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  1. currently times are running about 3 minutes early
  2. PsyChill being the broadest term for "Psychedelic Chill-Out" or "Psychedelic Downtempo" in that its "Chill-Out," "Downtempo," or "Ambient" music that has an added Psychedelic influence (often being produces by people in the Goa or Psytrance scene). Psybient being a subgenre of Psychill (of which is a subgenre of Chill-Out) which can be described as beat-less, such as traditional ambient music. Thats how I view the two. I often see the term ambient being used for anything downtempo which I don't like, ambient should always refer to music without any beats.
  3. Night lingers while the moon is full. The deep black sky stretches into infinity. Join us as we celebrate the longest night. Featuring music from: Kanc Cover (Soundmute Recordings) Kukan Dub Lagan (Mikelabella Records) Asura (Ultimae Records) Akshan (Altar Records) Labs Cloud (Altar Records) Kick Bong (Cosmicleaf Records) Astropilot (Altar Records) Supercozi (Iboga Records, Cyan Music) Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records) Sukhush (Altar Records) Johnny Blue (Mikelabella Records, Peak Records) Lars Leonhard (Ultimae Records) Sygnals (Sonic Loom Records) Sorian (Mikelabella Records) Ascendant Maiia (Altar Records, Ovnimoon Records) Cquence (Altar Records) Psyrius (Uxmal Records) Allix (Moon Dance, Cymatic Lab) Dhamika (Uxmal Records) Salvinorin (Cymatic Lab) Gagarin Project (Psybient. org) Damian L Kromata (Digital Om, Pulsar SF) Hallucinary Marsh (Goatranch. com) Liquid Lounge (Shanti Planti, Digitally Imported) Lorn (Digitally Imported) Tampered DNA (Soundkraft Records, Digitally Imported) Selector Cleofus (Digitally Imported) TerraHertz (Digitally Imported) ROX Mixtress Bloodwing (Digitally Imported) DJ Shoom (Suntrip Records, Digitally Imported) Neo Noir Winter Solstice weekend December 19-21 Starting at 6pm US Eastern, 11pm UK, 00:00 Central Europe http://www.di.fm/psychill
  4. I launched the PsyChill Channel in 2009, before that all chill was on the only chillout channel that DI Had at the time called "Chill Out". Morlack had his mixes on there. But back then on the forums so much of the psychill style tracks were getting negative reviews which was one of the pushes I made to branch the channel out. Keep the psychedelic and dub seperate and leave the cheesy stuff to "Chill Out" channel
  5. I was also 2005-2006 I think. Before that I only liked fast music..cant really remember but I started listening to chill out from the Morlack mixes on DI.fm back in maybe 2004? But didnt really get into it till a year later. Bought shpongle - are you shpongled cd back then and never looked back
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