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    Suttree got a reaction from Judge Ming in Psychill vs Psybient do you make difference ?   
    I agree. Chillout is generally focused on melody and rhythm, whereas ambient focuses on tone and atmosphere, so in my view they are generally different. Downtempo is the broader definition that I prefer (containing both psychill and psybient, plus psydub, d&b, etc) for electronic music with relatively low bpm rate.
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    Suttree reacted to Lorn in psychill is dead ?   
    This is probably the biggest reason some might say psychill is dead. I for one would prefer to see psybass go into its own direction and separate from psychill.
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    Suttree reacted to mannybakshi in Psychill vs Psybient do you make difference ?   
    They are both different genres, Try to explain in short,

    Psychill is psy CHILLOUT
    Psybient is psy AMBIENT

    I think everyone knows difference between Chillout and Ambient.
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    Suttree reacted to Trala Lama in All times best(s)   
    These are three all time classics that made me love psybient in the first place:
    Shpongle  -  Are You Shpongled ?.
    Ott           -  Blumenkraft.
    Shulman   -  In Search of a Meaningful Moment.
    (There are some more but the original poster asked for only 3)
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    Suttree reacted to Shpongle in All times best(s)   
    I'll post 10 of my favourite albums with no order, except for the first one These are probably the albums i have listened to the most
    Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?
    Ott - Skylon
    Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity
    Androcell - Entheomythic
    Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination
    Hallucinogen - In Dub
    Hol Baumann - Human
    Krusseldorf - Fractal World
    Yggdrasil - Prose Edda
    Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious
    This is too hard lol i left so many good records out...
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    Suttree reacted to thanosp81 in Your mindset behind psybient music   
    I never tried any drugs, even weed I only smoked three times. I started listening to Goa in '95 (14yo) and psychill in '96.
    I always hated ppl saying you need this and that to appreciate psychedelic music.
    Just turn of the lights, light some candles and incense sticks and you are rdy for a journey.
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    Suttree got a reaction from yiannis in All times best(s)   
    Hello everybody, I'm new on psybient.org,, glad to have found it!
    Here 10 of my favorites
    Shpongle: Are you shpongled?
    Entheogenic: Spontaneous illumination
    Ott: Blumenkraft
    Phutureprimitive: Subconscious
    Younger Brother: A flock of bleeps
    Androcell: Entheomythic
    Shulman: Endless rhythm of the beatless heart
    Yggdrasil: Prose Edda
    Tripswitch: Circuit Breaker
    Abakus: That much closer to the sun
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