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  1. just discovered this website, and downloaded 10 free samples good ones ! with my refferal link you can get 30 samples for free and i will also get 30 https://samplefocus.com/invite/cd414770f93f enjoy
  2. nice and simple ableton tutorial , basic but can be good to start for people https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA8RA6L1Cg85NRUHg_dL5TcbgG3Cz4eCD
  3. State Azur is masterpiece ! check out videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Jfh3Plfuo he has video for each track, all of them made LIVE one take... just WOW !
  4. i didn't hear about any regular events with chill music... there is a New Year eve parties - Odysses that usually have chill music in lineup.. try to search in goabase for events - you ll find trance for sure, maybe some has 2nd stage. i don't think it is big there
  5. i used ipad with sound cards and enjoyed it there are cheap native instruments card that are compatible, i also user it with RME babyface. there are midi controllers compatible with ipad (there are models connected with wired connection or wireless) .. haven't tested yet. as for soft, there is a huge choice now... depending if you want FX, or synths, or DAW... i played a bit, but then abandoned overall i think it works really well. p.s. keep in mind that the best is to use official connectors from apple, Chinese copies will not work well in most of the cases.
  6. there are many festival in europe you can find most of them here in calendar (list is not updated so often) https://www.psybient.org/love/trance-festivals-list-calendar/ some nice events in Greece this weekend, i posted about it few days ago at https://facebook.com/psybient.org safe travel !
  7. cool new Cabeiri and new Poranguí !
  8. thanks for sharing ! is your name is related to word FLOWER ?
  9. don't have any of those you might want to edit your post, and write the name above the link. this way it will be "indexed" by forum, so when some one search for them they can find it. and it will be more convenient for people to know what you are looking for without clicking the link. p.s. i send you a pm.
  10. welcome home Brother ! i like your tracks ! who is singing on Breath track ? don't stop producing
  11. i understand your point. are you sure they didn't do a re-master for last album on VINYL ? i think Kalya did it for his release. indeed it must be adapted for vinyl.
  12. there is also Gaudi on vinyl, soon Bluetech, also Desert Dwellers and Globular are posting about their plans.
  13. Unfortunately we have problems on the main site , you can read more here => https://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/2571-psybientorg-is-broken/
  14. thank you for your inputs ! the thing is even on facebook discussions in groups are rare,... i see some times interesting discussions on artists / people profiles, but not in groups.. the problems is that those discussions will be lost, and it is really hard to get back to them to revisit. reddit is more a link exchange, and not much discussion happen there either. Also nobody can guarantee if it will stay long. i don't have energy for that now, but i will have to organize a crowdfunding in order to do maintenance upgrade this forum and to allow it to survive online.
  15. Friends, we are experiencing technical problems with our website, it looks like a heavy maintenance and upgrade operation is to schedule as soon as possible. we are lacking knowledge to resolve it ourselves and we are missing a budget to hire a professional to do it. WANT TO HELP ? 1) you can support us on our patreon https://patreon.com/psybient you can also make a 1 time donation via paypal or bitcoin to contact _AT_ psybient.org 2) or if you are experienced in : linux / nginx / php / wordrpess and want to help write me. sorry , we can't give you the dates of back to service. with
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