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  1. AVAILABLE NOW!! LET'S FLY?? Check!n has prepared a compilation of great artists who agreed to participate in this fundraising campaign to support Check!n project. And you, do you also support?? It will soon be available and you can name your price. All the money raised will be available to the project. Darshan Atmosphere-Tikki Masala | OCO | Tara Putra | Balancé | Zen Baboon | Sérgio Walgood | Noya Project | tatsava | Beat D Fender | Kaya Project | Globular | Tor.Ma in Dub | KALA HARI | Pedra Branca | 2JACK4U | Chilled C'Quence The format will be - free download - name your price. CHECK!N - Free Mind to Fly The CHECK!N project’s main goal is to promote the health and safety of partygoers, namely the users of psychoactive substances. CHECK!N builds info stands at parties (bars, discos, students parties) where partygoers can get information about psychoactive substances and sexual practices, condoms, ear plugs, snorting kits, breathalysers and drug checking tests. Simultaneously, this project also provides online information (website, blog, Facebook, email, etc.). In order to continue the outreach work, the project works alongside several community partners (universities, schools, youth associations, town halls, parish councils, etc.). The team initiated its work in the metropolitan area of Porto, but then expanded its intervention to Viseu, Lisbon and several summer festivals in Portugal *It's the team you see in Boom Festival making the drugtest service. CHECK!N - Free mind to fly * Portugal Facebook page: www.facebook.com/checkin.freemind APDES http://www.apdes.pt/serviços/saude-reducao-riscos-direitos-humanos.html ​Design: Pedro Monteiro and Raquel Pereira Photography: Rafael Moreno (Infostad Check!n - Boom festival 2014)
  2. Noya Project - I N S I G H T - Out now! Happy with all support in this new project. Hope you enjoy! Have a cosmic trip This is a self release, i will be happy if you share and help to promote <3 but please, only if you will be happy too
  3. Hey! The ep "Insight" is almost finished. At this point I will begin the mastering. Anyone who wants to ensure their ep and support for the costs of mastering am very grateful. June 8 ep will be there to roll ))))
  4. Artist: NOYA Project Album: Insight Type: EP Style tags: psygressive, psychedelic. Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2016 Label: Self Released - I n s i g h t - NOYAproject * soundcloud.com/noyaproject Out 8 June 2016 * Self released
  5. Get all digital discography with 50% off ** 7.85€ . Kaya ep . Chilling with the moon ep . Silent Space ep . Macro 17|06 ep . Lightness [single track] . Balancé & Anukay Arun [single track] . Balancé releases [6 tracks] http://balanceproject.bandcamp.com/album/kaya
  6. Hey thanks for your support! Happy you liked GREAT! You like Portugal? hehehe
  7. ))))) That VA is amazing! For me it was more than music. All the preparation, all the love dedicated by Indra with this VA made this a success. Very glad you enjoyed my music.
  8. Thanks!! glad you like it The Ep will contain one more music with the same kind that the 2nd and 3rd track. Will be available soon hug
  10. Album Ep Title: m a c r o 17|06 Artist: Balancé Label: Independent Released date: 4 May 2015 A journey through time. 4 tracks that have always been part of my journey. Wanted to give them a meaning like change, growth, happiness. At the moment, there is no better meaning to 17 | 06. On this day, all those feelings came together. Now, we are one. Enjoy All the best!
  11. ANUKAI ARUN Anukai Arun sings quite exceptional in her own way, because she uses no living languages, notes or texts. Her singing is produced directly in the moment. On the floor of the music that accompanies it grows her voice in languages arising from her current intuition. With a keen sense of sensuality they can contribute her sound fantasies. In her music the mind may come to rest, because there is nothing to understand, but the heart will understand the messages. Soundcloud . http://soundcloud.com/anukai-arun Facebook . http://www.facebook.com/anukai88?fref=ts * BALANCÉ An Portugal based producer of psychedelic chillout his music reflects their emotions and feelings. Without any intention, their productions are created to provide a search comfortable and intimate. Site . http://balance6.webnode.pt Soundcloud . http://soundcloud.com/balance-3 Facebook . http://www.facebook.com/balancemusicproject released 13 March 2015
  12. Amazing 48 hours of psychill DI Winter Solstice 2014! My big thank to Frank for all the dedication. Congratulations to all the artists involved. It was wonderful what was heard. Beautiful moments! was a great pleasure to participate and share my music. Here is my contribution Hugs from Balancé! https://soundcloud.com/balance-3/balance-winter-solstice-2014-wwwdifmpsychill di.fm
  13. Hey Raul! Thanks for listening NorthWinds it's also my favorite. A simple and clean trip Hugs
  14. A work that clearly reflects an inner perspective. Strong emotions are undoubtedly the driving force of this work where time stops and nothing appears to be over. It is these moments that make us stop and observe a productive and genuine form our self and what surrounds us. Thanks to everyone who has participated in my life. Big thanks to Pedro Goes for the help in the artwork. Good balance for all!! Title: Stopped Time Artist: Balancé Genre: Psybient / Chillgressive Format: Digital Download Label: Maia Brasil Records Produced by Pedro Monteiro Mastering by Nuno Monteiro
  15. A trip by silence, looking to hear what the words don't tell us. Enjoy the silence! Title: S i l e n t s p a c e Artist: Balancé Genre: Psybient / Chillgressive Format: Digital Download Released by: independent | Release date: 27 September 2014
  16. For when you're watching the moon Enjoy the moment! Title: Chilling With the Moon Artist: Balancé Genre: Psychill / DownTempo Format: Digital Download Released by: independent | Release date: 27 October 2014 https://balanceproject.bandcamp.com/album/chilling-with-the-moon * "no name | perspectives" The new video by Balancé is now available! www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX-usA9zOV8 Track: No name | 6:12 m | 80bpm Album: Chilling With The Moon Video by Pedro Monteiro
  17. Balancé (psybient/psychill) Since 2007, Pedro Monteiro has been developing works that are the result of his dedication and curiosity by sounds that transport us to other realities. An Portugal based producer of psychedelic chillout his music reflects their emotions and feelings. Without any intention, their productions are created to provide a search comfortable and intimate. Blends with the environment by extending the space of our imagination, letting it flow quietly, smiling. Sharing compilations with projects as Kuba, Zen Baboon, Globular, Pedra Branca... and counting with experiments as Boom Festival, Zagoa Festival and many other events, Balancé is a pleasant experience that will draw in the most amazing stories. Found us: Website: http://balance6.webnode.pt/ Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/balance-3 Maia Brasil Records: www.maiabrasil.com Buddha Mantra Records: buddhamantrarecords.blogspot.pt/p/music.html Enjoy the music!!! GOOD BALANCE FOR ALL!!
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