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  1. hi, thanks for sharing are you playing instruments or is made with VST / samples ?
  2. in Ukraine now (2018) you have : - tags with dealers telegram channel almost on each building in residential area. - organized chains of distribution is setup in all large cities. - all transaction are online via half anonymous money systems (not even bitcoins, there are some other type of online wallets thay allow secure quick transaction via public "kiosk" (something like cash machine) but you put cash in and not out. - then you receive sms with a address where to pick up the stuff. it is usually hidden in some weird locations under the benches and others. Basically in a city jungle, almost visible to public. as a result there is no direct contact between buyer and seller, and also no direct contact between seller and "whole seller" ... it makes it much more difficult (it seems like almost impossible) to follow the chain..... - actually dealers don't go in direct contact with people who put graffiti tags... so again no trance to the "real" owner of the business. he just use different people for different tasks, and they don't interact between them much... it is scary, as some weird synthetic RC are available via this channel ... guys who sell don't know exactly what they sell....
  3. how do the "delivery" dealers advertise : mouth to mouth ? in France once they have your number they continue to send you sms regularly each time giving you new contact number. They just don't stop, once per week you have an sms with reminder of their number and price.
  4. Let's share videos and pictures from festivals - facebook albums will have automatic preview - youtube videos will be automatically visible
  5. Let's share videos and pictures from festivals - facebook albums will have automatic preview - youtube videos will be automatically visible
  6. Electrik Dream don't deliver often, however always great releases
  7. Hello ! thanks for posting all these releases here. May i ask you to follow the guidelines ? => https://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/73-readme-howto-write-review-and-get-new-music/
  8. love the cover art, have listened already but don't have a settled opinion yet.
  9. bluetech https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/222410/in-the-branches-bluetech-behind-the-sky
  10. embeded is broken , not sure when it will be fixed.
  11. i really like, Seamoon - Archaic Mind and The Change by Cabeiri
  12. tasty Balancé - This Is Not An Album ! specially 2nd track
  13. sorry, embedding youtube got broken, and to fix we need to upgrade all forum and that can break some of the features we developed. a junior web developper can fix this, however we didn't found one and the donations are not enough to pay for service. you are welcome to support this project if you can => https://www.psybient.org/love/donate/
  14. >>> Cosmic Replicant - Archive Of Signals great sound, more ambient then usual
  15. you can absolutely have a 100% linux studio and there are several DAW choices: bitwig, reaper, ardour, tracktion, and probably a few more Also there are many programs for linux from guitar racks to virtual modulars ..... Qtractor, LMMS, Muse, Rosegarden etc.
  16. here is a place to follow for chill releases https://slyvinyl.com/category/genres/ambient-chill Shpongle vinyl is still available https://desertdwellersmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-mystery
  17. interesting new player on the market http://tidal.com/soc/ i tried to understand how the revenues are shared, but failed
  18. do you have shpongle on vinyl ? did you find advantage in audio quality ?
  19. i have recently compared shpongle latest album on vinyl vs digital, and i found to hear more details in digital and more bass in vinyl. will do some more listens https://www.instagram.com/p/BgEEu-tgNqm/?taken-by=gagarinproject
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