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  1. Something ive been asking myself several times when starting a project in Ableton Live, Cubase or StudioOne 3. Especially when creating drums and arp tracks. I have some synth and drum plugins which has in built internal sequencers/arpeggiators. Do you prefer programming the patterns inside these vst sequencers or do you prefer to have the midi notes on a midi track in the daw? Or both? Im trying to figure out how to ease the workflow when starting a new project and are curious how other people deal with it. And especially why you prefer it this or that way
  2. Hi, And thanks for letting me in Thats good news. Think ill start with the S2 and see how it goes. Ill probably get back here for some tips and tricks when i have the controller setup in my studio. Thanks
  3. Hi Id like to ask a question here for some advice of how to add a dj controller to my studio setup. I have never used dj controllers before so i need to know how it works. I am using ableton live and sometimes cubase for recording. My audio interface is a rme ufx on a win 10 pc. If i get a dj controller ill probably get something from native instruments and the traktor software. As i understand all the dj controllers have built in audio interfaces or soundcards. But in my situation like mentioned i already have an audio interface which i like to use with my daw. So the question is, are the built in interfaces in the dj controllers optional or is it a requirement to use them to function properly? And will these controllers send out midi cc so the knobs and button can be mapped to different parameters on a synth or plugin?
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