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  1. I'm a big fan of Toward the Within, it's a great live dvd...it looks like it was a great show, maybe if i'm lucky i'll have a chance to see them live Such an amazing album, "Mystical Experiences", "When Sound Becomes Color", "The Answer"
  2. First "real" Psybient release i'll probably say The Infinity Projects - Mystical Experiences, of course there were other artists who venture into the sound here and there, Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd to name a few Mystery Of The Yeti Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes are other early releases of the genre
  3. Lucky you, have yet to see them live...i know what you mean, for me it's a great soundtrack for when you feel melancholy
  4. [media=520,310] [/media] I´ve been hooked on this latelly
  5. We could have our own "compilation", anyone with Photoshop/Gimp skills could make a cover, we could all pick a couple of tracks from each year for instance, when 2015 ends with the greatest tracks from this year...just an idea though
  6. This was my summer soundtrack back in the day [media=520,310] [/media]
  7. Are You Shpongled? Shpongleland at it's best On other genres, i would go for Pink Floyd for sure
  8. AIC was a great band, don't really listen to them anymore, but they do have some great music....Lateralus is my favourite Tool album, very spiritual band in my opinion, and one of the best live bands out there
  9. I don't have a "main genre" per say, i listen to alot of diferent genres, and i don't think i have one which i can call "favourite". Nowadays what i listen mostly is Hip Hop, Metal/Rock & Psybient, and it really depends on my mood really, one thing is certain is that if i can i always have music on 24/7 In my teen years i was all about Metal, but once i got older i started venturing into other genres, i started my electronic journey with "The Prodigy" & "Enigma", then came Hip Hop and so on, i still own alot of Reggae, Ska albums as well, even though i don't listen to it as much as i did back in the day, i'm also a country music fan as well...but by the end of the day those 3 genres are what i end up listening to the most, some of my favourite bands are Tool, The Mars Volta, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle and so on..i'm also a big hip hop fan, for the past days that's what i've been listening to the most, mainly Yelawolf, which is one of my favourite artist out there now Right now this is what i'm listening to: [media=520,310] [/media]
  10. Freedom Festival 2015 - Shpongle DJ Set Raja Ram [media=520,310] [/media] Freedom Festival 2015 - Raja Ram [media=520,310] [/media][media=520,310] [/media]
  11. Yes but it's not the highlight of the festival, that's what i meant by saying "left behind"
  12. Same here, the psytrance scene was always big here in Portugal, we got some of the best festivals during the summer, but i feel like the "chillout/ambient^" scene is always left behind
  13. I wouldn't say Russia, but Eastern Europe does have some of the best artists, i'll give you that
  14. No problem, i am Portuguese , didn't want to write in Portuguese, don't know if it's against the rules
  15. Nice that i've stumbled upon your music, i like it so far even better knowing that you're Portuguese
  16. I'm liking it so far, have to give it a few more spins but i don't think i'm going to be dissapointed like i did with the last Shpongle album...solid release by Ott without a doubt
  17. I know what you mean, i think it's a very emotional project Give this EP a try if you haven't already, that first song
  18. Krusseldorf is probably my favourite project nowadays, there's just something special and unique about it...."South Of The Sky Temple" & "Ceremony For Broken Robots" are my favourites from Fractal World
  19. Thank you @Gagarin, great compilation
  20. Ganja Beats anyone? https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/org/org1cd010.html http://www.discogs.com/Ganja-Beats-Paradise-Tranquillity-A-Blissful-Journey-Through-Deep-Dub-Spacey-Chill-And-Ambient-Tranc/release/478251 [media=520,310] [/media]
  21. [media=520,310]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb7QmTscpKY&index=6&list=PLc_Du7DSp0v7-Vl2-C8tXhUuRNIddblYW[/media] Great compilation
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