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  1. Oh yeah, and Poweramp for my phone. Not that I really listen to music on the go as I hate headphones with a passion. A necessary evil when DJing though
  2. Some eurodance from 1992, most likely 2 Unlimited. I was 11 years old
  3. * A piece of crap HP laptop with Windows XP from 2008 (have had to change the hard drive a few times to fit all my music on it, also it's never been on the internet so no antivirus/firewall software running and has absolutely no useless software installed in the first place). * Korg Nanokontrol * Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 * Software: djDecks 0.99 with a self-made custom skin to suit my needs * Pioneer DJM-250 for home mixing A surprisingly stable setup and even if I've been eyeing some new equipment I think I'll keep this setup until it breaks down (hopefully not in the middle of a gig). I never even considered CDs when I decided to start DJing in 2010. I already had the laptop (which as stated needed a bigger hard drive to fit all my music), a soundcard with 2 stereo outputs (not the AK1 though yet, got that one in early 2011) and a MIDI controller (also not the Nanokontrol, that was an early 2011 purchase too) I'd been using for theater sounds, so it was rather natural to turn the setup into a DJing rig. Also, with a laptop I can keep my entire music collection with me, so I can play some goa instead of chill (or vice versa) if asked nicely
  4. foobar2000 with some essential components like Waveform Seekbar (as the name suggests, gives you a seekbar that displays the waveform of the playing track), Playlist Organizer (for organizing playlists into trees), Text Tools (for quick copypaste of fields into Discogs submissions for example) and Text Display (for a customized "now playing" infobox). I just have one big Music folder on one of my hard drives, with the directory structure being \Artist\Album or in the case of compilations just \Compilation Name. Apparently 99,8% of it is FLAC. Mostly my CD rips but also Ektoplazm/Bandcamp/etc (legal) downloads. Also thanks to fb2k's file renaming and tagging features, all my filenames have the same structure (tracknumber - artist - title). Also I keep tags to a bare minimum (album, tracknumber, artist, title). Both practices go back to when I first started ripping my CDs and they just carried over to my downloaded music as I wanted to keep some consistency in my collection. I use the Playlist Organizer component for further organizing. I have separate trees for artists, labels, compilations, my DJ mixes, and "random stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else" No need for a genre tree as I know my collection quite well. Might seem a bit control-freak-ish and counter-intuitive, but I know my way around my collection and playlists.
  5. Well, Dakini Records is run by Makyo and the label's sound is, if not completely uniform, quite similarly themed. Check their Bandcamp page for a start. Seems like the Sky Dancing Nada Masala compilations aren't available there, too bad as they're quite nice as I recall (haven't listened to them in a good while).
  6. 1997-1998. One of the earliest I heard was the 2nd CD of Return to the Source's The Chakra Journey compilation. Can't remember anymore what was the first "psychill" (pardon the double quotes but I don't think it was called that yet back then) CD I bought (first goa CD I bought was Transwave - Helium and I'll never forget that) but I think it's along the lines of The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences / Celtic Cross - Hicksville / Mathuresh - Metaphor / Sri Hari - One But Different / some Banco de Gaia album. Then of course came Shpongle's debut album and nothing was really the same anymore
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