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  1. Artist: BEAT D FENDER Album: NO BARRIER Type: EP Style tags: PSYBIENT; PSYDUB; DOWNTEMPO Media: Web Year: 2015 Label: SELF RELEASED Length: 25,28 Official url: https://soundcloud.com/beat-d-fender/sets/no-barrier-ep
  2. Live @ Freedom Festival Chill Dome 2015 Intro 1- Zina's Mantra 2- Timeless 3- AmaZon 4- India is calling 5- Organic Vortex 6- Alex Dream 7- Secret Society 8- Infinity 9- Divine Medicine 10- Dubadelic Vibes soundcloud.com/beat-d-fender/live-freedom-festival-chill-dome-2015 www.soundcloud.com/beat-d-fender/live-freedom-festival-chill-dome-2015
  3. Hi There. Great tracks man, i Relay enjoyed it. Very spacy, realy smooth. Keep on the good work. Wish well!
  4. Sorry for the delay. Now it's available on soundcloud direct from the link. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!
  5. Wonderfull music. I realy enjoyed it. Great vibe!
  6. ARTIST: BEAT D FENDER ALBUM: SKYWALKING TYPE: DOWNTEMPO STYLE TAGS: DOWNTEMPO, CHILL OUT, AMBIENT MEDIA TYPE: WEB YEAR: 2015 LABEL: SELF RELESED CATALOG ID: LENGHT: 19:24 OFFICIAL URL: https://soundcloud.com/beat-d-fender/skywalking tracklist: 1- Amazon 06:59 2- India is calling 06:40 - 13:28 3- Alex Dream 13:26 - 19:24
  7. Artist: BEAT D FENDER Album: ANDROMALISM Type: EP Style tags: Psychill, Downtempo Media type: WEB Year: 2015 Label: Self-Released Catalog ID: n/a Length: 00:24:03 official url: n/a Tracklist: 1- Zinas Mantra 6:21m 2- Timeless 6:21/12:25m 3- Organic Vortex 12:25/17:43m 4- Secret Society 17:43m
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