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  1. This album is amazing 😋 An epic trip to different surreal psychedelic landscapes. Reminds me about older Younger Brother and Ott.
  2. Dear lovers of psychedelic ambient music, I would like to promote my album "Soylent Dream" a bit. I'm not exactly sure what genre this exactly is but it is something between ambient, psybient, experimental, jazz, dub, etc. :-) The music is influenced by psybient music (e.g. Solar Fields, Hinkstep, Shulman, Ott etc.) , space music (e.g. Tangerine Dream), progressive rock (e.g. Ozric Tentacles, King Crimson), ambient and all sorts of stuff. Here are some short descriptions for the tracks which might help you to select the track to start with: 1. Terra Nubila: atmospheric jazzy track. Slowly builds up tension and ends with some quite epic part. 2. The End is Nigh: chilled triphop-like beat and flutes with massive reverb. 3. New Age: goes from ambient via psybient to space rock. Quite epic with some nice marimba sounds and e-guitar noodling at the end. 4. Lonely Larch: Very melancholic intro. Some smooth E-piano sounds. After the first buildup, it becomes dubby with groovy bassline and weird granular sounds. 5. Universal Cosmic Mind: starts with some philosophical thoughts, builds up some epic synth sounds, followed by a groovy psybient part and, finally ends in some Solar Field / CBL like part. 6. The Divide: starts with very slow ambient part, the middle section is more dancy, ending up in some experimental sound scape. Finally, it ends with a very dramatic end-theme. I'm making electronic music now for about 10 years but never managed to compile and finalise a full-length album before. While I already made several bits and pieces of the tracks several years ago, I did the main compositional and producing work within about 6 weeks + several months for mixing & mastering. I produced everything in Cubase and heavily used the Padshop granular synth aswell as the Arturia V collection. As this is my first more or less "professional" release, I would be very thankful for any feedback, like, etc. ❤️ https://mindtraveller-adri.bandcamp.com/album/soylent-dream You can also find a video for Lonely Larch at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fPNh1rgqXg Love & Peace, Adrian
  3. I just discovered Klaada about a week ago and this blew me away :-) Very shpongleish. https://mindspringmusic.bandcamp.com/album/antipodes-of-the-self-conscious-mind
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