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  1. Kitos pikka! yes being too cocky never helped anyone, i will start apllying in jan/feb to festivals and see what happens
  2. Its not really a tutorial but the tips he gives are gold, I am sure we have had these bad habits he describes at one point. He has plenty of tutorials on his channel that have really helped me on the journey. he really knows his sh!t https://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bomXtssXUY&t=147s
  3. Very deep and moving stuff, especially origins! look forward to hearing more from you buddy!
  4. Thanks for your reply brother! thats some sound advice, it seems like patience and persistance is the key I got an e,p coming out soon with nutek and small gigs coming soon so it sounds like all i have to do is go party more and meet people haha. so easy to be a hermit and stay in and make beats
  5. I have to recommend 74 creative strategies for electronic producers by dennis de santis, one hell of a book to get over roadblocks
  6. Hi there I was wondering if anyone knows any tips and tricks on how to apply to play at festivals etc. I heard going to FMbooking agency is a good one but they deal only with big mainstage artists plus i am more of a psychill artist. I have tried to email festivals directly but i dont get a reply most of the time. I kind of get the feeling its who you know rather then what you know in this game. any tips/tricks will be very welcome Thanks for reading
  7. Came accross this a while back, was going to get it but then i got the push controller instead https://www.thomann.de/nl/startone_mkr_61.htm?sid=b3338f0dae7cbb9569cd323a86e31648
  8. Hi everyone! Just looking for some thoughts and feedback on some songs on my upcoming album as sometimes you hear a song so much while making you over produce or miss things. I am thinknig wether they still need love or if i should stop being silly and just send them off to in a demo already haha. Thanks for listening
  9. This guy is not strictly psy, but his knowledge of the program is incredible! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0-W75RL3AS_psDlWBqu1w
  10. Hi everyone! Just introducing myself to this lovely forum, My name is Tom. I Live in Amsterdam And i make Psychill/psydub and sometime also spin some mixes sometimes. I have been producing properly since march this year so any tips or feedback would be welcome with open arms as i am still mastering the software. you can hear my stuff on soundcloud if you like, thanks in advance for listening. https://soundcloud.com/soundsofsnow86 I look forward to being part of this wonderful community and contributing in anyway i can Much Love
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