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  1. I've had the new Irresistible Force album on constantly since it came out.
  2. The usual super mellow start then onwards and upwards this time in tempo. Soft landing at the end provided by the amazing Wobbly Squadron before a super fluffy sunny day track from Tuxedo & Monojoke. 1. Man Of No Ego - Central Source 2. Citizen X - Can' -Ka No Rey 3. Kodak To Graph - Belong 4. Narcose - Gonzos Last Ride 5. The Human Experience - Two Tigers 6. Astralasia - Every Mother's Sun 7. Flexagon - Slider 8. Perfect Blind - The Expanse 9. Wakhan - Leaving Your Body 10. Wobbly Squadron - The Three Amighos 11. Tuxedo & Monojoke - Neuro Sonic
  3. This new one from Youth & Gaudi is available to pre-order on green 10 inch vinyl.
  4. Two things come to mind, was it a legitimate Twisted Records account to start with? Or just someone hoping to make ££s off their music? The other is dependent on what distribution deals that Twisted may have elsewhere, have heard that some online distribution services/ content aggregators specify that you can't have a release on bandcamp as well............. Seems a very restrictive business practice, but if you are thinking of using a service to get your music on iTunes, amazon, spotify etc have a good read of the terms and conditions!
  5. Psyder 20! The first one I did even before I adopted the name Flexagon but after 20 eclectic & chillout-ish mixes here we are. Scary times call for calming music so I thought it was a good idea to do a VERY downtempo mix. Starts off with the classic track Under Mount Kailash from the seminal concept album 'The Mystery Of The Yeti pt2' and heads off on a journey backwards and forwards through musical time, featuring as always tracks old and new. Running theme on this one is a combination of positivity mixed with introspection, that's how I hear it anyway. 1 Process- Under Mount Kailash 2 Dhoop- Just A Little Deed 3 Amygdala- Fragments Of Spirit 4 CloZee & Laura Hahn- The Experience 5 Continuum V Axion- Power Breakfast 6 Supersillyus- Charade 7 Ott- Queen Of All Everything 8 Union Jack- There Will Be No Armageddon 9 Brian Eno- 22 Continuum's debut album here goo.gl/LtvVW5 Psyder Pt 1 is still online, the early ones were more eclectic! goo.gl/mHKkyh Be a Hummingbird!
  6. Probably not the track you are looking for but any excuse to share this, the Shamen's Re:Evolution has to be one of the oldest from 1992. Possibly the first even with McKenna? Even McKenna's own work with Spacetime Continuum was later than this. The Shamen were really popular in the UK in the early 90's and I remembering hearing Re:Evolution played on the radio! Another old one I've always really liked with McKenna samples is Tim Freake's 'Hooray in a new way' (The Elves Of Hyper Space). I first heard this on the classic Megatripolis Compilation CD back in 1997...................... Also on the same CD (the very next track!) was Lahara part 2 by Low 948 with Timothy Leary An artist called Zuvuya did a load of tracks with McKenna too I think, I don't really know much about them, so don't know if it was samples or an actual collaboration like he did with Spacetime Continuum. ...........for something more recent there's also "Don't watch TV" by Flexagon of course too!
  7. Settle in for another slide into the rabbithole of music that tickles my lobes. Usual rules, some here are old, some are new, there's music from friends, one from me and all feels slightly familiar anyway! Both Moonwolf's 'Abeytu (Things In The Night)' and False Identity's 'On a Butterfly's Wing' are from the compilation album Diversity in The Isles, available here:- https://diversityintheisles.bandcamp.com Continuum's debut album 'Become Happier' is also on bandcamp here:- https://continuum-music.bandcamp.com 1. Abeytu (Things In The Night) - Moonwolf 2. Flooting Grooves - Diddly Doogles 3. Supersillyus - A List Of Instructions For When I'm Human 4. Ott - 16mm Summer Day 5. On a Butterfly's Wing - False Identity 6. Like Pictures Part 2 - Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm (Feat. Laurie Anderson) 7. Waterdroplets - Stupeflix 8. Where Ghosts Lay - Eat Static 9. Numbers - Flexagon 10. Continuum - Rising Slowly
  8. "we have been reposting all posts from website to twitter automaticall for 2 years" Something isn't working with the system then? The @psybient_org account hasn't posted since 17th October........................ and seems to only make around 2 posts a month. On a quick scan through it looks like none of the posts from that account either have hashtags or have tagged other twitter accounts. This means twitter users that don't already follow you are not likely to see the posts, and won't find out about the website or this forum. Also why you're not getting many likes or retweets/ shares. Twitter, just like facebook, isn't the answer to everything but if there is a decent way for auto-posting some of the content in the forum with relevant hashtags I can only see it as a good thing. How this would be achieved though I don't know! (I realise manual posting is something that would take up a lot of time so I'm not suggesting that) Agree that 1 to 1 promo always works best though. Posted about the forum last night too, will do some more
  9. Is there some way of making the psybient_org twitter post more? Every time there's a new thread on the forum it's automatically tweeted, that sort of thing? Should quickly gain followers that way.
  10. I did this remix a while ago for some friends of mine, no idea if it's what you are after though. There's an instrumental version on my soundcloud too.
  11. Lovely music right there! Don't forget to share more!
  12. New chilled out DJ mix on my mixcloud......Contains a couple of tracks from the Diversity In The Isles compilation from earlier in the year, along with my usual mixed bag of eclectic downtempo psychedelic sounds old and new. https://www.mixcloud.com/flexagon/flexagons-psychedelic-psyder-chillout-part-18/ 1. The Emptiness Of Nothingness - Amorphous Androgynous - 2. Baby Robot - Ott 3. The Real World - Flexagon 4. Mantra - Estray & Stanisha 5. Unsaddle - GMO vs. Dense 6. Once Upon A Time - Sephira 7. The Intralocuter - Globular 8. Ambient 51A - Serious Mastering 9. As above.....so below - Kaminanda
  13. Guest mix as part of Koji Maru's Elementz show on Earth Dance Radio, broadcast 12.6.16. A couple of brand new tracks, a load of music from Helios, some remixes plus great music from MoonWolf, Continuum and Beatfarmer mixed in. 1. Flexagon - The Real World [From "Diversity In The Isles"] 2. Numatik - Gaia Unfolding (Flexagon Remix) 3. Flexagon - Pause (unreleased) 4. Flexagon - Numbers (unreleased) 5. Continuum - Nodular [from "Become Happier"] 6. Flexagon - The Far Side [from "Helios"] 7. Buffalo Huddleston - Waiting for the right song (Flexagon Instrumental Remix) 8. Beatfarmer - Shanti [from "Eye of the Storm"] 9. Moonwolf - Bad Wolf [From "Red EP"] 10.Flexagon - Dawn 11.Mochipet - Psilocybin Samurai (Flexagon Remix) 12.Flexagon - The Scattered Disc 13.Sephira - Lost Vegas (Flexagon remix) Earthdanceradio.org - the world’s first non-commercial, non-profit dance music radio station supporting national and international animal welfare and environmental causes.
  14. I almost exclusively use Waves H-Delay when I mix. Covers what I need nicely with super simple interface. Did pick up Ozone's DDLY "Dynamic Delay" recently though, it's free until 10/3/16. Haven't had chance to use it properly but looks and sounds very interesting, certainly different. Other than that I can certainly tell you what NOT to use, if you use a PC then Ableton and NI's Replika really don't play nicely together. Just having it in my plugin folder crashed Ableton on startup. Luckily I had it as another freebie so after googling the issue and finding it was common problem I just deleted it.
  15. Totally agree with Andorra, if soundcloud fails then it is a potential big loss for many artists, labels and fans. Like Andorra I've been a big user of soundcloud both as an artist, a DJ and a music fan. I signed up with soundcloud and mixcloud just as the copyright issues where becoming a problem for DJ mixes, so I've always kept to original material on SC and my mixes on mixcloud. Have seen posts from VERY upset DJs with big followings that have had their accounts with 1,000s of followers deleted with no warning. A lot of people seem keen on bandcamp as an alternative, which it sort of is. Bandcamp is good at many things, but it's not social at all which is where soundcloud works so well. Just in case things do go pear shaped with SC I've made accounts with yungcloud (mainly US EDM and hiphop music on there at the mo) and orfium (which may exist purely to try and nab the youtube/ streaming rights for small artists, be careful with their "tick-boxes" and options Creative Commons people!) But they are both startups and I'd assume a long way away from any kind of critical mass. If SC does disappear who knows what will actually appear online to fill the gap?
  16. Hi all, here's my latest DJ mix. As always with this series there's a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Some good friends and classic psychedelic acts made it into the mix this time............. plus one from me. Upbeat to start, ambient to finish. https://www.mixcloud.com/flexagon/flexagons-psychedelic-psyder-chillout-part-17/ Tracklist and artist links below for exploring:-
  17. Hi all and happy new year! Helios is also available on Ektoplazm for free download. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/flexagon-helios
  18. Thanks for listening and for the kind words. Feedback on this album keeps mentioning the 'retro' theme. It wasn't something I was particularly aiming for but................... I've been around for a little while (cough) and my influences are all from the 1990's really so I shouldn't be surprised at what I produced!
  19. Artist: Flexagon Album: Helios Type: album Style tags: chillout, electronic, progressive Media type: Digital Year: 2015 Label: Self Released Catalog ID: - Length: 01:03.06 official url: https://flexagon.bandcamp.com/album/helios Some tracks might be a little fast for this forum, (Bpm range on the tracks is from 70 right through to one at 140) but most of the album is pretty laid back..................................... "Helios is the debut album from Flexagon. The Guernsey based DJ/ producer and creator of electronic music has been involved in music since the mid 90s. As the title suggests, Flexagon’s Helios is aurally signposted with space and cosmos references as it takes the listener on a futuristic journey from downtempo beats and uplifting melodies to a euphoric crescendo of progressive psytrance, before culminating in a cocoon-like track of contemplation and reflection. Those familiar with his tracks and mixes will revel in the intergalactic musicality of his expansive basslines and hypnotic melodies, while fans old and new will appreciate the intricate patterns Flexagon weaves with ethereal psychedelic sounds and deep, penetrating beats. Mastering by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, Bristol, UK"
  20. Right now I'm listening to ALMA, saw them play last week and they blew my mind. https://soundcloud.com/almaband/tothestars
  21. Great topic idea Yiannis I live here https://vimeo.com/143518564 Guernsey in the Channel Islands, close to the French coast. It's TINY! That vid shows off the beautiful scenery but actually makes the place look bigger than it is (30 sq miles/ 78 sq Km) I love it here, but luckily get off the rock quite often which stops me from going stir crazy.
  22. I use the Ultrareverb from Eventide, mostly I mix as you would on a small analogue board, so 1 main reverb on an Aux return. Sometimes I'll add a second HUGE and long 'verb on another aux, often with delay doing weird things before or after it, gives Eno style massive ambience and effects etc. I tend not to do much more than that and keep it simple. Sometimes snares and claps get their own reverb added to the channel, but that's mainly to make them 'thicker' not to make them sound like they are in big spaces.
  23. Been doing this series of mixes for a while but hadn't put any on this forum, just uploaded this one hope you like it! Includes a track from Andorra's amazing Sombrero Galaxy EP Tracklist:- 1.Old Strings by Serious Mastering 2.Dancing Galaxies by Andorra 3.Bad Wolf by MoonWolf 4.Azymuth by Man With No Name 5.Shaded Valley by Psygasus 6.The Fire From Within by Cosmic Replicant 7.Japanese War Tubas by Wobbly Squadron 8.U.D.U. by Flexagon & Grram 9.Meanwhile.......Somewhere South of Cupertino....... by Citizen-x 10.Aquatic Sunrise by Metamorphosis "A slice of what's been tickling my ears recently, lots of chilled yet groovy stuffs, one oldie and one out of character track from a friend of mine. Share and enjoy! Links! Download, share and support the artists:- Andorra - "Dancing Galaxies" from Sombrero Galaxy https://soundcloud.com/pekkakemppi/se... MoonWolf - "Bad Wolf" - from their forthcoming album....details TBC..... soundcloud:- https://soundcloud.com/moonwolf2012 Wobbly Squadron - "Japanese War Tubas" from "EP2" Buy here:- https://wobblyrecords.bandcamp.com/al... Flexagon & Grram - "U.D.U." Download here:- https://soundcloud.com/flexagon-music... Citizen-x "Meanwhile.......Somewhere South of Cupertino......." Download here:- https://soundcloud.com/mrd45/meanwhil... Metamorphosis - "Aquatic Sunrise" Download here:- https://soundcloud.com/alon-chen/meta... Thanks to Tess and Jamie for the hi-tech studio!"
  24. I think a lot of the various performing rights and royalties associations around the world have done a deal with youtube to pay royalties no matter who has uploaded the material, so that content wouldn't be removed.
  25. So many different opinions on Spotify, one thing is for sure though, it's losing a HUGE amount of money................. for now anyway. http://www.supajam.com/news/story/Spotify-reveals-surprising-and-somewhat-worrying-financial-figures
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