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  2. Depends what you're looking for. 2008's Back to Earth and their latest, 2017's Last Ship to Paradise, are downtempo and amazing imo. 2000's Crash & Burn! and 2001's In the Nude! are pretty eclectic, with all kinds of weird stuff, some loungy and accessible elements there, with ES's touch of course. 2007's De-Classified is a return to their techno roots with one of my favourite tracks of theirs, Tractor Beam, which is drum'n'bassy btw. Finally, 2016's double Dead Planet is split in half, uptempo and downtempo, and is simultaneously a kind of recap and an experiment. The downtempo side is very weird. YouTube is your friend. It's worth mentioning that SotG was the hardest album to get into for me too, and is still my least favourite.
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  4. Eat Static's Abduction & Implant albums are stone-cold classics. But then they went into that drum 'n' bass period with Science of the Gods and I completely lost interest in them. Are any of their later albums good?
  5. Another hugely important album that I don't think has been mentioned yet is The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, particularly "A Huger Ever-Growing, Pulsating Brain..." (1991). While not psybient itself, it certainly seemed to bring an awareness of electronic chill-out music to people who previously didn't know the genre even existed (remember, this is pre-Internet, so you couldn't just stumble across this stuff on YouTube, LOL). Then in the early 90s you had what was called "ambient dub". Tracks like "Spectral" by Higher Intelligence Agency (1993) would almost certainly be classified as psybient if they came out today. A similar band is A Positive Life. Tracks like "Bathdub" (1994) sound very psybient to me. Another early psibient-ish band is Optic Eye. Tracks like "Wobbling in Space" and "Far Out Race", actually pretty much most of their Light Side of the Sun album (1994), sounds very psbientish.
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  7. Since you mentioned it, a very large chunk of Eat Static's work. But you probably already know that. 🙄
  8. PsiloCybian - NLO Hikikomori - Black Ops Sinepearl - Ancestral Sky fckin love me some aliens bro, hope to meet some one day
  9. I've been in the mood lately for psybient which features lots of samples involving aliens, U.F.O.s, etc. Here are some examples: Cosmosis - "Roswell" Eat Static - "Abnormal Interference" Whole albums around this theme would be great, but I will accept track recommendations, too!
  10. HI, will check your list. i curate several playlist for Chill Space project, i invite you to check them out @ http://www.bit.ly/ChillSpaceSpotify
  12. We have started publishing results, this year we had 500 people who voted from 55 countries, you can follow results @: the website - https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/best-of/best-of-2020/ fb - https://facebook.com/psybient.org
  13. That is very cool, spent six weeks in the forest that is great. You gave a lot of effort for this mapping, I know only these guys: https://limeartgroup.com/, that make such a great work, and now know about you
  14. That is very interesting, thank you so much for the sharing. A lot of video mapping loops you can find here as well: https://limeartgroup.com/video/video-mapping-loops/ if you are interested in it
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  16. March 2021 Releases
  17. Artist: Lords of Misrule Album: A dream (that hasn't yet started...) Type: album Style tags: Ambient, psybient, chill, downtempo Media type: WEB Year: 2021 Label: Tribus Woda Catalog ID: [TW0024] Length: 01:44:13 Official url: https://thelordsofmisrule.bandcamp.com/album/a-dream-that-hasnt-yet-started Tracklist: 1. Stone Circle Sunrise (Feat. Tansy Frank) 19:54 2. Mertz, Serts & Belly Aches 20:25 3. H.A.N. 21:46 4. deepDive 20:52 5. Many Roads Lead Back Home (Feat. The Lord of Fruit) 08:13 6. Sol By Night 13:03 2020 presented many challenges to everyone, for our part it meant that the Lords were not able to meet up to make music, so instead we went online and collaborated. As winter set in we felt a need to explore more contemplative music, so we hunkered down and each created our own soundscapes to soothe and nurture. So now we present a dream... two journeys that make a whole, there and back again... journeying through landscapes, abstractions and darkness, slowly and carefully bringing us back to the light. The poem featured in "Stone Circle Sunrise" was written and performed by Tansy Frank, a talented spoken word artist from Glastonbury. We first met Tansy at Sunrise Celebration Festival and were thrilled when she agreed to write this piece for Stone Circle Sunrise. Find more on her on Facebook under Tansy Frank Poetry. act 1 composed by John Lime act 2 composed by Andrew Gowland
  18. nice you want to add our podcast to your radio ?
  19. hi... this is not a place to jus throw links... we have fb groups for this ;.... tell us smth personal about your album... how is it different from your previous ?
  20. hi... this is not a place to jus throw links... we have fb for this ;.... can you write small introduction of this album / project? maybe add a bandcamp link ? soundcloud link ? spotify ?
  21. This set is a the second of the series, exploring and diving into the various sub-genres of downtempo. Hope you like it Eastern Rising 02 by Shubhneet Singh | Mixcloud Tracklist : Tracklist :Long Gone - Argus [Altar Records]Closer - Fluxsense [Uxmal Records]Apana Part 1 - Martin Nonstatic [Ultimae Records]Apana Part 4 - Martin Nonstatic [Ultimae Records]Levitation - Arthur Pralaya [Arthur Pralaya Records]Gravity Assist - Echo Season [Synphaera Records]Council of Twelve - Arcturus [Merkaba Music]Portcullis - Sigil [Merkaba Music]Journey of Aquila - Suduaya [Altar Records]Neon Market - Psy TRS [Gandaky Tribe]Child - Sasha Malkovich [Microcosmos Records]Priest - Silkroad [Mystic Sound Records] Support / follow : www.facebook.com/shubhneetmusic www.instagram.com/shubhneetsingh www.instagram.com/enigmaticahmed Contact : [email protected] Hope to see you again soon! Thanks for tuning in
  22. added 2 new mixes playlist above is updated
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