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  1. One more single from me, again kinda down tempo, spacey stuff. Enjoy...
  2. Hello folks.... Here's a new track i've been working on, a bit more Spacey and Psychil than anything....please enjoy...
  3. Sorry I realized i put this in the wrong section, its not an EP its a single
  4. Another single from me, finished recently. Hope you like it. Thanks Steve
  5. Hello folks, So this is a track I made recently, Its got no track name. but I wanted to make something for myself to kind of zone out and meditate to, something that sounded more cosmic and spacey, rather than the transitional meditation music. So its more along the lines of ambient or psybient music. probably good for studying to or just having in the backgronud while working, or maybe to just to meditate to and get lost in. I hope this is this right place to post it. Anyways just self released on youtube for your enjoyment. Thanks and i hope you like it. Oh and my music project is called Nameless Space. Steve
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