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  1. 5 months at that time... Now it's 1,5 years. I'm giving away the EP for free: https://psy-downtempo.com/2021/12/100-codes-for-a-free-copy-of-extraterrestrial-encounters/
  2. Hello everybody! As far as I know there's no Discord servers about psy downtempo (and especially, its production), so I've decided to start my own. You can get some tips here, as well as ask for feedback for your unfinished tracks, or promote your released stuff. Or if you make tutorials, you can share them there, too. We've got over 100 members as of now and the server is constantly growing https://discord.gg/ttmeR2Xw7h
  3. Hello there, I've made a small, free sample pack that I wanted to share with you guys It contains 32 .wav files with glitches, psychedelic farts, and whatnot. Please make a good use of it https://psy-downtempo.com/product/glitches_vol_1/
  4. Hello, Soundweaver here! I wanted to let you guys know that my first EP is available on Bandcamp. I wanted to ask if you have any favorite tracks, which ones and why? Do you have any suggestions for my next releases? https://s0undweaver.bandcamp.com/album/extraterrestrial-encounters Cheers!
  5. Hello, Varkus here! I just wanted to let you know that I've changed my nickname and along with that, my Bandcamp URL was changed to https://soundweaverofficial.bandcamp.com/
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