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  1. Friends,


    Let's discuss the music streaming, artist royalties, advertising etc.

    Youtube, Mixcloud, Spotify pay royalties to artist, but how fair are they?

    - Would be interesting to hear from artist what do they think about the income from these services

    - Would be lovely to hear from streaming users why they prefer certain services over others 

    From what i see now, streaming wil notl give appropriate amount of money to artists, so if you like something you listen via streaming and if you wish to thank to the artist, try to purchase something or donate to artist. or in worse case spread word :)

  2. Links:

    event on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1456251721292232/

    event on www http://www.gagarinproject.org/tribal-bass/




    ____________✦ LINE UP____________

    ॐॐॐ Live ॐॐॐ:

    ☼ Symbolico - Israel 
    (psystep / glitch-hop / trance)
    SC : https://soundcloud.com/symbolico

    ☼ GNAÏA (Oreades prod.) - France
    (ethno / prog / trance)
    SC : https://soundcloud.com/sebakagnaia
    SC : https://soundcloud.com/gnaia
    FB : https://www.facebook.com/Gnaia

    ☼ Land Switcher (Free-Spirit / Shanti Planti) - France
    (bass / psystep)
    SC : https://soundcloud.com/landswitcher
    FB : https://www.facebook.com/LandSwitcher

    ॐॐॐ DJ's ॐॐॐ:

    ☼ Gagarin Project (Altar / Psybient.org) - France/Ukraine
    (deep trance / bass )
    SC : http://soundcloud.com/gagarinproject
    SITE : gagarinproject.org

    ☼ Allix (Cymatic Lab Collective) - Brasil 
    (Psy-step / glitch)

    ☼ Runa (Psybient.org) - Ukraine
    (bass / psybient)
    MX : http://www.mixcloud.com/runa_project/

    ✦ VJing - Michel G et Gagarin
    ✦ Perf danse tribal fusion - Awareness Sisters
    ✦ Deco - Association Live Love Create



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