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  1. This video is a pure win - Akira is a masterpiece and it's interesting to know things about how the music of it was made.
  2. While I was in the US, I bought a Bose SoundLink Color. The little beast does a great job for supplying enough volume for a normal size room and I found the sound to be very good for such a portable speaker. There are only two things missing from it that would make it perfect: the ability to use it as a charger + headset capability. If you just want to use it as a speaker, it's excellent.
  3. They are not really for music production, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Bose headphones (I know they're really pricey though). I work as a software developer and my QC25's noise cancellation gives a really good isolation for focusing on my work. Earlier I've been into AKG, but for practically every single model I've tried, it broke really easily, as it wouldn't be a good fit for my head...
  4. Just joined the site, so I thought I will do a quick introduction post here I usually work in Ableton Live to create things like this: And here's a mix that I did back in the days (there's some nice Monolake, Murcof, Noto + Sakamoto etc. stuff in there): Hope you will like it
  5. This Thadab track is really nice, I like especially the second half of it.
  6. Neat post, thank you! Having the .cue file prepared can be a big plus in my opinion, I would recommend that step.
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