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    NOMAD Records reacted to Gagarin in 2014/11/08 Saturday Chill with SACRED AYIN (Berlin, Germany)   
    Seeing your events announces make me happy! Nomad is unique place, thank you Evo! Thank you Ruta!
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    NOMAD Records got a reaction from Balancé in 2014/11/08 Saturday Chill with SACRED AYIN (Berlin, Germany)   
    Saturday Chill with SACRED AYIN

    Join the Facebook event!
    DJ S'Ayin aka Sacred Ayin is an active member of the psytrance scene. He began his DJ career when he was just 16 years old and experimented with musical styles such as Drum & Bass, Acid, Electro, House, Techno and even instrumental Hip-Hop (scratching). After couple of years, inspired by the night program of the radio station "Couleur Trois" (Switzerland), he encountered the psychedelic music adventure which he still lives, loves and operates as a professional hobby. 
    S’Ayin has played at Soulclipse Open Air, Full Moon Festival, Spiritual Healing, Odyssey, November Ritual, Multasm, Spring Magic Dream and more. He is the founder of "Dynamic Unity", a small but fine team for decoration, light installation and party organization.
    What: DJ set by SACRED AYIN (psychill)
    Soundcloud. Facebook. 
    When: 08.11.2014, 21:00.
    Where: NOMAD, Psybient Chai Bar
    Mahlower Str. 32, 12049 Berlin, Germany
    Entry fee: 2 eur.
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    NOMAD Records reacted to Balancé in Balancé - S i l e n t s p a c e (2014) [Self Released]   
    A trip by silence, looking to hear what the words don't tell us.

    Enjoy the silence!

    Title: S i l e n t   s p a c e
    Artist: Balancé
    Genre: Psybient / Chillgressive
    Format: Digital Download
    Released by: independent | Release date: 27 September 2014





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