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    Gagarin reacted to OFF / ON in 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101   
    Hello Dude!

    I listened a lot of your tracks on soundcloud, is it really nice! You have some good ideas and you ato is really nice!

    So for you binari name track, its great. Well you played Hanpan, some glitches fx clean and your panning make all really great  Bravo!
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    Gagarin reacted to Paza Waska in Paza Waska - Karmaşa Farkındalığı (2020) [Records DK] (Psybient, Downtempo, Experimental, Psytrance)   
    Artist: Paza Waska

      Album: Karmaşa Farkındalığı EP  
    Type: Album  
    Style tags: Psybient / Downtempo / Experimental / Psytrance  
    Media type: WEB  
    Year: 2020

      Label: Records DK  
    Length: 00:26:11  
    Official url: https://open.spotify.com/album/7BEMjWwNmZs0NXQzsEqbyj?si=btBSADaaRG-JIflUb0Jy3A
                            Tracklist:   1. Oğlum (04:36)   2. Ölümü Beklerken (04:29)   3. Kayıtsız (02:39)   4. Kung Fu (05:20)   5. Ateş Çemberi (04:24)   6. Her Son Bir Başlangıçtır (04:44)    
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    Gagarin reacted to Silkroad in Priest [Full Album]   
    First of all thank you so much! And I'm really glad you liked it.
    And it's on Spotify, here's the link:
    Priest album Spotify

    Thank you for activating the link as well.

    P.S. Sorry for the late response, really missed the notification somehow.
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    Gagarin reacted to Frederik in psybient.org celebrates 4 years ! help us with ideas for the future   
    Hi, I might misunderstand you. Here in the forums I see city and country, if somebody added both to their profile. Considering the map, even if somebody only has their country or no location at all in the profile there wouldn't be a problem, because the map could exactly display the given information. So the map can be seen as a different way to display information that's already publicly accessable. So I don't see a new privacy issue
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    Gagarin reacted to Salamantis in psybient.org celebrates 4 years ! help us with ideas for the future   
    New idea:  Sell face masks decorated with Psybient.org sticker designs.
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    Gagarin reacted to Salamantis in May 2020 Releases   
    Much belated thanx for this.  Looking forward to June installment.
    Best recent releases:
    Howard Givens & Craig Padilla - The Bodhi Mantra
    Simon Posford - Flux & Contemplation - Portrait Of An Artist In Isolation
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    Gagarin reacted to shin obi in Your Top Psybient Tracks Of All Time...   
    Here is MY top 40:
    -Tikal-La bonne etoile
    -Side liner-Screaming tears
    -Asura-Land and Freedom
    -Astral projection-Still dreaming
    -Huva network-Rain geometries
    -Psyfactor-Molecular design
    -Lange-Frozen beach
    -Jaïa - Le Chant Des Sirenes
    -Three drives-Greece 2000
    -Aes dana-natti natti
    -Ten madison-future city
    -Side liner-Morning dewdrops
    -Gmo vs Dense-Passing storm
    -Gmo vs Dense-Bouncing around
    -Mystic crock-Tempting Abyss
    -Man of no ego-Celestial Medicine
    -Liquid space-Copy dreams lauter
    -Cj Catalizer vs Zymosis-I'll be there
    -Lab's Cloud-Raining over the sun
    -Cj Catalizer -2012
    -Ott-Rogue Bagell
    -Drum druid-last summer dub
    -Cell-The gate
    -Siebzehn-Under the radar
    -Psyfactor-Walk on the milky way
    -Psyfactor-Galileo space mission
    -Cell-Explicit rotative movement
    -Ancient Core-Psychedelic echosystem
    -Abakus-That much closer
    -Khetzal-Glaciales Lacrima
    -David Battenfield-Sonic chazal
    -Entheogenic - Pagan Dream Machine
    -The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea
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    Gagarin got a reaction from E-MantraOfficial in E-Mantra - Drifting - CD and VINYL   
    thanks for sharing
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    Gagarin reacted to veit_music in 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101   
    Sorry I left out on letter at the end when I linked the song
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    Gagarin reacted to andorra in E-Mantra - Silence (2020) [Melusine Records] (Psybient, Psychill)   
    1. Silence 05:44    
    2. Since you were gone 07:25    
    3. Ecouri 06:16    
    4. Departed 06:58    
    5. Night Walker 06:24    
    6. E-Mantra & Reasonandu - Shadow Skies 06:03    
    7. Prelude 06:10    
    8. Le Ciel est Triste 06:30    
    9. Echoes of an empty room 09:01    
    10. Touching 05:36    
    11. Passing through 07:19    
    12. Hymn 04:42    

    After many years i decided to take my music back from the labels that previously release them.
    So this month will start with my dear Album " SILENCE"
    Several tracks were re-edited ..remixed ..improved sounds
    Melusine Records will be the label releasing them all step by step with new covers new mastering and big news ..on CD (limited to 100 ) for each album.
    Cd's will be available for purchase directly from me at e_mantra@hotmail.com.
    "Silence" will contain also small changes like a bonus track that should have been on the initial version of the Album but didn't quite get a place on .
    All being said ..i present you the New "SILENCE"
    Music : Emanuel Carpus
    Cover: Painting by Leonid Carpus , digitally edited by Melusine Crew
    Mastering : Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)
    released March 17, 2020
    Follow E-Mantra here :
    Thank you friends and fans .
    Special thx to : Negulescu Raluca , Dumitrescu Alexandru (Reasonandu), Egor Povzner, Ensancha ElAlma Rec , Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)
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    Gagarin got a reaction from Trala Lama in April 2020 Releases   
    to encourage discussions we give are giving away music downloads to a random participants of this thread.. welcome to share with community if you liked something here    
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    Gagarin reacted to timeisart in March 2020 Releases   
    It's a combination of Google Sheet's built in IMPORTXML function and a free IMPORTFROMWEB plugin for Google Sheets that I downloaded. So the IMPORTXML function is unable to work with pages loaded in javascript, which all bandcamp pages are. But that IMPORTFROMWEB plugin is able to scrape from javascript sites as well.
    The IMPORTXML is only used to scrape info from <head> since that seems to be loaded before <body> which is loaded in javascript. The IMPORTFROMWEB plugin is used to scrape all the other info found in <body>.
    PM me if you have any other questions, I'll try to help but I'm not super familiar with this kind of stuff, I just stumbled my way through getting it to work for me.
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    Gagarin reacted to Schmii in March 2020 Releases   
    Hey timeisart, could you outline how you do the import to google sheets?
    Would like to build a music discovery tool and it looks like the bandcamp api doesn't provide that for me.
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    Gagarin got a reaction from opensource in Psycomics - Episode 1   
    nice i liked it real story ?
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    Gagarin reacted to andorra in Listen to my music   
    Uploaded some tracks to Soundcloud
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    Gagarin got a reaction from Trala Lama in Rare, Sold Out and Out-Of Print releases that I am searching for   
    don't have any of those
    you might want to edit your post, and write the name above the link. this way it will be "indexed" by forum, so when some one search for them they can find it.
    and it will be more convenient for people to know what you are looking for without clicking the link.
    i send you a pm.
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    Gagarin reacted to yiannis in psybient for lovemaking , cuddles and sex ?   
    Eat Static - Inner Peace for uptempo lovemaking
    Ozric Tentacles - Half Light in Thillai for slower activities
    Both used with non-psy (but accommodating) partner.
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    Gagarin got a reaction from YuriNondual in Yuri Nondual - Invade areas where nothing is definite   
    i was like, NONDUAL made a track ? an album ? 
    no it's a dj mix still cool to listen to it.
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    Gagarin reacted to Iacchus in Hardware Synths for Psybient / PsyChill / Downtempo   
    I use the Virus TI as my main workhorse, use FM VST plugins a bit for growl and stuff but for warm squelchy psychedelic noises, can't beat the Virus.  
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    Gagarin got a reaction from thanosp81 in Digital Reprints News   
    great choices !
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    Gagarin got a reaction from Sounds of Snow in Tips and tricks on how to apply to play at festivals   
    Another trick is to ask your friends who have played at a festival to recommend you to the "booker"  
    If you don't have friends who play - you can go to a festival and make that friendship happening.
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    Gagarin got a reaction from Sounds of Snow in Tips and tricks on how to apply to play at festivals   
    Hi man !
    getting to festival lineup is not that easy, there are 1000* artists out there , and much less of spots to play.
    i know many artists who got bookings just by sending email to festival.
    you need to understand what festival needs, and usually they need a combination of two:
    A - high quality music that people would enjoy (music must be compatible with concept of event)
    B - artist that would attract visitors
    So my tips would be to gain both quality and popularity : 
    release music (ektoplazm, compilations)
    promote yourself in internet and your circle of friends
    join "notorious" label 
    play at small parties 
    play at smaller festivals
    Another trick is to investigate who is making the lineup and to talk directly with this person, but if you are not A and B that will not lead anywhere serious. 
    When i was starting nobody wanted to book me, so my solution was to make a lot of DJ mixes in order to be noticed in internet, and probably more importantly - organize my "small" events in order to get confidence, build fan base and by this - get noticed.
    Good luck
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    Gagarin got a reaction from yiannis in W27 2018 Releases Update - June 25 - July 1   
    timeless - Connect.Ohm - 9980 !
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