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  1. 20150811_freedom_festival_2015_freedom_i



    Freedom Festival is a blazing fusion of creative and collective energy. In 2015, the festival will celebrate its tenth edition for six sparkling days, 11th August to 16th August 2015 under the hot Portuguese sun. The magical landscapes of the festival grounds have felt the rhythm of more than 40,000 trancers from over a 100 nations. The upcoming edition of the festival is to be given a more humane and scientific character, that is aligned with the needs of the Earth.

    The festival takes place on a large lakeside landscape, called Herdade do Monte da Chaminé, which is situated near the village of Vila Fernando, about 230km from Lisbon (Portuguese capital) and 17km away from the Spanish boarder Badajoz city.

    The Dance Floor which near the lake has a stellar line-up of top-notch artists. Check below for the list of artists who have signed up so far. There’s a Chill Dome, where a broad spectrum of special sounds will get you in touch with your true self. Other point of interest include the Healing Area, the Experience Lodge, Concerts, Workshops, Art Exhibitions, Funky Beats, Alternative Area, International shops, restaurant area and much more!

    The theme for the next edition will centre around the importance of light to the development of humanity. 2015 is the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, and the festival’s theme stresses on the manner in which the Industries based on light are major economic drivers, and light-based technologies directly respond to the needs of humankind by providing access to information, promoting sustainable development, and increasing societal health and well-being.




    Line up so far:

    Ace Ventura-Isr * Neelix-Ger * Tristan-Uk * Talamasca-Fr * Avalon-Uk * Prana (retro live)-Japan * Sesto Sento-Isr * Sonic Species-Uk * Ajja-Swi * Cosmosis-Uk * BrainCell-Swi * Coming Soon-Isr * Atriohm-Macedonia * Bizzare Contact-Isr * Z-Cat-Rus * Orca-Isr* Zen Mechanics-Nl* Spade-Isr * Gotalien-Ita* Killer Watts-Uk* Painkiller-Isr * Ocelot-Usa * Kashyyyk-Mex * Outsiders-Isr * Skyfall-Pt * Xsi-Fr * Ananda Shake-Isr * The DarkFace-Spa * Vini Vici-Isr * Oxidaksi-Isr * Twisted Kala-Fr * Dni-Bra * Khopat-Pt g* Alienn-Pt * Sick Addiction-Pt * Mimic Vat-Pt * Ulvae-Pt * D Maniac-Pt * Tryambaka-Pt * Myrah-Pt * Psilocybe Project-Pt * Kligon-Pt * Akés-Pt * Sustain-Pt * Demosys-pt

    * Shpongle (by Raja Ram)-Uk * Tsuyoshi Suzuki-Japan * Shane Gobi-Uk * Raja Ram-Uk * Xp Voodoo-Rus * Paul Taylor-Austr * Rastaliens-Swi * Lucas-Uk * Mat Mushroom-Ger * Lord Flames-Spa * Guapa Lee – Pt * Paulo Lopes-Pt * Audiact vs Heavenoise-Pt * Ganeisha-Pt * Juggler-Pt * Surya Namaskar-Pt * Diogo-Pt * Night Lurk -Pt * Tinker-Pt * Last Call-Pt * Battousai-Pt * Swami-Pt * Logic.-Pt * Dazzle Beat-Pt * Frost Bite-Pt * Kafar-Pt * More Acts & Djs will be announced soon






  2. The title track from Hicksville and maybe Khatmandu are kind of Shpongley, but they're the only ones. The rest of the album takes on many forms. Jade Garden and Shwazz are the peak form me, but only marginally so. Darshannon I could have done without. I do love Shpongle though.


    I've found both Mysteries of the Yeti to be hit and miss, not in whole tunes but in sections. Not too keen on the non-musical intro tracks. I love Mystical Experiences, though in the early internet days I bought it, I thought it would be a goa album. Best mistake of my life so far.

    Those are probably my favourite tracks of Hicksville as well, Mystery Of The Yeti is good for what it's meant to be, it's one of those albums you have to listen from start to finish, not just one or two tracks, and i love Mystical Experiences as well, classic album for sure.


    i am preparing psybient anthology articles with a list of the most important releases +/- 1999-2005. Will probably propose you guys to colloborate on it, in case something is missing :)

    How about 1995 - 2014? :D  There could be a thread for all the members so that we could vote for our favourite albums of each year

  3. have you wath them? can you make introduction what is it about? 

    Yes i did, Boom Festival is not just a Trance festival is much more, it takes place in Portugal every two years, and considered one the best festival around, quote:





    "Boom is not only a festival, it is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love, it is a space where people from all over the world can converge to experience an alternative reality."


    "Boom is a festival dedicated to the Free Spirits from all over the world. It is the gathering of the global psychedelic tribe and of whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations!! Boom is a weeklong unpredictable and unforgettable adventure. It takes place, every two years, during August Full Moon, on the shores of a magnificent lake in the sunny Portuguese inland and every one is invited!"



    Those are documentaries about all of the above, the festival, the artists, the psychedelic lifestyle really

  4. Been listening to your stuff for the past couple of days(your last two albums), really enjoying it ;)  i'm a huge Krusseldorf fan and came across your music thanks to the track you did together "Great Prayer", i'm glad i did...my favourite track off "On The Edge Of Forever" is probably "Mettamorph" great tunes...keep it up :)

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