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  1. Still no word on the re-release of their albums being remastered. On their facebook it said "The re-release of Interloper is only days away now. The remastering sounds incredible, all thanks to Vince of Ultimae Records." That was posted on Jan. 29th, over two weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how it sounds, I don't know how they could have made it better, that seems impossible with such a masterpiece of an album. I'm anxious to hear it for sure though.


    They also signed with a new booking agent, Terraform Bookings. I'm not sure what that means if anything at all. I wouldn't mind them coming to the US for a few shows. But I'm not sure the ambient scene is as big here as in other countries.


    I'm ready for a new album! In an interview they said they are going to start working on it and expect it to be released this year! I need it!

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