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  1. it looks like forum becomes useless to be honest… is a pitty to delete it but i don’t know if there is reason to support it …

    this year will be 10 years of psybient.org maybe it's time to stop forum... 

    that's a bit shame as it is the only place i am aware of that is dedicated to chill that is not dependent on big corps like facebook, discord or reddit...

    try to give me some reasoning to support it... it's necessary to update and renew licence soon .... 



  2. Hi Forum Community, 

    please consider supporting the project with Patreon / paypal /  buymecofee. 
    The yearly cost to run this forum is about : forum for licence + forum hosting + dropbox backup + occasional tech support for fixing issues (200-500) ...

    for the website we also have dedicated hosting + soundcloud account for 40 podcasts episodes



    p.s .our website wordpress ecomerce shop got "exploited" a month ago and i already had to pay over 400 euros of penalty "dispute fees" for several hundreds of fake orders... and those things arrive and arrive... each order is 15 euros penalty, . this can drawn the project completely... I will post about this later... still in process with payment processor STRIPE to resolve it ... 

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