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  1. Thanks for the watch and the advice, Psilopylot - yeah, the bit rate problem happens pretty often on things I make - the resolution is already the highest I can get it, but will take a shot on Vimeo!
  2. Thanks, Gagarin! I did it - Adobe After Effects and the Trapcode Form plugin. Took about 4 days, plus rendering time. The music is from this album - https://mcthfg.bandcamp.com/album/the-sum-of-the-parts Glad you like it!
  3. Hey all! I lurk a lot here, but don't post very often... wanted to share a video I did for my latest album on Dubmission Records - https://youtu.be/pRgBcx8mrMU Nothing too special, just having fun Thanks, and peace! Chris (mcthfg)
  4. Here's a video I made for one of my songs a while back... hope you like it!
  5. Hello from South Korea! I'm mcthfg. I produce mostly psybient and dub. I just released a track/album on Dubmission Records, and I've been really touched and honored by the response from the psybient community. Thank you for all the support! There is so much variety and so many great artists producing psybient and dub right now - what a great time for music. And sites like Psybient.org supporting that music - thanks to you as well. I have three more albums coming out on Dubmission (and hopefully more!), and a tour in the works, so stay tuned mcthfg (Chris)
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