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  1. wish you a safe trip ! you can use the catalog to find some artist in Japan and maybe connect with them
  2. hi, what are the most used m4l devices ? so far i just use LFO, but i am curious to discover what you use in particular i am interested in something that would "fuck around" with midi to make interesting combinations of sounds
  3. Ambientium will be 1st to listen from this list
  4. thanks fore commendations, will definitely check Ioon and Liquid Stranger
  5. i like NI Replika. i use it often also i ve seen recommendation of free TEMPO Delay from voxengo. you can try it https://www.voxengo.com/product/tempodelay/
  6. Neil, please have a look https://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/73-readme-howto-write-review-and-get-new-music/
  7. have a look https://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/73-readme-howto-write-review-and-get-new-music/
  8. hello Friends, it is time to ask ourselves a question... do we want this forum ? why ? what's unique here ? i am preparing a list of question to ask ourselves... depending on the found answer will be possible to make decision there is a mission of updating it one version higher, and it will require some energy. I would appreciate your input... you can reply below or write me personal message on forum or message in https://facebook.com/psybient.org
  9. love this one since long time, Scann-Tec - Facial Memories this is remaster
  10. Iacchus, can you recommend a Polyphonic with ability of save patches : - Second hand is fine - Rack version Without keyboard is ok, I can run with ableton sequencer A) b ) main use "bass" / squelch synth
  11. so far my selection is: Desert Dwellers - The Dub Sutras (Sensual Sutras Mix) Erothyme - I See Your Everything (feat. Entheo) ALBA - Askodakora The Egg - Venice Beach Shpongle - Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness
  12. hello let's share some tracks i would like to hear your favorite "soft" "deep" tracks.... or whatever you would find appropriate for "lovemaking" soundtrack
  13. i was like, NONDUAL made a track ? an album ? no it's a dj mix still cool to listen to it.
  14. thank you, otherwise i would probably forget about Drumspyder - Riddle Drum release.
  15. thank you for putting presentation of label here ! Can you recommend 5 releases that would be most representative of Label sound ?
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