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    scorchio reacted to Gagarin Project in Say Word, Random News Exchange, Basically this topic is open for anything   
    i like to read interviews, and here are some that are interesting:
    Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution (Positive Head Podcast)
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    scorchio reacted to Gagarin Project in Your favourite books   
    the first writer that comes to my mind will be Richard Bach with these thee wonderful books Jonathan Livingston Seagull The Bridge Across Forever: A Love Story Messiah's Handbook: Reminders for the Advanced Soul incredible and very inspiring stories.
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    scorchio reacted to Matt Freak Flag in 432Hz/440Hz   
    Or even in most music with (western) acoustic instrumentation.  For example, my guitar is pretty much stuck in equal temperament because that's how instruments are fretted.
    Now gamelan music, on the other hand... tuning for gamelan ensembles is a whole rabbit hole of weird.  
    Edit: alright, I just learned this: some of that eerie intense music from Akira was gamelan music in pelog tuning. See here.
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    scorchio reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Something small from me, just to say hello :)   
    Small track from me, first track from the future project called Tha:
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