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  1. yes, this option is available to "admins" only :)

    you see there is a button "Source" in the left corner of the "text editor". you shall go to this mode in order to input HTML. 

    unfortunately shortcodes can't be used in this new version, so you'll have to use "<iframe code from bandcamp>

    there is a way to automatically generate iframes from the "bandcamp" id. 

  2. FILTERSTEP by Audiomodern - Free Download
    The Creative Motion Filter

    ► Filterstep VST/VST3/AU/AAX Plugin

    ► Filterstep for iOS

    Filterstep is a modern motion filter plugin which provides a great deal of potential for all kinds of intricate rhythmic movement. It can give you incredibly complex and nuanced results based on various filter effect settings and almost infinite possibilities for sonic exploration and movement randomization.



  3. i used ipad with sound cards and enjoyed it ;) there are cheap native instruments card that are compatible, i also user it with RME babyface.

    there are midi controllers compatible with ipad (there are models connected with wired connection or wireless) .. haven't tested yet.


    as for soft, there is a huge choice now... depending if you want FX, or synths, or DAW... 

    i played a bit, but then abandoned :)


    overall i think it works really well.


    p.s. keep in mind that the best is to use official connectors from apple, Chinese copies will not work well in most of the cases.

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