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  1. Thank you brother. Trying to get Adham Shaikh coming to Europe soon :-)
  2. Hey friends ! I was wondering how does touring works in the psybient music world. Are all artists paid for playing on festival stages ? In what kind of range of money ? What is the role of agents exactly for artists touring on other continents than theirs ? How are the psybient events in general run in terms of programing ? What does make artists economically OK with touring ? Thank you for any enlightening you'll bring to me on this subject. Hugs
  3. Tu fais ça où ? J'habite pas loin et ça me dirait bien :-)
  4. Psytrance is not my all favourite style, but I quite like it more and more when it brings up positive vibes. Although I can't find easily by myself such artists. Maybe can you help me getting my ears around positive vibes psytrance music to recommend ? :-) For instance, I can find some positive vibrations through some vini vici stuff, but when I come to Freedom Fighters for example, it seems to get away from light to my ears, exploring darker things I am not looking for at the moment. Cheers
  5. Hello hello ! I'm considering buying a portable speaker, but can't find a predigested recommendation. Could you help ? What do you use ? I would like one personnaly for playing at mid level in medium rooms or a close by audience outside. I find that the bose soundlink mini II fucks up the sound with way too much lows, and I have not found anything else clean either. Maybe an old (now) bose ipod player from a friend. this one was pretty decent. What do you think ? What speaker to consider buying in your opinion ?
  6. Hello everyone, My question is pretty much in the title. With analog synthes, I end up playing with crazy layers of waves. Basically, with the bass station II, a few notes sequenced with the latch button on, and each LFO or sub oscillator can live its own life. And it can be the same with the microbrute when you unleash it. You can end up with a going out of rythm wave form. And I've got Two problems with this, coming out of the same matter of fact I suppose : 1. Playing in a different key, or octave, will put my looping out of rythm, as the wave will be slower in lower frequencies and faster in higher ones. 2. Sometimes the loop itself doesn't come out in time, but slighly out of it, slowly drifting on its own oscillation. How can we deal with this ? Do you think warping is an option ? Live playing wouldn't be possible then, but well at least those experimentations of sounds could be used in a musical sense. Looking forward to reading your ideas. I'm pretty new to synth, so please excuse me if my question sounds stupid.
  7. What do you guys listen to that puts a massive smile on your face, feeling shining out with love ? Please share. A guy who inspired me this topic by listenning to his music in the morning. I saw him live in a small pub. Incredible 2h30 set. I LOVE him, however his studio recordings are a bit too boring pop music life flat mastered IMHO. A cheesy taste of it I can still feel deeply relating to. The message and intention is SO important. Love you guys :-)
  8. Oh guys :-) you're beautiful. hugs and love I really like Minilogue. Thank you for the nice insight. I'm stocked with this The great mystery from Desert Dwellers And can't believe it when it comes to such a mastering of art Collectivity by adham shaikh or http://store.blackswansounds.com/album/basswalla That's the kind of vibrations i'am attracted to aim at playing along with What a ride !
  9. Well, I mean I engage with music by playing it. When it comes to producing, I'm kinda lost. Making an arrangment sounding nice by the end is far different from expressing something inperfect by playing music. I've got this feeling that it used to be a producer's job, when musicians would be playing, doing their best for goodness to come out. But when it comes to electronic music, it's straight away into some producing stuff so that you can end up with anything. I feel that it's relating more to the intellectual, cognitive side of the brain rather than the emotionnal and communicating side. When I play with an analog synth, I make incredibly trippy sounds that I can even reshape infinitly through midi and ableton… this is great fun (however infinity can give a sense of vertigo as well facing too many possibilities). But I feel it is hard to be good at everything. In a rock band, you've got the guitarist, the vocals, the drummer and the bass basicaaly. Everybody will be better by knowing anyone else's playing issues. But everyone's got his own job he's the best at. Everybody's got a role. Now here with producing it comes to get to everything right at a time ! Wow, how frustrating, and so boring, can it be to face this huge amount of work when you could have focused on melodies, drums or bass lines of your own, relating on other humans, not performing an incredible compilation work. But i can imagine i'm kinda twisted here. :-)
  10. It's been 10 years willing to get into electronic music, and now I took the first big steps ! But from the start, I play the guitar, sings, and play a bit of didgeridoo, what moves me in music is playing, creating new tracks and pieces. Coming to producing I find it very difficult to get into the shaping of sounds that is IMHO a totally different job. The skills involved are far different, and I'm kind of afraid and ashamed not to get to the point I'm aiming at. How do you deal with such thing personnaly ? Creating and playing music with instruments is one thing. Shaping them precisely and fitting everything all together is something else.
  11. I've just purchased the AKG k712 for 225€ on thomann after reading hips of tests about studio monitoring headphones. I could have chosen the beyerdynamics but to be honest, I much prefered AKG's look. So did I choose the K712 instead of 702 for the supposedly boost at low frequencies. For the moment I must admit they're not very big at lows. But I don't like personnaly low emphasizing too much, and I read people finding a running-in period that helped the bass to be more present. Anyway my set are very good headphones, and considering what I've just written I'd definetly recommend them. Good luck brother.
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