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  1. Try Krusseldorf [media=520,310] [/media] [media=520,310] [/media] [media=520,310] [/media]
  2. Never heard the first two before either, good stuff
  3. That's so true, so many great tracks back in the day...off the top of my head, 3 more [media=520,310] [/media][media=520,310] [/media][media=520,310] [/media]
  4. Was reading about this yesterday, it's a shame though...it's a great way for new musicians to share their work, i have some friends with profiles on Soundcloud...i'm not a fan of Spotify or any other streaming website, i'm just not a fan of streaming music, but always found Soundcloud to be a little different....thanks to Soundcloud i discovered In:terlarken
  5. Was listening to this yesterday, pretty good Listening to the new Massive Attack EP, Ritual Spirit...not Psybient but pretty sure some of you are fans as well [media=520,310] [/media][media=520,310]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2B9YSlSCbs[/media]
  6. SPOILERS!! I have to say that i loved the movie, i literally had goosebumps on some scenes, when Solo and Chewie first appeared on screen....loved the new characters, especially Rey, i think she was my favourite by far, Finn did a great job as well, and BB-8 was just amazing....was hoping Kylo Ren to be more of a badass to be honest, but he did do his job when the time came...R.I.P Han Solo i still can't accept that he's gone...now for the bad part, i think JJ played it safe with the story, i was hoping for something a little different, it was way too similiar to Episode IV, but it was very well made so it didn't bother me that much....i really loved seeing all the old characters back, and the little "throwbacks" from the old movies were great, Lukes combat remote, the holographic game from Solos ship "Dejarik", the trash compactor joke , Admiral Ackbar....also i wish C-3PO had more screen time....despite some flaws i loved watching it, JJ was able to do what Lucas wasn't with the prequels, bring back the amazing Star Wars world to life. I can't wait for Episode VIII now, Luke he's going to kick some ass
  7. Nice I used to watch this over & over again when i was young(i'm 30), still love it till this day, from what i've been reading more than 90% of people are loving it, so that makes me even more excited about it...glad i'm watching it tonight, can't wait
  8. Who's a fan of Star Wars? Who's going to watch it? I got my tickets for Friday night, i'm really hyped for this, i'm a huge fan of the original trilogy!
  9. Converting Vegetarians?! I'ts probably the only IM album i actually enjoy...i also just realized they released Converting Vegetarians II this year, according to Discogs it's "Downtempo, Ambient, Experimental" http://www.discogs.com/Infected-Mushroom-Converting-Vegetarians-II/master/887233
  10. Glad you like my city post some pics Tanya, i think Russia is a beautiful country as well...if you like going to the beach and great summer weather you would love it here
  11. But if it is an established artist that can also be a good thing since it can bring up more attention for the release, so that double album idea is probably the best
  12. Yes along those lines, contact the artist and ask for a track, i'm fine with having a track from the releases of our choice, and the #1 artist we choose can have an unreleased one...i think it's a nice way to promote the forum
  13. Fair enough , always wanted to go to Greece
  14. Post some pics Yiannis;) I used to be all about big cities, but the older i get the more difficult for me is to live on a crowded place...if i have the chance i still want to move up north to rural Portugal though All my life i lived by the coast, i think it's a privilege to be honest...but even though i live close to the beach i rarely go there, .it gets way too crowded, i rather drive a bit, so i'm all about "Secluded/hidden" all natural beaches, it's all about being in touch with nature.... these are two of the beaches
  15. I agree i would like to see a more active forum as well, i don't use Facebook or any other social media...and i'm registered on 3 forums, this included....i think we could also have other threads with different topics, even though this is a Psybient forum, other topics so that members can discuss other stuff, other genres of music, movies/tv shows, games you name it, that would help members to be more active
  16. I'm from Portugal, i live in the western part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, by the shore...i'm like 10m away form the beach...we have great weather, it can be too hot in the summer for some tourists though it's a big city but it's not your typical "urban" city, it's not a noisy, overcrowded city like Lisbon... Some pics, the harbour, one of the beaches, vinyards, palace I have mountains near by, beaches, also some Roman/Arab monuments/bridges, palace, a fort... I've travelled to most of Europe, Dominican Republic and the US(East Coast), also lived in the US for a couple of years....but there's no place like home
  17. [media=520,310] [/media] [media=520,310] [/media]
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