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  1. - The 9th of nine hearts by Banco De Gaia: Well WOW what at release! It's been a long time since I listend to Banco De Gaia. But this new one makes it all happening again, taking my back when i heard 'Last train to lhasa' for the first time. - Scratch Chronicles Vol 1. by DubCOliNG: Yeah, love some good scratchin' here and there - AETHER by Lunar Symphony: Solid Deep Tabla Bass with 'soul-seductive voice...'! - Stand with us (Benefit for Standing Rock) by Numatik: Great track and it's for Nature, so one has got to like it - Phantoms by State Azure: Perfect floating music - V.A. Timeless Journey on Visionary Shamanics Records: Great complitation with two very special producers who mean a lot to me: SXtheMADartist and Martins Garden!
  2. Artist: Hedflux Album: Soul Science Type: LP Style tags: liquid glitchy hop, psychedelic funky breaks Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Luminus Music
  3. hm damn i completely missed out on that Astropilot V.A. this is gold boys and girls!
  4. OK boys & girls New season of 'Golden Ratio' on radio Q37! First episode now on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/floydotwo/golden-ratio-ep-01-for-radio-q-37-season-2
  5. Hedflux - Soul Science = OK for sure the best release this week for me! Hybrid Leisureland - Grasp artificial language = Realy like his stuff, but need to check this one out to be honest Soulular - Moment in time Vol. 2 = Yet another captivating groovy release by Soulular! Templo - Treshold EP = Bass is maybe a bit heavy but i like his style Tribone - Feeling the Gap = well yeah, i have to like this one, but it's not right up there with his other releases.
  6. The 25th release on Dakini Records introduces the spacious, sleek sounds of The Atmosphere Factory, veteran producer Gio Makyo's solo exploration into late-night stargazing ambient. Full of pulsating sequencer riffs and celestial tones, The Atmosphere Factory draws on classic '70s ambient --like Tangerine Dream, Terry Riley, and Fripp & Eno,... to break away from the straitjacket of computer-based composing and to embrace live, real-time improvisations, free-flowing and hypnotic. Mixed into two album "sides", one live and one studio, the album is designed for deep listening, perfect for meditation, moon-gazing, and mind-wandering.
  7. Artist: Atmosphere Factory Album: Atmosphere Factory Type: EP Style tags: psybient, dub, space, tribal world fusion Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Dakini Records
  8. sorry for my synical reply. didn't mean to be so negative. it's just that i'm (and many others) are very sceptical about agencies and so on. i guess many producers/DJ's prefer 1-1 connection via social media. lookz like Universal Talent really helped you out on some stuff, i'm glad it works out for you.
  9. The enigmatic Twin Shape is called upon, once again, to curate a new Various Artist Compilation for Mindspring. Typically known for his Psychill and Chillgressive style, this release is centered around Psydub & Glitch - departure from last years "Deeper Chill" comp. "Reclamation" starts off with Spiral Minded's 432Hz, healing, intro. The listener is encouraged to slough-off the layers that can build up, living in this busy, and often distracting, world. It is a light-hearted, peaceful, and relaxing segue into the first leg of the journey. "Harmonic Libations" gently eases us in with a similar tone, soul-shining and free. Well-crafted, deep-dub, bass & beats get mind & body moving. Glitchy passages meld with 4/4 Downtempo Psy and swirl back to end on a dubby note. Spiral Minded has another offering, this time a full-length track, with "Cloudstructure". The large spaces created lightly float the mind upwards, but the deep bass pulls the feet back down to solid dub-ground. Mellow synths meet Psychedelic Glitch, like an old friend. Icaro switches course, taking us to a subterranean level. Reminding us of the wonderment of art and imagination, the twisted vocals resonate within. Razor sharp glitches and squishy Psy sounds balance the ethnic instrumentation. Continuing down the same path set by Icaro, Frequency Sequence would have us crawling through densely packed percussive rhythms, surrounded by fractured melodies. A hauntingly frantic example of why Glitch and Psy work so well with Dub elements. Things slow back down as we trip along in "Tlaloque", created by Art Of Fact. Ghostly and Angelic vocals pitch in a beautifully unnatural way. Crunchy, broken percussion, and dub chords, are accented by bubbly squelches - heady and refined. "Ava" is a perfect neighbor to encounter next - full of longing and hope, melodies race across the soul. Emotive violins carry us through a windswept desert of dreams. Filtered leads, Psydub Glitches, and sharp effects come together in harmony. Twin Shape's own entry is the final message in this wonderful dialogue. It starts light and airy, but dubby and throbbing bass adds much welcomed weight. It evolves, and at time dissolves, into powerful passages and hidden surprises. We come back to where we started, but fresh and rejuvenated - back to center. An amazing collection of tracks that tell a cohesive and budding story, from beginning to end. The attention the artists paid the theme is crystal clear; reclaiming our centered state of being and feeling much more present, remembering the fullness of life and range of experiences. Top-notch talent pulled together with conscious intent. We look forward to these artists returning to Mindspring, and to seeing what Twin Shape has in store for us next time!
  10. Artist: V.A Album: Reclamaition Type: LP Style tags: psydub Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Mindspring Music
  11. Infernal Machines are a duo with a mightily impressive collective reputation and pedigree already under their belts, with Vinny playing bass for Ozric Tentacles and Matty playing keyboards for Celtica. Combined, these two talented musicians have toured extensively across the UK, Europe and the States, left their mark on many a festival and headlined as many gigs... you can read more about their history @ www.facebook.com/InfernalMachinesUK/about/ As Infernal Machines, they describe their music as a "live fusion of electronica and strings"... but I would class it more along the lines of "21st century electronic psychedelicia", incorporating healthy additions of ethno/world infuences, with dubby overtones, squelchy frequencies aided by solid but infectious mid tempo trancey and tribal beats. "Moving Parts" is their debut 4 track EP release for The Beats Bizarre and it's a veritable smörgåsbord of delights... a collection of tunes filled with modern day psychedelia and space rock, that will keep the most tenacious audiophile happy. Opening with "Fullness of Time", a dubbed up bass line provides the back bone with the solid rhythm, accompanied by ethereal frequencies as they compliment the track progression, inviting the listener in, teasing almost. "Burp" adds a fine infectious groove along with an opening vocal sample that drops in and out with a haunting subtley that provides a certain addiction like a moth to a flame. A solid selection of beats keep this tune on track and heading in the right direction. The eastern influences on "Aloo Gobi" explores another direction for the Infernal Machines, taking the eastern instrumentation and expanding the horizon while still drawing on the electronic for the perfect accompaniment, which elevates the track further. Finally, "Snapping Turks" continue with the orchestrated ethno/eastern influences with an uptempo trancer that will have your feet tapping immediately, the squelchy b-lines and drifting frequencies all add to the infectious feel of this track.
  12. Artist: Infernal Machines Album: Moving Parts EP Type: EP Style tags: psybient Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: The Beats Bizarre
  13. here's another one,..from Sammy he works for: http://Adremus.online talking about how they like my tracks, i'm a DJ... guess we can toss this one on the pile of rubbish too
  14. yup CharlestheFirst has some great layedback tunes! Droplitz sounds diverse at first glance, some good atmospheric psydub tracks in there! thanx for directing my attention to the lesser known producers out there, mate About the the new Drrtywulvz; 'red light', 'all them' & 'juice beets' are my fav tracks on it.
  15. Soon much goodies this week! Drrtywulvz - Ah Yes Luke Mandala - Passing Shanti - Tranquality Templo - Magnetic Push Tor.Ma In Dub - Sac Be At Night Zen Baboon - The Green House
  16. Artist: Tatsava Album: Moonlight, City lights..! Type: LP Style tags: psybient, downtempo, atmosphere Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Self released
  17. Artist: Code of life Album: Fluxsense Type: LP Style tags: psybient, downtempo, space Media type: digital Year: 2016 Label: Self Released
  18. So OK, they helped out with your profile photo and you talked to somebody in Astralia, cool mate! Let us know when you get your first payed gig, ok?
  19. you're welcome mate 'south-american-folky-electronic-middle-eastern-deep-house-world-music'; that sounds like a hell of a focus
  20. Artist: SiebZehN Album: Sidenotes Type: EP Style tags: psybient, downtempo Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Self Released https://mega.nz/#!bBNAjQgR!hf66AwAbk0i5XkD7AUZOOs2FCN7xQ5-zYr-Qo36at-8 http://trance-music.org/download-free-goa-psy-fullon/siebzehn-collection-3-albums-2012-2016-mp3-320kbps/
  21. My 3 winners of this week: Noya Project - Hundred Words = Great beat driven psygressive. Sic - Siviq = For me this the best release this week. What a sound this Dutch guy has with his first big release. Templo - Reflecto = just all of his latest releases groove like hell!
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