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  1. Most results are here @ https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/best-of/best-of-2020/
  2. HI, will check your list. i curate several playlist for Chill Space project, i invite you to check them out @ http://www.bit.ly/ChillSpaceSpotify
  4. We have started publishing results, this year we had 500 people who voted from 55 countries, you can follow results @: the website - https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/best-of/best-of-2020/ fb - https://facebook.com/psybient.org
  5. nice you want to add our podcast to your radio ?
  6. hi... this is not a place to jus throw links... we have fb groups for this ;.... tell us smth personal about your album... how is it different from your previous ?
  7. hi... this is not a place to jus throw links... we have fb for this ;.... can you write small introduction of this album / project? maybe add a bandcamp link ? soundcloud link ? spotify ?
  8. added 2 new mixes playlist above is updated
  9. https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/understanding-atmosphere-in-music-and-how-to-create-it.html
  10. https://rangeofsounds.com/blog/how-to-make-ambient-music/
  11. https://www.musicradar.com/tuition/tech/27-essential-ambient-production-tips-166772
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/psytranceproduction/comments/ejslth/psydub_psystep_tips_and_opinions_wanted/
  13. sixis - psydub https://bassgorilla.com/course/abstract-bass-sound-design-in-ableton-live-with-sixis/ Results You Can Expect From This Course This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to: Design professional, solid sounding kicks and snares from scratch Use advanced sound design techniques like resampling and glitch resampling to create striking basses Create lush, immersive atmospheres out of virtually any sound. Create your own jaw-dropping sound effects that will help you tracks stand out from the pack. Use glitch percussion and granular resampling to create impressive sounds that will add interest and movement to your tracks Use Reaktor Blocks to create your own basses and modular arps Create futuristic sound effects using techniques like filtering, warping, resynthesizing, and more.
  14. How to Compose Ambient Psybient / Psychill Music let's gather useful information here
  15. How to Compose Ambient Music
  16. BEST OF 2020 POLL IS OPEN ==> http://2020poll.psybient.org/ Votes are open for 1 month from 10/02/2021 till 10/03/2021 To encourage your participation we are offering 200 download codes. We will send them to your email address together with our results (first come first serve). • 2020 - Best of 2020 nominations • • Label of the year • Best new artist (for 2020) • Favorite downtempo/ambient dj (s) • Favorite psy radio(s) • Favorite youtube (s) • Album of the year • EP of the year • Remix Album / EP • Compilation of the year • Best festival experience of 2020 • Best festival experience of all time from the point of view of chillout music and atmosphere ...... 90% of questions are "optional", you can skip them and move to the question that interest you. BEST OF 2020 POLL IS OPEN ==> http://2020poll.psybient.org/
  17. magic ! thanks for this awesome list !
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