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  1. lookz very coo!! but, i dunno, i think i would miss the feeling of touching actual knobs, faders and so on but this probably will become the future of music production on the other hand, knobs and faders will always be there i think.
  2. this one is also very anoying: http://adremus.com/ promesing your music is gonna go viral!
  3. I don't produce tracks, i'm just a DJ but at one point in time i will start playing around with NI Machine i'm sure
  4. Microcosmos Records presents "Unknown Sector", long-waited chillout album by Astronaut Ape. Space. Dark, cold and empty void between the stars. Despite all the space explorations, we still know nothing about it. What are quasars, actually? How can we travel to another galaxy? Why the universe is expanding? Are there any other civilizations or we are alone in the space? We don't have the answers yet. But one day humanty will explore the unknown sector of space! Astronaut Ape is a guy in the orange space suit. He do ambient and chill-out gigs for last 5 years and got fans on every continent of planet Earth. Once he became an expert in proper mood flow at chill space of any size. Try what he has to offer on his 5th album! Warm cosmic melodies topped up with radio transmissions, computer noises and slow pulsating rhythm. They teleport us right into the spaceship. Robots doing routine tasks, crew members are on their stations, all systems ready to hyperspace jump. One lonely spaceman looks into the window... Deep bass patterns, relaxing echoes and sci-fi sounds lift your emotions to the higher level. This music is inspirational and relaxing at the same time. Wonder what's next? Experience the great music journey in space and time! Welcome to the "Unknown Sector"...
  5. Artist: Astronaut Ape Album: Unknown sector Type: LP Style tags: space, psybient, downtempo Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Microcosmos Records
  6. seen this on FB! to bad i can't visit, lookz like a great little music gathering
  7. uhu, there is a link with SC for sure! when a set is posted you get one of those fake mails in your inbox. maybe we can turn this tread into some knd of blacklist for all those mails and 'adverters'. that way we can have some kind of sense on what scale this is hapening.
  8. yes, i've checked out your SC page, great stuff there! with your love for classical music i was wondering if you also compose classical music too i'm happy you like my sets!
  9. indeed, that is my impression too! but still, why are people like 'Robert' doing this, just for scamming people?
  10. From 'Universal Talents': a booking agency that contacts artists and offering some deal for agents and promising bookings. I had quite a few mails from 'booking agency's' like that. I guess most of us do at some point. But when you google on them, you read most of them are just fake money greedy morrons.... So anyone also had a mail from Robert? Would like to know if he's fake too. Don't find much about him on google atm.
  11. Welcome Zorzi! Lookz like you have a wide musical background What kind of music do you play and compose these days?
  12. first good listen to this, love 'pulsar' track, from there it just gets better and better
  13. yes, was a great musical personality!
  14. i'm guess i'm not following you here? a member of what?
  15. Matter spreads through space like a cosmic code traversing the universe inside solar windblown motes of space-dust or interwoven into encoded beams of starlight. Explore this cosmic migration through the stars and the origins of life, as the artists on STARSEED evoke the patterns and frequencies of the universe. Every man and woman is a star.
  16. Artist: Various Artist Album: Starseed Type: LP Style tags: psybient, downtempo, ambient Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Synphaera Records
  17. Biospherica by Jacob Newman is awesome! This kind of ambient takes be back to when i got in touch with the psy-scene, many years ago Solid floating!
  18. i think SUN needs and deserves full support of all people, no matter how yes too many project to support!
  19. Artist: Organic Patterns Album: Biome Type: LP Style tags: ambient, psybient, downtempo, space Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Self released
  20. quote: 'Dear S.U.N. Family & Friends. It is with great regret that due to the higher production costs at this years event and the surprising lack of ticket sales we have lost a considerable amount of money. However, we really truly believe in what we do and we are fully committed to creating the homeland of the psychedelic underground tribe here. Financially we made a mistake. Now we truly need your help...' Link: https://www.facebook.com/SolarUnitedNatives/?fref=nf https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/saving-the-sun-a-nonprofit-festival-eco-village#/
  21. Templo & Tengri are getting my vote this week got to know templo's music by his Bugs EP. love his it
  22. Music unites people, brings us emotion, brings us feelings, makes us fly. Check!n has prepared a compilation of great artists who agreed to participate in this fundraising campaign to support Check!n project. All the money raised will be available to the project. Thank you all for your contribution, we are very grateful. The CHECK!N project’s main goal is to promote the health and safety of partygoers, namely the users of psychoactive substances. CHECK!N builds info stands at parties (bars, discos, students parties) where partygoers can get information about psychoactive substances and sexual practices, condoms, ear plugs, snorting kits, breathalysers and drug checking tests. Simultaneously, this project also provides online information (website, blog, Facebook, email, etc.). In order to continue the outreach work, the project works alongside several community partners (universities, schools, youth associations, town halls, parish councils, etc.).
  23. Artist: V.A. Album: CHECK!N Free mind to fly *10 years Type: LP Style tags: psybient, chillgressive Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Self Released
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