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  1. Artist: Axon Genesis Album: Harmonic Convergence Type: EP Style tags: Psybass Media type: CD/WEB Year: 2017 Label: Producers Social Catalog ID: PSEP0001 Length: 00:16:55 official url: https://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/album/harmonic-convergence Tracklist: 1. Harmonic Convergence (03:31) 2. Saturn's Return (2:56) 3. Telekinetic Robots (03:08) 4. Time Paradox (03:41) 5. Chemical Sentience (03:38) Full album mix with visuals: https://youtu.be/tIjCXkdHagE
  2. Artist: Axon Genesis Album: Abducted by the Future Type: album Style tags: bass music, future bass, experimental Media type: WEB Year: 2017 Label: Self-Released Catalog ID: n/a Length: 00:24:00 official url: https://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/album/abducted-by-the-future Tracklist: 1. Time Crystals (03:01) 2. Imaginary Physics (02:49) 3. Quantum Loopholes (04:16) 4. Gravity Boots (03:04) 5. Elementary Basses (02:40) 6. Infinite Fluctuations (03:52) 7. Evolving Polymorphs (04:01)
  3. Artist: Sentientism & Axon Genesis Album: Argonautica Type: single Style tags: Psydub Media type: WEB Year: 2016 Label: Self-Released Catalog ID: n/a Length: 00:04:41 official url: https://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/track/argonautica There doesn't appear to be a way to embed bandcamp for a single track on this forum, so please visit this link: https://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/track/argonautica
  4. I just released this new 360 VR music video. I built this all in Unity using my own custom animation tools. Would love to know what you guys think! Here's more info: A stunning and immersive 3D VR experience, Exogen takes you on a fantastical futuristic journey that is beyond anything ordinary. With mesmerizing visuals of evolving geometric patterns, pulsating orbs of light, and a sense of weightlessness as you are whisked through space, Exogen is a rollercoaster through the cosmos that keeps you captivated as each scene evolves into something new and wondrous. The soundtrack is from Axon Genesis’ latest EP “Conscious Evolution†and provides the perfect atmosphere with a driving beat and uplifting melody to accompany the visuals. Viewing Formats: Desktop and Tablets 360 Panoramic: https://youtu.be/zTwJFRLcjVE HD Video: https://youtu.be/zwDJGzy01D0 360 3D Stereoscopic VR YouTube: https://youtu.be/wtGn5UwBKiU Samsung VR: https://samsungvr.com/view/AJekq623ZAW Vrideo: http://www.vrideo.com/watch/dE8vUzI EPK http://axongenesis.com/content/view/exogen
  5. Artist: Axon Genesis Album: Conscious Evolution Type: EP Style tags: Psybass, bass music, future, experimental Media type: CD/WEB Year: 2014 Label: Altar Records Catalog ID: ARCDA46 Length: 00:27:00 official url: http://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/album/conscious-evolution Tracklist: 1. Virtual Reality (03:36) 2. Exogen (04:06) 3. Continuum (03:04) 4. Ghost Ship (03:50) 5. Lost Transmission (03:06) 6. Astral Projection (04:31) 7. Titan (04:01) The artwork is my own. Also my new 360 VR music video for Exogen will be released on Nov 11, 2016 on TIMEWHEEL.net. If you'd like to see more of my work in music, visuals, and development, please visit my website: AxonGenesis.com Would love any feedback you guys have on the album. Thank you!
  6. Not really in the psy genres, but thought you guys would appreciate it nonetheless. https://soundcloud.com/edson-vizcarra/so-what-by-ed808-and-axon-genesis http://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/track/so-what
  7. Artist: Axon Genesis Album: Mobius Type: EP Style tags: Psydub Media type: mp3/wav/streaming Year: 2016 Label: Self-Released Catalog ID: n/a Length: 00:17:00 official url: http://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/album/mobius Tracklist: 1. Starlight (03:26) 2. Glass Heart (03:28) 3. Krush (03:14) 4. Purple (03:10) 5. Cosmosis (03:33)
  8. My latest single was just released yesterday! It's not quite "psy" anything, but I think you guys will still enjoy it. It's a melodic dubstep cover of Selena Gomez's song "Good for You"
  9. Artist: Axon Genesis, Eleri Album: Illuminate Me Type: single Style tags: chillout, downtempo, electronica Media type: Digital Year: 2015 Label: Self Released Catalog ID: - Length: 00:03:55 Official URL: http://elerimusic.co...nate-me-single/
  10. Artist: Axon Genesis, Eleri Album: Illuminate Me Type: single Style tags: chillout, downtempo, electronica Media type: Digital Year: 2015 Label: Self Released Catalog ID: - Length: 00:03:55 Official URL: http://elerimusic.com/product/illuminate-me-single/ Track Credits: Instruments written and produced by Axon Genesis. Vocals and lyrics written and recorded by Eleri. Mixed by Axon Genesis and Eleri. Mastered by Peter Farr. Lyrics: Underneath the sheets, I’ll be waiting Enter into me, and elate me, baby Can you take me to your lair tonight Wanna be the flame that you ignite Babe, I can’t deny the way you make me feel Can you illuminate me? Can you illuminate me, make me crazy? Can you illuminate me? Can you illuminate me? Can you illuminate me, baby, the way you do? Can you illuminate me?
  11. Artist: Axon Genesis Album: Psionic Dream Type: EP Style tags: Electronica, Chillstep, Psychill, Bass Music, Glitch Media type: WEB Year: 2015 Label: Self-Released Catalog ID: n/a Length: 00:22:00 official url: http://axongenesis.com/ Tracklist: 1. Paradigm Shift (03:27) 2. Psionic Dream feat. Jessika London (03:44) 3. Icaro (04:09) 4. Falling (03:47) 5. Momentum (02:41) 6. Tertiary Sphere (03:33)
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