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  2. Hello, it is now over four years ago since I released the album "West Meets East". Meanwhile, I published some tracks at soundcloud but I didn't create something which is mixed up more professional, mastered by a sound engineer and released on all major platforms. But a few weeks ago, I started to improve two songs with the goal to release a two-track EP at Bandcamp and via a digital distributor on other download and streaming platforms. I also thought about releasing a 7-inch vinyl single but I discarded this because pressing plants are currently very overloaded and therefore, prices are too high, the waiting times too long and most plants currently reject new orders because they have too much in their pipelines to complete. So it will finally become a digital-only release with the following two songs: Lets Harvest Colors La Laguna Negra Not updated at soundcloud I already replayed the bass guitar and changed the drum sounds at Lets Harvest Colors. On both songs, I optimized the mixer volumes and the EQ settings of the instrument tracks in both songs, changed the velocity of selected notes and modified some parameters of specific synthesizers with the goal to make everything more audible. What are your suggestions what I should also change before I should give the audio files to a sound engineer for mastering?
  3. I don't know how to find serious discussions on social media platforms and I also have no idea how social media pages are found by their users. The sites at social media platforms of which people take notices are also only needles in a big haystack. A few sites are very active but the majority is nearly ignored.
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  5. Opinions appreciated, you're welcome to say your impression, whatever it is, good or bad
  6. https://soundcloud.com/replez1/psybie-projectautumn-wave-original-mix
  7. make a quarterly compilation to keep something fresh that people will frequent the board for or contests/giveaways ,or guest mixes that u have to cycle thru the message boards!!
  8. My personal workstation is a Hackintosh running High Sierra (plus Win 10 for gaming). That's assumedly the last macOS compatible with my old Focusrite Saffire, so I don't really want to upgrade. (At work, I use a Macbook with a fully up-to-date macOS, as they are a few software which depends on that.)
  9. TEMPLATE PREVIEW: https://youtu.be/-MdFuZn9HBo After the success of volumes 1 and 2 Speedsound present "Ableton Live Psytrance Project - Full Night 3". This incredible audio project features insane basslines, extreme variations, triplets and automation illustrating how Speedsound put together a track in Live. This Ableton Live project features psychedelic and dark ambiences coupled with highly explosive moments: designed for biggest and best Psy festivals! Please note: this product requires Ableton Live 8.1.3 or higher. Download Size: 466 MB download now: https://www.producerloops.com/Download-Speedsound-Ableton-Live-Psytrance-Project-Full-Night-3.html - - - - - CHECK MORE PACKS HERE - - - - - https://www.producerloops.com/Speedsound #psytrance #fullonnight #TEMPLATE #ableton
  10. Now also available on BandCamp: https://pjwassermann.bandcamp.com/album/night-ride for download or free listening.
  11. That graph represents every industry, every project, every human relationship. How many relationships last for ever? How many companies exist since 1800s ? 99,999% succumb in the above law/graph. If money aren't there, if interest isn't there, what do you accomplish by keeping something alive ? You are just postponing its death.
  12. This came out of nowhere. I really like Eguana, but his collaboration album with Qeight The Book of Changes is just ethereally beautiful.🥰 https://cosmicleaf.bandcamp.com/album/the-book-of-changes
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  14. ayy see now that's what I'm talking about Kevin! so glad to hear that you find the releases news posts helpful, input like yours is what keeps me going doing this thang. hope to see you around in the future
  15. There have been a few recent releases on vinyl (in case people are still interested in this): Androcell imbue Cosmic Trigger shpongle remixes Suduaya starseed Solar fields vinyl version of blue moon station Nebulosa records has been set up specifically to release vinyl with 3 releases so far (including Animism by Entheogenic), worth checking out and supporting to encourage more if you (like me) enjoy vinyl! https://nebulosarecords.com/ These are not at Shongle remastered prices!! There are probably lots more I have missed so please do add to this...
  16. Hi everyone, I am a new(ish) arrival to the psybient scene, and this is the first time I have posted on the forum. It is not usually my thing, but I don't have social media. My experience so far of this community is that the website is such an amazing source of information, especially concerning new releases, and the end of year polls. I really value this. The music I have found via all these sources has quite literally kept me sane during COVID. I also think some of the forums are really helpful for those wanting to explore this very broad genre (such as the 'best releases of all time' or the 'what releases are available on vinyl'), and as has been noted above, this provides an unparalleled historical record. I also listen to the mixes on the webpage sometimes. I suspect in non-COVID times that there will be more information on events/festivals etc which would be great for those of us not on Facebook. How to take this forward? Perhaps narrow down the forums (it looks quite overwhelming to someone new!) so that it is easier to find discussions and add to them. @gagarin and @timeisart, thanks, and please (despite the lack of activity currently on the forums) know that I am sure lots of people find the website and resources invaluable. I'll try and post more frequently, and happy to also discuss other things we might do together.. Take care, Kevin
  17. New release called "Night Ride"! This oriental sounding track has a very special time signature. Do you know what it is?⁠ ⁠https://open.spotify.com/album/2Hy5G97rCshbttIyxkTTZ2?si=uMX5EZNHSs2Sh4-LjOQmIw⁠ ⁠#psybient #psychill #ambient #electronicmusic #psychedelic #chillout #music #pjwassermann #guitar #electricguitar #synthesizer #trippy #trippyguitar #lsd #mushrooms
  18. it looks like the peak is much in the past. i sent 1st batch of email today,... there were around 500 members who created account but not posted here 😕
  19. i will try to send a message to all forum members to activate the discussions here this place is a backup of website in a way, and if people search something in google this place do appear in search as well, so we do keep information available for lurkers
  20. yeah unfortunately forums like these are endangered nowadays since social media killed (and in my opinion ruined) everything. pretty sad to see honestly. granted I haven't really been doing my part to keep up discussions here, just been posting the releases updates (which I still don't mind doing since its mostly automated now, but even that feels like just going through the motions sometimes if there weren't any standout releases during the month). but as far as music goes there's usually not a lot to talk about that hasn't already been said. maybe if it were opened up to more off topic talk that might encourage discussion? like for example (and I don't want to ruffle any feathers here) but personally I think covid was intentionally released as an excuse to consolidate more government control and limit people's freedoms even more. but that kinda talk has been done to death on social media so idk wtf to talk about lol I'm just glad to see this place is still alive and that some people are still finding my releases updates useful (even if it's only like two or three people lol), there's usually a decent number of views on each topic but I have a suspicion that a lot of those are bots, but if not there sure are a lot of lurkers here (including myself most of the time)
  21. September 2021 Releases
  22. check out the full tracklisting on youtube description!!
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