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  1. Some minutes ago, I clicked on the 'launch' button... its still tickling in my whole body..
    Lovely People, I made a record and need your help to release it!!!!!!
    As Pangani, I fuse psychedelic dub, storytelling, and live electronics to construct sonic adventures.
    This teaser contains 8 short excerpts of every album chapter. 




    The CD case is made out of 100% biodegradable material without any plastic. The booklet is set behind the laser cut front cover and is visible through the cut out segments.





    The tray is made out of cork, which will hold the CD in an alternative, yet secure environment. Track titles will be stamped by hand into the cover.





    and there is also a synæsthetic edition...





    Please share, dance, see, listen, roll and pledge if you like my creations!



    One Love



  2. Hei Digital People, sure I can say a bit more about my setup... I use a AKG C411 to pickup the vibrations from the woodboard. Its a piezo-condenser mic, that has a nice low end - its often used in cello recordings. The modulation software is completely home made (Max for Live inside Ableton)and works like a modular synth. but instead of using oscillators, I use the sound of my wooden surface. This sound can than be routed through resonators, delays, endless reverbs, filters, feedback, pitch +/-,.... And no presets, to keep the playing in the moment.


    For the rest, I use 8 channels (drums, bass, melodies1/2/3,background, foleys, and arps). Have one knob per channel for a HP/LP filter (switchable) and each sound can be pre-fader routed through a space-delay-like effect channel, which I control from the tablet.


    thats about it... :)


    more things to discover:






  3. Hei guys!

    I locked myself in my studio the last weeks and spend about 15 hours a day making new material and improving my setup for the upcoming shows at Freaks in Love in Turkey (with Shpongle!!!), One Love Festival in UK and Momentum in Linz this Saturday. Here, I made a little Live dubby session with my latest track Foggy Fungus. Enjoy the travel, please let me know what you think and spread the word if you feel like supporting me! One Love



  4. I can definitly agree with Monsterhed! Most of the tracks are just pitched down and the hole Idea of a harmonic structure based on 432 Hz is gone...


    If you want to try it out by yourself and you work with ableton... I made a max4live patch a while ago...




    ...I never made really music with it, since its just useable for mono voices - not with chords... But see for yourself.

  5. This is the best analysis of the 440/432 Hz discussion I red so far...



    1) 432Hz sounds more relaxed/seated/centered/peaceful etc. than 440Hz

    Play any higher tone followed by a slightly lower one and you can convince yourself and others that the second is more relaxed and resolved, and less ‘harsh’. This is simply a trick of associating negative connotations to higher pitches and positive ones to lower pitches. A higher pitch could be described as harsh, cerebral, brash, brittle and sterile (as opposed to soft, spiritual, peaceful, relaxed and warm) or strong, thoughtful, brave, optimistic and bright (as opposed to weak, thoughtless, cowardly, pessimistic and dull). Our expectations do the rest. If you value anecdotes, then consider this: I’ve discussed the 440Hz/432Hz issue and played the two tones to an audience, almost all agree that the latter sounds more ‘relaxed’ and ‘peaceful’.  However it’s then revealed that what was actually heard was 432Hz followed by a 424.15Hz tone (a drop in pitch proportional to 440Hz-432Hz).



  6. Hello people,


    I would like to share with you a research project I'm doing together with V2_ (Media Art Institute) in Rotterdam about creating Headphone music.


    With headphones, it is possible to cut away our complete sense of spatial listening (in an optimal case) and replace it with a possible new space. I see headphones as a completely different medium as room speaker setups and so it needs also a different way of production.


    so here comes SPASM 4 Live (Max for live plugin for Ableton) in the game...


    SPASM 4 Live gives you the possibility to create intuitive audio mixes by staging sounds in a virtual space. This video shows a getting started tutorial.

    SPASM 4 Live (Spatial Audio Sound Mixer) is a tool for creating a spatial audio composition using Max for Live as the primary user interface. All calculations are hidden from the composer, so s/he can focus on the composition instead of on programming


    Here is a quick tutorial: 


    and you can get it here: http://www.v2.nl/lab/projects/spasm-4-live


    what do you think?

  7. Hello people,


    I would like to share with you my percussive synhtesizer I am building.



    It uses a sound responsive wood board, to extract audible vibrations from the instrument's surface. These signals flow into the manipulation system, where the incoming audio can be shaped in realtime.

     I play with it live in my downtempo setup, but I'm still on the way of figuring out what kind of instrument it really is / can be / should be.



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