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  1. https://www.mixcloud.com/skyfox-beats/set-and-setting-mix/ Hey! This is my first time sharing a mix here. I hope you like it and I hope I am sharing it correctly! It's the 18th psychill/psybient mix I have recorded and shared. I have been feeling recently I have hit a wall with mixing and this one took many, many tries to get right. I will include a track-list below Your Friends Are Scary - Younger Brother A Peculiar Mission - Globular & Geoglpyh Beyond the Borders of Sanity (2022 Remaster) - Kurbeats Taking Root (Globular Remix) - Kaya Project Little Tiny Elephant - Ott Obvious Haddock - Illusive Tuna Pharaohs Day Out (feat Youth & Gaudi) - Kuba Legacy - Nibana & Suduaya Empty Branes - Shpongle Celestial Lights - Kurbeats
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