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  1. I can't believe Dreaming Cooper wasn't higher on the list. That was my favorite. https://twodarkspirals.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/best-psy-albums-of-2016/
  2. Wow, excited to have a listen to all of these, thank you!
  3. Groove Salad is good, it's a little more general downtempo for me though so I like Space Station Soma, which plays a lot of Ascendant, Solar Fields, Aes Dana, etc... I also like di.fm's psychill channel.
  4. I just wanted to say your album is amazing and I listen to it often. Good on you, great craftsmanship!! Beautiful music.
  5. Been meaning to check this out, I keep hearing it is really good!
  6. Thank you for this thread, it is very informative. I think that 432 ahd 528hz do speak to the universe, inside and out, and am trying to learn more. I had a program once that converted the music, but then I found out the music has to be MADE in those tunings, you can't just convert it.
  7. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here prefers music at 432hz. I found some interesting information about having your music in the 432hz tuning, that it can raise vibrations and connect you better to the spiritual world around you, or something like that. Anyway, I've been pretty interested in the topic. https://attunedvibrations.com/432hz/ Anyone else know about this? Or listen to music a lot in 432? I once had a program that converted music into 432hz but then I read that the music has to be created in 432hz, not converted, for it to be real.
  8. Maybe you would like some of this: https://archive.org/details/redgloam-antarctica
  9. Every year I compile a top 10. This year I smooshed a little bit of psytrance in there, but not much. I mostly listen to the chill side. Anyway: https://twodarkspirals.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/best-psy-albums-of-2016/
  10. Ascendant, E-Mantra, James Murray, Koan. All good stuff this week but I really enjoy those the best.
  11. I'm listening to Outlets of the Sky by Ascendant. https://ambientascendant.bandcamp.com/album/outlets-of-the-sky
  12. Hello everyone! I am glad to be a part of the forums. I love psychill and psybient. It is my favorite music. I also listen to goa and psytrance a lot. You can see what I listen to on last.fm: http://last.fm/user/rakoontay I'm a 37 year old gal... no parties or festivals for me anymore. I am old ...lol I do make music but am self consious about it. My music link is in my profile. I make eclectic/different sounding downtempo/chill music. Anyway, hello!
  13. Hello!! I do not think they are the same. To me, psychill is chillout with a strong psychedelic element, and psybient is more on the ambient side. You can't lump E-Mantra with Martin Nonstatic for example. 2 vastly different approaches to music.
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