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  1. Thanks for this forum. Psybient isnt very popular in my area so all my passion is online ! Love of sounds and Love of composition are 2 different things it took me a while to understand hehe
  2. I think that Carbon Based Lifeform is probably the best introduction to psybient. There is always a riff in there that hook you and win your heart xD hehe
  3. Garbage Truck Driver in canada. 15 years of guitarism into metal sector, 3 year of piano. Havnt composed any music in last some years, bummer! Felt into Psybient trought my discovery of dubstep, wich i found complex and interesting according to its new sounds. Grew a bit bored of most metal repetitive technicality and feelings. I kept the rawest close to heart. The power i once felt in it is a bit more diluted now, i sometimes even find it cute instead of empowering. Weird transition! I guess im aging lol Its refreshing to love another type of music with a more emotive point of view, not that i didnt emotion metal , but that its technicality keep absorbing the focus! Cheers My first dubstep track was : Reso - Otacon My first Psybient Track was: Psyfactor - Retroscientific The intro is just amazing. Love those delay water sounds!!
  4. Wow, similar to me , stoned i get a kick to lisent to some raw black metal, but then sometimes i prefer some calm complexity as Psybient offer. i love to call psybient music "The tracklist that play when no other music plays" so there is never silence in my home . Cheers. Also, i love how psybient can be listened carefully with technical aspects, or forgoten in an pleasant background. Very inquiring, or liberating. Interesting how it can fit 2 very diferent mindstate.
  5. One of the best of course. And sit aside Solar Fields, Aes Dana, HUVA and Emancipator.. in my book! Psyfactor - Retro Scientific The first song of that album was my first hook on psybient, check it out
  6. What about the forest! Nop! Amazing suggestions all, Thx. Knew a bunch, discovered some! Im still new to Psybient but wow, after 15 year of metal musicianship id never though id fall into this kind of music so deeply! Heres my suggestion in no particuliar order, sorry for the long list i just want to share alot of my discoveries. Ill add a * for my very favorites. 1) Access to arasaka - Void 2) Access to arasaka - Port 3) Atman Construct - Divided by time* 4) Carbon Based Lifeform - ALT 01 5) Connect.ohm - 9980* 6) Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness 7) Gas - Gas 0085 * 8) John Novak - Laments of a chess automaton 9) Kyoto - Scape and Sphere 10) Miktek - Elsewhere 11) Rildrim - Across the night 12) Rildrim - Ecosystem 13) Seamon - Expression of the moment 14) State Azure - Disconect* 15) State Azure - Outlines* 16) Templo - Bugs* 17) Koan - Argonautica* 18) Avilente - From Clear Spaces Within* If anyone know similar stuff to Access to Arasaka,Beefcake, Templo. But not much of AphexTwin. Thanks
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