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  1. Artist: VA Ethneomystica Vol. 5 Album: VA Ethneomystica Vol. 5 Type: LP Style tags: Psybient/Psychill Media type: Digital Year: 2017 Label: Mystic Sound Records
  2. Artist: Symbolico Album: It's a sign (feat. Mantismash Type: Single track Style tags: Psybass/Psystep Media type: Digital Year: 2017 Label: Self Released
  3. Artist: VA Colours II. Fire Album: VA Colours II. Fire Type: LP Style tags: Chillgressive/Deep Trance Media type: Digital Year: 2017 Label: AstroPilot Music
  4. Artist: The Bhaktas Album: Darshan Atmosphere Type: LP Style tags: Ambient Media type: Digital Year: 2017 Label: Altar Records
  5. https://soundcloud.com/floydotwo/golden-ratio-ep-26-for-radio-q-37-season-2 For this episode I used many tracks released on that very special V.A. ’Standing with the waters’ (Aquatic Collective). The rest of this set is filled with recent tracks and released on ‘Drift Theory’ (Shanti Planti) and some gems from new releases by Goopsteppa, Plantrae & CloZee & Laura Hahn.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/floydotwo/golden-ratio-ep-05-for-radio-q-37-season-2
  7. Artist: Goopsteppa Album: Blossoms Type: EP Style tags: downtempo, dubstep, future bass, chill out Media type: Digital Year: 2017 Label: Self released
  8. Old times ... old stories. This story shows us the roots of Balancé and its most genuine form. Willing to explore deep feelings we drew textures and melodies where the imagination felt quite at ease. It's so good to dream. 24-minute trip will take us to places with no time! Enjoy your imagination!
  9. Artist: Balancé Album: Old Stories Type: EP Style tags:chillgressive, psybient Media type: Digital Year: 2017 Label: Self released
  10. https://soundcloud.com/floydotwo/golden-ratio-ep-04-for-radio-q-37-season-2
  11. Artist: Hypnotizer & Key-G Album: Persistent Illusion Type: EP Style tags: psybient, psydub, world Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Nutek Chill Records
  12. keeping it chill and low tempo this week with: Another fine day - a little winter chill 2016 EP Balancé - old stories Goopsteppa - blossoms Plantrae - invisible forest
  13. Anchor Hill: Origins love this organic tracks, this one has a lot native american influences in it. Mystral: The Lemurian Experiment This has a few good remixes in it, but not to much Rukirek: Enchanted Earth Another great release on Mystic Records! SXtheMadArtist: Ripples in space Great to see she's releasing on Blue Tunes! V.A. Drift Theory Some massive Shanti Planti madness, love it! V.A Standing with the waters So much artist and so much creative force for protecting mother earth...nuf said!
  14. Firesides Tales, an EP made by Nibana, is four chillout stories to warm you up like in a cozy fireplace during a cold winter. Four different stories driven by Downtempo, Ambient, Drone and IDM influences.
  15. Artist: Nibana Album: FireSide Tales Type: EP Style tags:downtempo, psybient, drone, IDM Media type: Digital Year: 2016
  16. no music style ever dies, it's evolving, it's as simple as that to me. people who say things like that are a bit short sighted i think
  17. Zero Cult, venerable craftsman of futuristic chill, has graced Cosmicleaf Records with his latest album, “Closer Than Everâ€. Razor-sharp sound engineering with soul and musicality. The tracklist covers a large spectrum of chilled-out vibes, exploring them with an exquisite sens of balance. Deep grooves, hopeful melodies and motivating beats full of detail keep you grounded and awake. Sharp synthlines and instrumental elements spice up the mix like only Zero Cult can. Chillers' paradise is indeed...closer than ever. Oh and lookout for the last track for some dancefloor magic.
  18. Artist: Zero Cult Album: Closer than ever. Type: LP Style tags: psybient, psydub, downtempo. Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Cosmicleaf Records
  19. Beatroots: great psybass muzic Wildlight: all them tracks are sunshine to me
  20. Discworld series by Terry Pratchett https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discworld
  21. Mystic Sound Records presents the mini-album of Hungary based producer, Attila Gál, Cord – ‘Suburb Tales’. Attila started to immerse in the world of sounds in primary school; he played the clarinet for several years and then begun to produce music on his first computer. Cord has released 3 mini-albums and singles and a numerous tracks on compilations. His new EP ‘Suburb Tales’ is a beat-powered psybient journey which originally was made for his brother’s wedding entrance music. Three tracks to show us the captivating version of Cord’s reality, which starts with urban psy downtempo and goes to leisured straight kick chillgressive. This exact moment, when in the end you fall to your knees with the hands up and beg for more tracks. We’ll be looking forward to new tunes, and for now, enjoy this groovy EP and chillax!
  22. Artist: Cord Album: Suburb Tales Type: EP Style tags: psybient, psydub, downtempo Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Mystic Sound Records
  23. yep, gonna have to follow your vote buddy love that Cord release, perfect blend!
  24. Intricately weird, glitchily detailed & digitally organic. sub.conscious second release shows a level of progression and an ever expanding love of bass textures, rhythm and sound design. Deeply psychedelic journeys through strange immersive audio landscapes.
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