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  1. It hasn't been released yet. They're in a migration process, probably need some time..I was interested in buying Hallucinogen In Dub in flac format, so I sent an email to Twisted Records querying whether they're going to release it on bandcamp. Nobody answered ☹ï¸
  2. Over just a few months this year, the following stunning psychill albums have been released (I've just picked a few best). Notably, some of them are debut efforts! Is psychill dead? No, it is alive and well https://thebeatsbizarre.bandcamp.com/album/infernal-machines-moving-parts-e-p-2 https://pranasonics.bandcamp.com/album/a-substitute-for-love https://stephigh.bandcamp.com/album/celestial-colors-24bits https://the-flying-mars.bandcamp.com/album/vibradimensional-experience-24bits https://greatowl.bandcamp.com/album/texiopaxoui
  3. I agree. Chillout is generally focused on melody and rhythm, whereas ambient focuses on tone and atmosphere, so in my view they are generally different. Downtempo is the broader definition that I prefer (containing both psychill and psybient, plus psydub, d&b, etc) for electronic music with relatively low bpm rate.
  4. If by "trippy" you mean music that kinda lifts you in another dimension, in other words psychedelic, I would definitely go for Entheogenic albums (love all of them, but especially the first two). And, of course, Are You Shpongled? and some subsequent single Shpongle's tracks. Other trippy albums IMO: - Subconscious by Phutureprimitive - Folktronica and Prose Edda by Kurbeats/Yggdrasil - Interabang by Supersillyus - Endless Rhythms of The Beatless Heart by Shulman - Vibradimensional Experience by The Flying Mars (stunning debut this year). Though I love Ott's music, I wouldn't classify it as trippy. Cheers
  5. I thought some of you may be interested. First three releases are Tales of the inexpressible, Nothing lasts..., and Museum of consciousness. Cheers
  6. Stunning album from young talented producer Isaac Cotec. Support this fine musician!
  7. Hello Everybody! So I've finally landed on psybient.org after googling awhile for forums, blogs and the likes in search of psychedelic music news and discussions. Glad I've found you! About myself: I was born and raised in a small town in the south of Italy, now I work and live in Rome. I know a little of musical theory and practice (used to play guitar), but my approach to music is emotional rather than technical. I've been in love with various musical genres in the past, lately post-rock, jazz and trip-hop. Then, one day I accidentally stumbled upon Shpongle's video of the Red Rocks concert and that redefined my aesthetic notions. I started following only psybient and related variants (psy-dub, for instance) and very very rarely I come back and listen to selected pieces of my past collection. Look forward to sharing meaningful information with you. Peace to everybody!
  8. Hello everybody, I'm new on psybient.org,, glad to have found it! Here 10 of my favorites Shpongle: Are you shpongled? Entheogenic: Spontaneous illumination Ott: Blumenkraft Phutureprimitive: Subconscious Younger Brother: A flock of bleeps Androcell: Entheomythic Shulman: Endless rhythm of the beatless heart Yggdrasil: Prose Edda Tripswitch: Circuit Breaker Abakus: That much closer to the sun
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