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  1. Spoonbill - Rug Rippin (Remix) - Live (Hadra Trance Festival 8)
  2. Adham Shaikh - We Rise We Fall - Live (Hadra Trance Festival 8)
  3. love it, such a deep journey into ambient sound! Thank you for sharing
  4. would be nice to gather here all different original videos from artists or fans. if possible let's not post "generic visuals", ... and try to explore more of original works. Nicely made "unofficial" videos are very welcome. Make sure to add if the video is official or not.
  5. festival and party listing sites here => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/213-festival-listing-2015-and-party-listing-sites/
  6. name format example => 2014/10/25 - Nataraja - Digital Mantra Release Party (Paris, France) event description example => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php?/topic/56-20141025-nataraja-digital-mantra-release-party-paris-france/ don't forget to add links, lineup and if possible flyer (image)
  7. event link => https://www.facebook.com/events/438442246300357/ L'association Nataraja est fière de vous inviter à sa première date au célèbre Trabendo à l'occasion de la sortie de la nouvelle compilation de DJ Tim : Digital Mantra. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫ LINE-UP ♫ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ॐ Zyce LIVE (TesseracTstudio / Serbie) http://soundcloud.com/zyce ॐ Static movement LIVE (Iboga Records / Israel) http://soundcloud.com/staticmovement ॐ Out of Jetlag LIVE (Nataraja) http://soundcloud.com/out-of-jetlag ॐ InnerShade LIVE (Nataraja) http://soundcloud.com/inner-shade ॐ Abstract Layers LIVE (Nataraja) http://soundcloud.com/abstractlayers ॐ Tim DJ SET (Nataraja) http://soundcloud.com/tim-alterego
  8. Namaste, welcome to psybient.org forum, please respect each other and try to post your messages in appropriate sub-forums. We encourage you to share, self-express and help each others. please read our main Readme post. - if you would like to ask other producers and community members for feedback on your demo please post here - if you are producer and would like to help others please visit demo sub-forum and share your thoughts Enjoy psybient.org forum
  9. Namaste, welcome to psybient.org forum, we propose you to treat this place as your new home, imagine yourself in the perfect world where everybody around you are your brothers and sisters. Explore it and share your ideas, your projects with community. This is place to help each other with advises, exchange information and share good links. "Rules" to follow: - please respect each other - try to post your messages in appropriate sub-forums, this way it will be easier for us to keep the space clean and well organised (see below) - have fun! WHERE TO POST : ARTISTS / LABELS / DJ's: - if you are label, artist and you wish to announce your new release - you should post in albums and ep's - if you are dj and you wish to promote your new mix potion - you should post in dj mixes - if you just made your new track and would like to ask for feedback - you should post in demo tracks in case of doubts you can post in Discussions, we will will take care to move subject LINK CATALOG for ARTISTS / LABELS / DJ's / WEBSITES and other comminty members: - if you are label, artist or dj you can add your presentation in "Links and Catalog" One of the most usefull part of this forum will be country links and discussion. We believe the more we are the more we can do, so have a look at this sub-forum, comment or create a new subject dedicated to your country. Don't be shy not to know everything, post the things you know and together we will keep things complete. Here is example that i created for France. EVENTS: - announce your events or post your photo or video repors in Events - to add your event to the psybient.org calendar please post here - if you want promote an event that doesn't have downtempo / "chill" music do it here - don't miss a dedicated space for reports, we have gathered a big amount of festival "after-movies" here. Mind, Body and Soul We started this project, because we believe that psybient downtempo music has a positive impact on human mind and it reconnects us both to ancient world of sounds and to eternal cosmic energy of the universe! We all know that good music is beneficial for body, mind and spirit! So we would like to propose you to discuss and share around this subjetc in dedicated space, you can find there discussions about meditation, yoga, interesting read about permaculture, inspiring videos and a bit of humour. discover sub-forum here. Videos and Graphics if you want to share videos from your live sets or for the tracks you like, visit this sub-forum. if you are graphic artist and you wish to share your work this is the place for you too. This is also a right place to discuss movies, anumations and VJ art. Production, Music Making & DJing we have also a dedicated space to all subjects related to technical aspects of music, like producing and djing. This is the place to ask for advice from your fellow producers. So don't hesitate to visit it here. What about psytrance, techno, drum and bass ? Surprisingly, this forum feature downtempo / midtempo music (place in case of doubts you can post in main "discussions" forum, but we might move your topic elsewhere What about, auto-embedding / embedded? We have configured autoembeding of links to Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Youtube and Facebook album/video. If you wish to not use autoembeding you can select a link and click the "link icon" on the toolbar. This way the url that you add to the post will not be auto-embeded. To add a player for bandcamp you shall: 1. go to the album page on bandcamp 2. share/ambeded 3. embed this album 4. look for worpdress code 5. copy the number after album= for example if you see this code [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=33268858 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5] you shall copy only 33268858 and put it to you post. then select the number and press bc.jpg from toolbar. How to EDIT a title of created topic - go to the topic - press edit - in edit interface press "Use full editor" (it is near "save" button) How to put text under spoiler to put text inside spoiler: - select text - press - select spoiler in dropdown How to copy text from other places without 'format' (colors, fonts) sometimes when we copy paste info from soundcloud or other sites we take with us a text formatting. that is sometimes annoying , so it is important to know how to get rid of this. to paste text without formatting we need to press - ctrl + shift + v Stay positive and have fun in our new home!
  10. name format example => 2014/08/15 - Tribal Bass (Paris, France) event description example => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php?/topic/13-20140815-tribal-bass-paris-france/ don't forget to add links, lineup and if possible flyer (image).
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQOBfbBUJgw
  12. Gagarin


    this list is in progress, feel free to comment. Artists: Cell Dubz Cooker Gagarin Project (Ukrainian artist based in France) Gnaia Nauresaid Nibana Sysyphe Wacamolo Land Switcher Squazoid Kick Bong Runa (Ukrainian artist based in France) Aes Dana Mahiane Opale's ADN Suduaya Sleeping Forest Akshan Toires Festivals: Ambiosonic ambiosonic.org Hadra Eclosion http://www.indalive.com/ Deco: Lucioles Pachamamart https://www.facebook.com/asso.pachamamart Websites: trancegoa.org psybient.org Associations: Aztechno Atomes EDC Goatraxx Oréades Mythique Live Love Create Gaia World
  13. Gagarin

    Gagarin Project

    Gagarin Project is the international project that has evolved from the ideas of conscious living, kindness and love to other humans, our brothers and sisters. Moreover it’s activity is greatly inspired by the values and traditions of ancient civilisations, universal principles of love, natural and healthy lifestyle. Nowadays the main artistic realization is centered around live dj mixes combining the music produced by good friends and many other interesting musicians from all over the world. With their music, Gagarin Project try to raise awareness of listeners throughout careful selection of tracks and soft introduction of voice messages recorded for that purpose. Despite a strong involvement in promotion of psychedelic downtempo music, the live sets are not limited to a certain genre, juggling between ambient, modern psychedelic bass music and trance techno grooves. Apart from performing as the collective of artists, Gagarin Project is highly involved into developement of psybient.org project, a web media dedicated to promotion of quality downtempo / midtempo music and events. The project headquarter is currently located in Paris. The team loves to play for people and share its passion with people, and had a chance to play at the biggest festivals all over the Europe (S.U.N. , Psy-Fi, Hadra, Nowhere and Waveform). At the same time Gagarin Project team often organises regular events in Paris based on participation and sharing. you can read more about us here => http://www.gagarinproject.org/about/ and listen to our work online http://soundcloud.com/gagarinproject or http://mixcloud.com/gagarinproject/ With love,
  14. found this facebook group for psy producers https://www.facebook.com/groups/201414789912829 i believe that forum are more adapted for this kind of discussions (history, search), but it still might be useful for some of us. They do have good discussions there.
  15. Gagarin


    since young age i was impressed by turntabilist / scratchers skills. Don't remember any psy downtempo mix with a pronounced scratching involved. have a look at this 1990 video of a guy scratcing on tape recorded here is nice video of old school world dmc championship
  16. i imagine that you fix audiolevel on the "low volume" part of the mix? i heard there are plugins that will automatically "maximize" the volume of audio, but i am concerned if it won't change the dynamic of the mix.
  17. Maybe it is not the pro way to do it, but in this way i do feel that i am creating something that is listener friendly. I've seen some other people around me doing and created my own approach. Being probably the biggest consumer of my mixes, i like them to look "nice" on my audio players. I am sharing the technical aspect of creating DJ mix, the "legally" proper way is to contact each of the artist/labels and ask them for permission to use a track in dj mix. Well i guess 99% of dj's in internet don't do it and i am one of those. Actually most of the time if you provide proper credits (information about track-list) most of the artist will thank you for promoting what their music. Creating of mix and archive file Recording a mix (following an idea or experimenting, track pre-selection or improvisation) Checking the mix (i do not like to re-record mixes, but sometimes is necessary) Intro / Outro - fade in / fade out (to make it smooth) (optional) mastering. ( i am not doing it, but i know some people do it). Here is discussion on this subject. Giving the name to the mix Track-list (i think this is a mandatory for all the mixes that are released to public, dj's must give credits to all the artist tracks they use) Basic mix info to the text file Cover art creation (i usually use a creative commons licensed images and i edit them in photoshop) (optional) i create a .cue file.This file is useful when you record a mix to CD, as it give the information to cd recording program about the track length. This way when mix is recorded to CD you can skip tracks. This .cue file will allow to skip tracks when you use some of the software audio players on your computers. put everything to a folder (audio file + text file + cover art file + cue) Preparing mp3 file to online / offline sharing As I record my mixes to the wave format, i keep the lossless version of file for archive (i convert them to Apple lossless format, but FLAC, AIFF can do the job as good). Then I convert it to mp3 (320 kbps). This file will be uploaded. using Itunes i add all tags: artist, name, year, style etc (see screenshot) a add cover art i add track-list to lyrics field (see screenshot) i name the mp3 file properly (something like this Gagarin_Project_-_32_-_Cosmic_Awakening_-_10_-_Earth.mp3).Adding number to the mix allow me to keep them sorted if they are stored in one folder) adding "underlines" instead of spaces can be useful when you upload files. (this allow to view all this information on some audio players, for instance the track-list can be easily visible by ipod/iphone). It also help for people to identify the author of the mix. if i want to make mix publicly available i will upload it to online streaming services (soundcoud and mixcloud) and will share share it to groups on soundcloud and facebook. you can look here the example of a folder with all files => http://www.gagarinproject.org/download-our-mixes/ Last but not least, i think dj's shall support/buy the music they mix, listeners shall support/buy original artists. Let me know if it was interesting / useful for you to read p.s. This workflow might sounds complex, well i do it like this. p.p.s.
  18. i mean after the mix is done, do you process it with audio editing software? Is it all about putting levels up or there are other advantages? A for now, i have never done it for my mixes.
  19. Hadra 2014 (France) https://secure.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157647440484062/
  20. Let's share videos and pictures from festivals - facebook albums will have automatic preview - youtube videos will bea automatically visible
  21. Namaste, this post is made to host all discussion and demands related to self promotion of music It will be handy to group these subjects here. Let's listen and dream! p.s. DJ sets shall go here => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php?/topic/36-listen-to-my-music-andor-download-it-thread-all-related-post-here-please/
  22. Namaste, this post is made to host all discussion and demands related to self promotion of your mixes It will be handy to group these subjects here. Let's listen and dream! p.s. artist request to listen to music go here => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php?/topic/24-listen-to-my-music-andor-download-it-thread-all-related-post-here-please/
  23. Knowa Lusion and The Human Experience - When Worlds Collide http://music.streetritual.com/album/when-worlds-collide-free-download
  24. A place to share your favourite or recent discoveries in Psytrance music.
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