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  1. Pioneering electronic duo Pitch Black drop their sixth studio album, “Third Lightâ€, on 13th September 2019. Their two-decade career of fusing different musical styles is in full effect across the eight track release. Dub, downbeat, techno, drum’n’bass and cinematic ambience are all ingredients in an echo-drenched odyssey that moves the heart and mind and body, as Pitch Black’s distinctive sonic signature of deep analogue dub combines with beats ranging from slinky to slamming and vocals spanning enigmatic to emphatic. As the album shifts between dance floor and brain food, it reflects on a world similarly in transition between two states. On the one hand, the planet faces depleting resources and a looming climate emergency; on the other, capitalism and consumerism are marching blindly onwards. As a result of this conundrum, there are many contemplative moments on the album, most notably with the world’s extinction echoing in the ambience of the final track “Did You Get the Messageâ€. Despite prevaricating between pessimism and optimism, “Third Light†is far from a depressing record. After all, Pitch Black are far from technological luddites, and just as their futuristic beats strive for a progressive future, so they hope for a more harmonious tomorrow. “Third Light†is available on CD or can be downloaded or streamed from the following: Bandcamp Spotify Amazon Marbecks Apple Music Beatport Deezer Google Play Tidal They're on tour this October and November 17/10: Neck of the Woods, Auckland - Tickets from bit.ly/2P0b8zM 19/10: White Night, Napier - free 24/10: San Fran, Wellington with Ludus - Tickets from bit.ly/2KFo9dM 25/10: Church Steps, Nelson - free 07/11 Sebright Arms, London with Robot Riddims - Tickets from bit.ly/2WyGQCV 08/11 Sebright Arms, London with Polyop - Tickets from bit.ly/2OyjoDa 09/11 Aubergine 3000, Paris with Sound Strider, Sparky Riot, Youthie and Ghost in the Chill - door sales only 10/11 OCCII, Amsterdam with Uncle Fester on Acid and Ramses - Tickets from bit.ly/2IF1T1i 13/11 Crofters Rights, Bristol - Tickets from bit.ly/2Xazypd 14/11 23 Bath St, Frome with Sangita Soundsystem and Brewtski - Tickets from bit.ly/2KxzlLo 15/11 The Tin Music and Arts, Coventry with dr trippy and 100th Monkey - Tickets from bit.ly/2VFYlBv 16/11 Panke, Berlin with qnp and Bill Robin - Tickets from bit.ly/2XsFF97
  2. Dubmission are very pleased to welcome back Mexican mixologist Tor.Ma in Dub with his 'From Doubt to Light' EP. We first worked with him 6 years ago, when he submitted 3 tracks to us for 'The Next Mission: Part Two'. We then released his stellar selection of remixes of Mexican psy acts under the title 'Marakames Gathering' back in 2015. His new EP follows on from where that collection left off, deftly mixing psy styles with steppers riddims to great effect. To top it all off, he has called in some favours from artists across the globe, resulting in three wicked re-rubs by IshDub, Vlastur and Dubsalon. The EP is available from all the usual tax dodgers with http://smarturl.it/fromdoubttolight providing links to the major ones.
  3. Normally when a band releases the 4th single from their latest album, the tendency is to glaze over in despair. Thankfully, despite the pretentious title, 'It's The Future Knocking' from Pitch Black is a release that sparks the opposite effect. Not only is the original a tasty slice of dubwise electronica, but as usual for them, they have pulled in a bevvy of remixers to add breadth and depth to their release. In this case, it's a veritable dubgasm as not one, but three, dub producers step up to rinse the bottom end. First up is Anglo export slash Kiwi resident International Observer, who brings his light playful touch to the original, while building on top of a deep groove. Following him is dub royalty in the form of Alpha Steppa. The son and nephew of scene stalwarts Alpha and Omega, his UK steppers style mix wobbles you firmly onto the dancefloor. Finally remix dons Deep Fried Dub add fire to the beats and finish up the EP in an old school drum and bass style. The EP is available from Bandcamp and the rest via http://smarturl.it/futureknocking And the video (of course there's a video) is up at
  4. Pitch Black have just dropped the 3rd single from this album, the smokey dub track imaginatively titled ‘Dub Smoke’. Remixes come courtesy of David Harrow under his Oicho guise and Nick Triipswitch. The former is perhaps best known for his work as Technova and James Hardway, and met the boys in the nineties when he was working with Salmonella Dub on their 'Killvervision' album. He has provided a suitably laid back wobbly dub reduction. Nick Tripswitch came to fame with his 'Circuit Breaker' album for Liquid Sound Design back in '05, and has been forging a singular path through the music world ever since. Of late he is leaning more towards progressive and deep house sounds than the downtempo he used to make, with his remix leaning towards the progressive in this case. The single is available from all the usual suspects plus direct from Bandcamp. Here be the latest video:
  5. Thanks for posting Mike G's review of the album - this is from his best of 2016 post: http://ambientmusicguide.com/best-of-year/best-albums-of-2016/ A bit late in posting this, but Mike also made a video for Tom Cosm's remix of 'Without the Trees':
  6. To celebrate 21 years of what could very loosely be called business, Dubmission Records are proud to present a tasty sampler of some of the choice cuts released by them in the last 6 years. This is a Bandcamp only, bundle only deal, ranging from deep dub to firing drum and bass with pretty much everything else in between, and all available for the tidy sum of £4.20 from https://dubmission.bandcamp.com/album/twenty-one-a-d 1. Nachur - Fernweh (Deep Fried Dub Refried Remix) Originally featured on Refried II 2. Jossie Telch - The Root (Tor.Ma in Dub rmx) Originally featured on Marakes Gathering 3. Deep Fried Dub - Tectonic Dubplate Originally featured on Slow Cooked 4. OmDub - Event Horizon Originally featured on The Next Mission: Part Two 5. Pitch Black - Filtered Senses Originally featured on Filtered Senses 6. mcthfg - Skin the Color of the Ocean (Part 1) Originally featured on Materials 7. Akasha Experience - Jartishus Originally featured on One Drop 8. Yechidah - Embracing The Sun Originally featured on The Next Mission: Part Three 9. Animat - September Falls Originally featured on Side by Side 10. Holiwater Band - Only a Dream (International Observer Dub) Originally featured on Retouched 11. Misled Convoy - No Ganja Required Originally featured on Tickling the Dragon's Tail 12. E.R.S. - Supersonico Originally featured on Forest Subsonics 13. Etherealites - Dub Theme Originally featured on Early 14. Salmonella Dub - Orbital Dub (The Projector Mix) Originally featured on Drift 15. Deep Fried Dub - Kryptology (Meeting By Chance Remix) Originally featured on Stir Fried 16. Vacuum Science - Don Dada Originally featured on The Next Mission: Part Three 17. Dreadlock Tales - Flower Viewing Originally featured on The Next Mission: Part Two 18. Dubsalon - Space Warrior Originally featured on The Next Mission: Part One 19. Nga Tae - Whanau Puhi (Paddy Free Dub) Originally featured on In Dub 20. Flies + Flies - Sufi (Misled Convoy remix) Originally featured on Translations 21. Deep Fried Dub - Submerged Originally featured on Deep Fried Dub
  7. Mike from Pitch Black has made a video for the next single ....
  8. After nine busy years traveling the world, Pitch Black are thrilled to announce the release of their fifth album 'Filtered Senses' It's available direct from them at Bandcamp, via all digital download stores, streaming sites and as a CD in pretty much every country except for North America (that's now October 7th). The album is instantly recognisable as one of theirs, thanks mainly to the unfeasibly large bass and the endless delays. There are touches of playfulness amidst the menacing undertones plus some fresh new sounds in the mix. As with all of their releases to date, it happily jumps genres, with tracks ranging from the ambient wash of 'A Great Silence is Spreading' to the stomping foot tapper of 'Pixel Dust'. With everything else in between those two, 'Filtered Senses' could be described as having one foot on the dancefloor, one eye in the cinema and both ears in psychedelic stereo. Their tour dates for the New Zealand summer have begun to be revealed, with shows at Northern Bass on 30/12, Rhythm and Alps on 31/12 and Sundaise on 11/03 announced so far.
  9. Pitch Black are back In anticipation of their new studio album, the electronica duo present the first single, ‘Invisible Chatter’, complete with two remixes courtesy of American producer Kaminanda and New Zealand act Digital Playground. The original track is unmistakably the work of Mike and Paddy and in many ways reflects the natural landscape of their native New Zealand: the bass reverberates through the Southern Alps, the beats skitter like cicadas on a sweltering summer’s afternoon, and the dub pours forth with all the rhythms and textures of the lush native bush and rivers. Featuring the lyrics and vocals of London local, Alison Evelyn, ‘Invisible Chatter’ explores the duel themes of the world of invisible data and the earth raging against our use of the planet. The first remix comes courtesy of US producer Kaminanda, who was introduced to Pitch Black by Treavor Moontribe of cult downtemple act Desert Dwellers. The second remix is a stripped out drum & bass retweek by Digital Playground, a new electronic act on the Kiwi music scene. ‘Invisible Chatter’ is available directly via Bandcamp or from all the usual suspects (iTunes, Beatport, Spotify etc). A video is due to be completed some time this month
  10. Michael Hodgson is a prolific music producer, who under various band names, including Tinnitus, The Projector Mix and Pitch Black, has released over 20 albums in the last 30 years. ‘Translations’ is a selection of remixes he has created under the Misled Convoy name over the last 4 years and follows up the ‘Tickling the Dragon’s Tail’ album released last year. The acts he has remixed are drawn from a wide geographical and musical net: Feral Five are an East London duo, raised by wolves on a diet of punk rock, disco and roots; Holotronica is the solo project of Stuart from Hexstatic, a retro futuristic syneasthetic trip; Supercozi is one half of Zen Lemonade known for their psychedelic & progressive trance; The Adults are a New Zealand supergroup set up by Shihad's Jon Toogood with the haunting voice of Ladi 6; Flies + Flies are an up and coming London band, who are allegedly "making the apocalypse sound fun" (Electronic Sound); Animat are a downtempo duo from Sheffield; and finally Banco de Gaia is one of the leading exponents of globally inspired eclectic electronica. As you might then expect, the collection 'Translations' traverses a huge variety of genres, from electro house to dub techno, industrial ambience to broken beats, all now awash in a sea of dub effects, delay and reverb in Hodgson’s distinctive style. 'Translations' is available now from Bandcamp as well as most download stores and streaming platforms.
  11. One of the founding fathers of New Zealand electronica - in the multi-media outfit Pitch Black with Mike Hodgson - Paddy Free has also had a prolific career as a producer/engineer for hire, from Salmonella Dub to Crowded House, Killing Joke to Supergroove. Since Pitch Black’s last album in 2007, Paddy has been very busy: releasing a solo album, ‘Karekare: Te Reo o te Whenua’; composing for contemporary dance groups Atamira, Mau and Black Grace; beta-testing, and lecturing about, Ableton Live; founding Nga Tae with Richard Nunns, Horomona Horo and Waimihi Hotere; plus co-writing and producing the latest album by, and touring the world with, Moana & The Tribe. As Pitch Black ready themselves for their first album in 9 years, Paddy has revisited four tracks each from Nga Tae’s ‘Nga Tae’ and Moana's ‘Rima’ album to create eight stonking dub remixes, full of mana and bass. With vocals almost exclusively in Te Reo Maori, and incorporating traditional Maori instruments played by some of the worlds most respected players, Paddy Free ‘In Dub’ is a copacetic fusion of ancient tradition and contemporary dub production. The album is available from all the usual tax dodgers as well as directly via Bandcamp.
  12. just to correct something Dr. Trippy - Punjabi Swamp Music [ Self Released ] is released on Disco Gecko Recordings and E.R.S. - Full Moon Skank [ Self Released ] is released on Dubmission Records
  13. Retouched is the second collection of International Observer’s remixes from the last 22 years. International Observer’s Tom Bailey has had an illustrious career: as well as being in pop trio The Thompson Twins and ambient/tech duo, Babble, he has contributed his keyboard skills to Foreigner, Grace Jones and Debbie Harry. This collection reflects that musical history, going from platinum selling pop acts like The Exponents to the underground electronica of Pitch Black and Deep Fried Dub via Brazilian popstar SILVA. The highlight for many will be the inclusion of his dub of his own Babble project. Indicating the many years he spent there, more than half of the tracks originate in New Zealand, and two have never been available outside of New Zealand. Available from all good stores and directly via Bandcamp
  14. We released this record digitally earlier this year, but have waited to post til now due to delays in the physical distribution network. Thankfully the CD is now available worldwide For his first Dubmission album release, Rafael Hernandez, AKA Tor.Ma in Dub, has delivered a storming selection of tracks. Inspired by his love of both psy and dub he has radically remixed ten Mexican trance anthems from the last 15 years in a dub style. Demonstrating a broad knowledge of dub culture, and of how bass music has evolved, the remixes range in technique from classic roots to UK steppers to dubstep (though thankfully there is not much of the latter) to Kruder & Dorfmeister style laidback lounge vibes. The Mara’akames are Huichol shamans who oversee peyote rituals in Mexico, and this release is suitably dipped in the psychedelic world. As Tor.Ma puts it ….. “For me, the sound and the vibe on this is the right one to have a great time, dancing and tripping: the twisted sounds, groove and basslines are a combination to make you move your booty, shake your mind and put a smile on your face.†If you fancy a free taster, please download his remix of Ecliptic here
  15. Deep Fried Dub are proud to release their 2nd EP of remixes. This time they have kept it pretty local, with all the acts either based in or from Melbourne. Available from all lamestream stores and sites, but also from Bandcamp.
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