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  1. Greets, Didn't get to travel much this year due to studies constrains, would love you hear where have you been to, where did you enjoy most, any new artists that you get to hear live? the usual stuff
  2. I happened to (almost) missed travelling this summer, so to recoup on missed performances I hope to catch up with what artists are gonna upload/publish. Here are couple sets I've already come across: Aythar at Samsara 2017 [in the Mix] Dubsahara - Recorded Live @ Sonica Dance Festival 2017 Please help me grow the list bigger! please
  3. Finally got response from bandcamp in regards to purchased shpongle albums. It was quite an ass move by shpongle to remove the albums without any notice, imho.
  4. ... and my Shpongle albums at bandcamp are gone
  5. Perhaps we can make a list of sets that 've been posted online for those of us who have missed the event? I'll start with : Sophy Gonzaga - Invisible Touch (DI Winter Solstice 2016)
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