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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Chlorophil in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    10 years soon
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Blisswave in Blisswave is waving hello   
    very welcome !

    don't miss : https://psybient.org/
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from andorra in Interviews with psychill psybient psydub artists   
    We continue to host interview sessions, and we have already 50+ exclusive interviews plus some "re-published" and "archive" interviews !
    Don't miss, all is here :
    all interviews - https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/interviews/
    archive - https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/archive/
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    Gagarin Project reacted to andorra in The Official Carbon Based Lifeforms Discussion Thread   
    I should follow this forum more often... I was playing in this event before CBL! 😁 Did you make it to the party?
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    Gagarin Project reacted to timeisart in November & December 2021 Releases   
    November & December 2021 Releases
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Crystal Kids in Crystal Kids - Psychedelic Journey II - 01.12.2018 - Rebellion Manchester   
    Dj Lorraine is very good DJ, like her style
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    Gagarin Project reacted to Gary the Selector in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    I definitely plan on continuing to be active in this community, though I could contribute more than I do at the moment. I'm kind of "old school" and I prefer this type of discussion forum over social media. 
    One way to get more traffic here would be to divert more of the discussion back to the forum. Polls and contests could be announced on Facebook, but participants would need to navigate back to psybient.org to participate. If you're posting article or reviews, you could post a brief synopsis and include the tagline "read more..." or something which hyperlinks back to the forum.
    It takes some work and time, but it's a way to "normalize" using the forum again. I think it's also important to look not only at posts, but views as well. In my experience, a lot of people are "lurkers" who read but rarely, if ever post. This goes all the way back to the beginning of web forums. 
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    Gagarin Project reacted to Kevin in psybient on vinyl / psychill on vinyl and psybient vinyl and psychill vinyl and psydub vinyl   
    There have been a few recent releases on vinyl (in case people are still interested in this):
    Androcell imbue
    Cosmic Trigger shpongle remixes
    Suduaya starseed
    Solar fields vinyl version of blue moon station
    Nebulosa records has been set up specifically to release vinyl with 3 releases so far (including Animism by Entheogenic), worth checking out and supporting to encourage more if you (like me) enjoy vinyl!
    These are not at Shongle remastered prices!!
    There are probably lots more I have missed so please do add to this...
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Gary the Selector in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    Hi Guys !
    how is your digital internet life and habits ?
    do you see the need and value in this place ?
    How can we make it more useful for everyone ?
    How do you see future of this place ?
    I would like more activity here, but i am not sure how to bring more people and more conversation in here ...
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Trala Lama in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    i will try to send a message to all forum members to activate the discussions here
    this place is a backup of website in a way, and if people search something in google this place do appear in search as well, so we do keep information available for lurkers
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from yiannis in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    it looks like the peak is much in the past. i sent 1st batch of email today ... there were around 500 members who created account but not posted here  😕

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    Gagarin Project reacted to timeisart in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    yeah unfortunately forums like these are endangered nowadays since social media killed (and in my opinion ruined) everything. pretty sad to see honestly. granted I haven't really been doing my part to keep up discussions here, just been posting the releases updates (which I still don't mind doing since its mostly automated now, but even that feels like just going through the motions sometimes if there weren't any standout releases during the month).
    but as far as music goes there's usually not a lot to talk about that hasn't already been said. maybe if it were opened up to more off topic talk that might encourage discussion? like for example (and I don't want to ruffle any feathers here) but personally I think covid was intentionally released as an excuse to consolidate more government control and limit people's freedoms even more. but that kinda talk has been done to death on social media so idk wtf to talk about lol

    I'm just glad to see this place is still alive and that some people are still finding my releases updates useful (even if it's only like two or three people lol), there's usually a decent number of views on each topic but I have a suspicion that a lot of those are bots, but if not there sure are a lot of lurkers here (including myself most of the time)
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    Gagarin Project reacted to yiannis in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    It's been said before, social media is where the discussion is. I don't have any so I too wish there were more activity here. Any attempt at dialogue from my part has been met with minimal response, always from the usual suspects. I do check out Gordon's lists regularly, but I don't want to keep starting threads where responses can be counted on one hand of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or keep posting on the listening now thread on my own.
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    Gagarin Project reacted to Nordique in macOS versions   
    Lion OS 10.7.5! My old Mac Pro Tower (2006) still runs like a tank as long as I don't use the newest software or DAW's. It is a thing of beauty!
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    Gagarin Project reacted to Gary the Selector in Kaiju Lounge: Sounds of Earth - Ambient, Psybient, Chillout   
    Explore the sounds of Earth, the energy pulse of ecosystems which ebb and flow. Kaiju Lounge brings together a mix that synthesizes the sounds of nature through ambient mixology.
    Carbon Based Lifeforms - Silent Running  00:00
    Solar Fields - Air Song  06:50
    High Skies - Sounds of Earth  17:57
    The KLF - 3 A.M. Somewhere Out of Beaumont  22:20
    Ambientium - City Of Memories  30:50
    Modern Crusader - Insomnia  38:47
    Distant System - Electromagnetic Radiation  47:00
    Bluetech - Falling In  53:25
    Aes Dana - Aftermath # 06  57:38
    Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit  01:03:27
    H.U.V.A. Network - Access To The Long Fields  01:10:00
    Asura - Atlantis Child  01:13:40
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Mindtraveller in Mindtraveller - Soylent Dream (2021) [Self Released] (downtempo, ambient, dub)   
    excellent introduction for your music
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Last Days on Earth in How to Compose Psybient / Psychill Music ?   
    How to Compose Ambient Psybient / Psychill  Music
     let's gather useful information here
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    Gagarin Project reacted to timeisart in March 2021 Releases   
    March 2021 Releases
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    Gagarin Project reacted to Gary the Selector in Gary the Selector - Kaiju Lounge: Starfall - Psybient, Psychill & Downtempo   
    I think the problem with embedded players and Mixcloud has been resolved now but here is the link just in case.
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    Gagarin Project reacted to Mindtraveller in What are you listening now?   
    I just discovered Klaada about a week ago and this blew me away :-) Very shpongleish.
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    Gagarin Project reacted to yiannis in January 2021 Releases   
    Thank you, always useful 🙂
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from uuce in A sharp left turn for me... would love some critique!   
    never to late to pursue music quest
    some more steps to reach OTT, but i like your ideas and instrumentation !
    continue please 
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    Gagarin Project got a reaction from Chlorophil in Gagarin Project - A Merkaba Journey (psybient / psychill / psydub)   
    “Hi Everyone, it’s an honour to present my mix via Chill Space network. I have been collecting various sub-genres from psychedelic chillout universe since 2010. Today I would like to offer you a special tribute mix to one of my favorites labels - Merkaba Music. We explore the realms of mind expanding music, psychedelic grooves for body and soul.
    01. Merkaba - Sky 00:00:00
    02. Kalya Scintilla - The Unfurling 00:03:50
    03. EMOG - Karmarama (feat. Beatfarmer) 00:09:31
    04. Geometrae - Rainmaker 00:14:35
    05. Tactyl - On stir la Band 180 (Feat Capric) 00:21:00
    06. Kalya Scintilla - Scintillating Sands (Pathwey Remix) 00:25:35
    07. JaguarTree - Into the Roots 00:29:25
    08. Symbolico - I'm free 00:34:13
    09. Symbolico - The answer 00:40:00
    10. Tactyl - Buds & Mango 00:45:33
    11. Tactyl - NoRulz 00:50:50
    12. Electrowavez - Mariana Trench (Psychoz Remix) 00:55:24
    13. ElectrowaveZ - The Last Pulse 01:01:43
    14. Animatronix - INA TEK (Seamoon Rmx) 01:06:40
    15. Mystral - Rune 01:14:55
    16. SeaMoon - Archaic Mind 01:20:42
    17. Merkaba - Solaris 01:28:33
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    Gagarin Project reacted to Paza Waska in Paza Waska - Karmaşa Farkındalığı (2020) [Records DK] (psybient, downtempo, experimental, psytrance)   
    I create this album in 5 months in my home studio. It spents 1 year on dusty shelves. Then i take a decision to finish it. So started to learning mix/mastering. And i learned in a half year and finish it. I was in very bad mood when i recording it. So the album includes very depressive sounds. Also a chill song in it named Kung Fu. And there is 1 Psytrance song named Ateş Çemberi. Its very good song i think but it needs a little bass boost. I did my best...

    The other songs are experimental and psybient genre. Infected Mushroom's Converting Vegeterian album impressed me to do that songs. Song named Ölümü Beklerken starts with an ambience strings. As it progresses, it speeds up a bit and adds a few arpeggios and then includes a downward fall. 

    I spent most of my time to the song named Kayıtsız. It has very good mixing. Its an experimental song. Has some sad and agressive vibes. A good hybrid...
    Songs named Oğlum and Her Son Bir Başlangıçtır are very impressed from Infected Mushroom's Heavyweight song. If you like Heavyweight, you can be sure you will like Her Son Bir Başlangıçtır. It has the best composition in this album. Its meaning in english is "Every end is a beginning"
    Thank you guys, stay with music !
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