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  1. Flooting Grooves or Peaking Goddess Collective like Yannis said
  2. Same here, i'm too picky with my music, i don't listen to 90% of those releases, i might give a quick listen on some to check if it "catches" my attention but that is all...i listen to other genres as well so it's hard for me to follow every single release out there... To be honest i rarely visit the main webiste, i basically just visit the forum...so i guess you could post the"off-topic" news here as well
  3. Solid release, but nothing spectacular in my opinion, it just feels like i'm listening to Ott, too many "familiar" sounds overall...still enjoyable though
  4. Dubstep sounds like Dial-up though
  5. One of my favourite releases of the genre, it sucks that he changed his style...
  6. Classic! I really wish he kept going down this road in terms of sound
  7. Well thanks for the info, i bet most people had no idea about what happened
  8. Damn, was listening to "In Search Of A Meaningful Moment" yesterday and thinking the same thing lol i feel like their work went downhill a bit, i mean the first two albums are classics, but the last two are not on the same level, in my opinion...the last album they released was back in 2012 called "Alive"...and i honestly don't know what happened to them after that...
  9. Looking forward to your new album as well @Spatialize
  10. Not bad, but it tries way too much to sound like Shpongle...and like some of you said, with some funny samples lol
  11. A full album for me, i have nothing against EPs, but i rather wait for an artist to release a full album then a bunch of EPs...alot of times it's just makes me wish for more, 3 or 4 tracks just don't cut it. And i sometimes feel some Eps are made of "leftover" tracks, like these couple of tracks don't fit in the album so i'm just going to release them on an EP kind of thing...but i like artists who release an EP as their "debut" album, i think it's a nice way to get into a new artist easilly than having to sit through a full lenght project...and like some of you have said, releasing way too many albums in a short amount of time it's not a good idea either, take "Buckethead" for example, one of my favourite guitar players, but the dude has over 250 albums released and i just can't keep up so i just end up not giving some of them a chance...
  12. Oh ok, i was just surprised, i thought it was a pretty good EP, should be higher though
  13. Great album, Nekrosis is such a great track
  14. Anyone here is a fan? Love the game and this soundtrack is great
  15. Started to get into Dark Ambient recently, that album is amazing...that last track "The Mirror Formula" is a great album
  16. One of my favourite albums of all time
  17. Shpongle


    Well damn, that dude must have spent a crazy amount of time to do that i just think people worry too much about genres nowadays, always have to label an artist or song
  18. Shpongle


    First time i hear about "swamp" but since i don't care much about labelling artists, or pay much attention to genres that's probably why I enjoyed Seamoons album "Expression of The Moment", but i'm going to check out that one as well and see what all this "swamp" is all about
  19. Tracklist :: 00:01 Atrium Carceri :: “The Dark Mother†04:28 Jacaszek :: “Windhover†09:12 Alphaxone :: “Human Frequencies†16:04 Krusseldorf :: “Fulgin†20:57 Wordclock :: “And then the Dawn†23:45 Council of Nine :: “Chimes of the Unfortunate†32:52 Floex :: “Mecholup†37:26 Krusseldorf :: “Spirit Ale†42:48 Krusseldorf :: “Snappare†(working title) 47:16 Sabled Sun :: “Dreams without a futureâ€
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