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  1. Sad to read, but I expected something like that. I'll still be around. Thanks <3
  2. hi I'm daily checking for updates and I'm getting more and more concerned, bc nothing is happening. Will there there be weekly news in the future?
  3. Vincent

    ethno ambient

    "Yeshe - Ngoni dreaming (Drumspyder RMX)" Not on youtube, but on soundscould Does "The Peaking Goodess Collective - Hyperspace", or "Adham Shaikh - Opal" count as ethno? I'd say yes. then there is one of the best remixes of all time "Laya Project - New Day (Pitch Black RMX)" "Kalya Scintilla - Tribal Generator" And of course "Hutti Heita - Indianer" Im actualy surprised that this topic is ignored until now. I mean, I might as well continue myself then bc there is so much more
  4. I'd like to add two outstanding artists to the list. For me, both do unique kind of music: Griff - Interstate Dymons -Druids Brew
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