandcamp pages of both Mystical Sun and Don Peyote. They have both continued to release music that's at a very high level.
  22. Thanks for the heads up for the Mystical Sun album Salamantis, it's been a while since I heard from him. Sea Biscuit is a very good album too.
  23. They are oldies, but I recc Pink Elln - Electronic Dreamplant, Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit, and Bill Laswell - City Of Light (this last a collab with Tetsu Inoue and two members of Coil). All of them date to the 90's Golden Age of Ambient Electronica era. You might also like a later album: Mystical Sun - Volcanoes And U.F.O.'s
  24. Depends what you're looking for. 2008's Back to Earth and their latest, 2017's Last Ship to Paradise, are downtempo and amazing imo. 2000's Crash & Burn! and 2001's In the Nude! are pretty eclectic, with all kinds of weird stuff, some loungy and accessible elements there, with ES's touch of course. 2007's De-Classified is a return to their techno roots with one of my favourite tracks of theirs, Tractor Beam, which is drum'n'bassy btw. Finally, 2016's double Dead Planet is split in half, uptempo and downtempo, and is simultaneously a kind of recap and an experiment. The downtempo side is very weird. YouTube is your friend. It's worth mentioning that SotG was the hardest album to get into for me too, and is still my least favourite.
  25. Eat Static's Abduction & Implant albums are stone-cold classics. But then they went into that drum 'n' bass period with Science of the Gods and I completely lost interest in them. Are any of their later albums good?
  26. Another hugely important album that I don't think has been mentioned yet is The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, particularly "A Huger Ever-Growing, Pulsating Brain..." (1991). While not psybient itself, it certainly seemed to bring an awareness of electronic chill-out music to people who previously didn't know the genre even existed (remember, this is pre-Internet, so you couldn't just stumble across this stuff on YouTube, LOL). Then in the early 90s you had what was called "ambient dub". Tracks like "Spectral" by Higher Intelligence Agency (1993) would almost certainly be classified as psybient if they came out today. A similar band is A Positive Life. Tracks like "Bathdub" (1994) sound very psybient to me. Another early psibient-ish band is Optic Eye. Tracks like "Wobbling in Space" and "Far Out Race", actually pretty much most of their Light Side of the Sun album (1994), sounds very psbientish.
  27. Since you mentioned it, a very large chunk of Eat Static's work. But you probably already know that. 🙄
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