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  1. I don't pay any attention to EPs. I haven't bought an EP this century - Download or otherwise. It annoys me greatly that tip records (as an example) only seem to release singles or eps.
  2. Some of my favourite books are by Charles Bukowski. Something in the way he writes amazes me. almost as if he is using the least amount of words he can to portray anything,
  3. I use fl studio and ableton. out of the two I prefer ableton - it's so much easier attaching effects and stuff, but overall either does what I want it to do.
  4. => http://archive.org/download/DJNickelBSundownambientChilloutMix/DJ_Nickel_B-Sundown-%28ambient_chillout_mix%29.mp3 via @Podcast_Addict giving that a go Episode: http://archive.org/download/DJNickelBSundownambientChilloutMix/DJ_Nickel_B-Sundown-%28ambient_chillout_mix%29.mp3 Track listing looks good DJ NICKEL B - SUNDOWN: 1. Source Vibrations - 417 Hz 2. Shpongle - Nothing is Something Worth Doing 3. Shantifax - Concrete Combination 4. Entheogenic - Bradbury Rings 5, Bluetech - Midnight Sound Service 6. Boards of Canada - Sundown 7. Connect.Ohm - Evolution 1:1 8. Solar Fields - Feelings 9. Phaeleh and Clubroot - Unharmed 10. Bonobo - Sapphire 11. CMBN8R - Tirgris 12. Ott- Baby Robot 13. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Somewhere in Russia 14. Random Rab - The Spice 15. Solar Fields - Mystic Science 16. Biosphere - Cloudwalker II 17. Benji Vaughn - Catherine Wheel
  5. Today I have waveshaper - empty path Waveshaper - Empty Path (Original Mix):
  6. it's fine. I don't really listen to soundcloud stuff - but I think I'll make the effort to listen to the ones generated here :-)
  7. I subscribe to this too http://nickelbcast.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 But haven't listened yet
  8. I subscribe to it via my podcast app on my android. Url is http://repose.royce.me/rss
  9. the majority of the music I listen to comes throgh spotify. I don't even have a CD player anymore, so all my music has to be in a digital format. I have joined a few kick starters for people I like.
  10. I guess I was quite late to this party. I listened to FSOL and the orb and stuff, but for psybient/psychill in general it's quite recent for me. I found the halluciogen in dub album and loved it, and from there got listening to Ott.
  11. currently listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M02h3pnF5W4 Globular - self forfilling prophecy.
  12. fair enough. Don't want to mess anything up or get any costs involved. or sound like I'm being pushy! I do wonder how it works... I have other DJ podcasts I subscribe to - one of note being repose cast which I can reccomend
  13. I know I've asked this on facebook, but I'll ask it here too. Can the psybient podcast be made into a podcast? or select the podcast option on soundcloud? i use an android phone to listen to all my music these days. Unless I'm connected to wifi, I can't listen to the podcast :-( The download link is not availably on android when accessing the soundcloud website, and the app only stores music you listen to. I use the app podcast addict to listen to all my podcasts and this has a soundcloud subscribe feature, but I think it only works if sound cloud is set up to work like a podcast. The only work around I have at the moment, is boot up my desktop, then download the podcast, then copy it to my phone. which sorts of defeats the point of mobile browsing. :-) any chance of having a look?
  14. I guess the first song that got me interested in dance music: Prodigy - charlie says (no idea how to embed the video!)
  15. Hello! I was guided here by a post on the psymusic forum. been listening to goa and psytrance for a fair few years and recently discovered the slower stuff. Hoping to get more recommendations from here.
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