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  1. https://softknees.bandcamp.com/album/slowmo-avalanche-feat-jussi-alaraasakka "Slowmo Avalanche combines crusty breaks, lush synths and gently driving psychedelic 4/4 middle part. It's a psybient style track meaning "musical travel" progression. Creation started when I came across an ambient track "Glacial Kinetics" by a fellow North Finland producer, Jussi Alaraasakka. Felt it would be a great one to remix, but as sometimes (quite often) happens, we ended up drifting so far from the original that the result was rather a new track, than a remix. Still, Jussi's soundscapes play an important part creating the filtered ambience in Slowmo Avalanche. -Antti /SK" Name your price on Bandcamp. Available on most other platforms, too. Go get!
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